10 Best Books Every African Woman Should Read in a Lifetime


Women are special breeds, they needed all the support they can get from the menfolk, no help is too little to motivate and uplift these wonderful sets of humans.

The women on their part need to do the needful, don’t wait to be motivated, you need to go all out and be that fellow you wanted to be.

Engage yourself in productive ideas that will always stand you out in the crowd, you can be the cynosure of all eyes if you try to expand your horizon.

There is a very simple way for women to make themselves a better people than what they are at present, a very easy way if you ask me. Good books can easily catapult you to that enviable height, not just any, am talking of write-ups that are very rich and contains ideas needed to excel in life.

After careful and incisive research, I came up with these nice 10 books every African woman should read in a lifetime, happy reading

Half a Yellow Sun


She was recently described as the most prominent female Author to come out of Africa, simply based on the nature of the works she doles out, her works simply stood her out among the pack.

Chimamanda Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun is one book every proud African woman should have a taste of in her lifetime, it has a lot to offer the womenfolk.

The book unmasks a lot about humanity and its environment, it’s an appetizer from start to finish, not until you lay your hands on it, you wouldn’t understand the goodies inherent.

Chimamanda was born in Nigeria in 1977, she grew among the rank to get to a present position and has never looked back.

She is a proud winner of the various award, prominent among is the Orange Broadband Prize for fiction, which she won in 2007, she followed it in 2008 with The MacArthur Foundation Fellowship Award.

The Translator

Another fantastic book worth reading, the suspense is out of this world; a piece you would find hard dropping once you open to the very first page.

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Written by Leila Aboulela, a Sudanese, graduate of the London School of Economics. Known to be the first winner of The Caine Prize For Africa.

The book harps on the plight of a woman leaving a lonely life no thanks to the untimely death of her husband, she was left nursing her loss in her little corner.

She held solace in the 5 Muslim daily prayers, believing that can give her the needed strength to overcome her loss.

She eventually realizes that her happiness only lies in her hand; she got this when she started working for a Scottish Scholar. The translator is highly recommended for the African woman


Still from the stable of our enigma writer, Chimamanda Adichie comes the Americanah, a book that dwells on a love story between two love birds.

Strictly depicted as to look like the love of old, it tells the story of two youngsters that grew up and dwells in Lagos, Nigeria.

The book opened our eyes to issues that are somehow gender and racial sensitive; it also portrays a lot of African values when placed side by side with other areas.

The most interesting part is that it took a critical look at the brain drain on the continent, a problem that continues to bedevil Africa’s development

The Aya Series

This interesting book tells us more about the memories of what a typical African child is, and enumerates what the life of the continent’s young ones looks like looking from afar.

Written by Marguerite Abouet, born in Abidjan in the year 1977, presently in Paris, where she now lives a quiet life, she did a lot in this book being her first effort, though, with plans to release more in the future.

The book tells the good and ugly times of youngsters in Ivory Coast history, a story likable to other African countries. A nice piece fit for every African woman to read in a lifetime

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Changes: A Love Story

I doubt if any African woman wouldn’t want to read this book if the opportunity presents itself, from the Author to the book itself, something will tell its worth reading.

From the stable of Professor Ama Ata Aidoo, a Ghanaian Author, Poet, and notable Playwright, born in 1940.

An accomplished fellow and once a Minister of Education did a lot of research before coming out with a piece, which centered on a woman that decided to let go of her first husband and decided to marry into a home many, commonly called the Polygamist Home.

The book also told what a typical African woman goes through in the struggle of life while trying to balance things.

It tells a lot about the plight of professional working class ladies and other intrigues of life, the book is a must-read

Everything Good Will Come

Winner of the PEN International’s 2004/05 David TK Prize, Sefi Atta is known to be one inspiring Author that has done a lot to change the face of writing on the Continent.

Her short stories are so nice that many were accepted by The Los Angeles Review, her works won prizes from The Red Hen Press, a popular movement in that part of the world.

The book told the story of a lady that eventually grew into womanhood in a rather obscure postcolonial time, mainly in the UK and Nigeria.

It told what girls go true as they struggle through life, talking of issues like harassment, rape, abuse, family issues, an insincere guy, and other travails of life. The story revolves around a character, Enitan, which was neatly portrayed

So Long a Letter

Raised in Dakar, Senegal, this Author struggled through life to make it to what she finally turned out to be.

Mariama Ba told how she struggled to make headway in life, born into a setting that places boys’ priority over that of the opposite sex, this wonderful writer fought to make a statement.

This book told a lot about the plight of women in a typical African setting, a story that deduces attitudes and values of life to a greater extent.

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Typically, the book further exposed what women go through in the hands of men that see the womenfolk as nothing, what women encountered when faced with such men with fixated ideas.

The Shining Shining Girls

This is one book that will hold you spellbound for a greater part of when you are devoted to reading this astounding piece, it’s a serial killer thriller worth reading.

I am imploring African women to take a look and am very sure they will be glad they did, the book will satisfy your hunger for good work.

Written by Beukes, a South African novelist and short story writer of repute, the book tells how a lucky survivor escaped the brutal attack of a serial killer on the prowl.

Daughters of Africa

Written by Nana Akua, known to be of part Caribbean parentage, she had her education in the UK, she distinguished herself in so many ways that it was on record that she was the UK’s youngest and first-ever black lady to achieve a rare feat of being woman publisher.

The book takes us back to the times of the likes of Ancient Queen Sheba and Maya Angelou. It revolves around women across the globe and also inculcates the present realities to make a great piece worth reading at any time.

Women at Zero Point

A wonderful Egyptian writer, known to be a feminist, activist, and psychiatrist, her works depict true reflections of women in Islam, focusing more on the cruelty associated with female genital mutilations commonly associated with some areas of the continent.

Her works won her several awards at home and abroad notable among them including the North-South Prize from the Council of Europe. The book tells the story of a youngster that faced cruelty as she journeyed through life




















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