10 Job Alternatives for Educators/Teachers


Depending on the clime you find yourself in, the teaching business might not be too rosy for some educationists, different tales of woes abound as to the pitiable situations some found themselves.

No matter how bad, current reality has shown you can wriggle out of that penury if you are not making much from such a chosen career. If you do the needful, you will live a life of comfort and satisfaction.

The global village being bandied all around is all you need to tap in and make a quick turnaround of fortune. Enumerated below are 10 job alternatives for serious educationists

Home Teaching


Though few have tapped into this seeming goldmine side hustle, quite unfortunately many educationists have yet to realize they can supplement the little they make from regular school teaching.

Look around and see how you can get 2 or 3 kids you can start taking at home, which will be after school. There are some platforms where your details will be taken and you will be given juicy slots, You can even start from a single home, and you then build from there.

Parents have come to realize the importance of one-on-one coaching, some are ready to pay handsomely for their wards to be better, and it will be their joy if their kids come out with flying colors. You can see there is a ready market in that area

Bookshop Business

You need not go for an elaborate one, all you need is to get serious and start small, and you can grow from there. School kids are known to always need school materials, these are areas you will target and exploit, and you will surely make an appreciable gain at the end of it all.

You need not be counseled like a newbie, as an educationist, you know how to navigate your way and meet school proprietors, and fellow teachers and see how you could corner students to buy from you.

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Get materials that are in vogue, not obsolete, and archaic books that are no longer needed. You can use your school as a pilot scheme, meaning starting from familiar ground, the experience you gather will go a long way.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one online business that has a lot of potential when done the right way, with the right mindset, all you need is to go through a guru that will point out the dos and don’ts. Testimonies abound as to how affiliate marketers are making a fortune from this angle, Once you have that listening ear, then, you are good to go.

The business is all about marketing the goods and services of others, you need not own a personal business, all you have to do is help promote what others are offering and you will be duly compensated. Go online and search for this nature of business and you will be amazed at the volume of offers that will pop out


I remember vividly how a cousin of mine made a huge fortune organizing excursions for school kids; she was an educationist at the time.

Already in the system, she exploited that avenue to make beneficial contacts, which gave her leeway to organize these treats for school children. All you need is to be outspoken and smart and you will curry favor from different schools, either far or near.

Look out for interesting places school children could have nice times and take them there whenever they are free from classrooms, Parents are more than willing to allow such, they know all work and no nice time can be counterproductive.

There are so many playgrounds and other areas of interest that will excite the kids, Look for any safe ones around and take them, so they can have the treat of a lifetime

Bulk SMS

This is another avenue for any serious educationist to make serious headway in life, it’s one simple business that could be easily run and profited from.

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It’s all about sending bulk messages at a time to a huge number of contacts, based on predetermined arrangements or conditions. As I used to say, try to approach experts who will better put you through the rigors and antics of such business.

It is a business you can learn under 24 years and start making necessary gains as applicable. Bulk SMS is what many business outlets use in sending out messages to countless people out there; it continues to help and will be like that for a long time to come.

Online Survey

As an educationist, this is one business you will find interesting, and that experience is needed to succeed in this line of business.

It’s all about stating your views and opinions about products and you get paid along the line. Though I understood there are scam sites advertising such a class of income opportunity, there are still genuine sites that mean well, they will pay you as at when due.

All they need from you are your honest and sincere views about particular goods and you are good to go

Vocational Training

I was amazed at the sight of some teachers doing something extraordinary; we must give it to them. Instead of waiting for the government to come and improve their plights, they took it upon themselves to find avenues to augment their meager incomes.

These educationists decided to start training young minds in vocational studies like tailoring, barbing, bead making, stylish designs, and so on.

After interviewing them, I discovered they decided to learn these things before passing them down. It is what you can key into and make appreciable income

Store Room

If you have a spare space in your abode, it is what you can utilize and use to attract financial fortune, it’s a matter of opening one’s eyes to such opportunity, giving it a shot, and being glad you did.

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This is one job alternative educationists will also find interesting because it’s one sweet job to start. Meet business owners and furnish them with details of the service you can render them.


It was so surprising seeing a young teacher going from one location to another fumigating, based on agreement, she does it so well like a professional.

According to her, the job was so easy and she used a little capital to start it. Am imploring you as an educationist, to key in and make something meaningful.

Once you get the necessary tools and the required amount of chemicals, then, you can commence, you can even start by offering free service to various houses, it’s all about creating publicity

Block Production

How busy are builders in your area? It’s one area any serious educationist can also bank on to make serious headway in life.

Producing blocks for builders might look like one tough job but it’s not, once the required expertise is there. Just get those tools, search for a space, and start small. You will start getting bigger clients in no time

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