10 Jokes Album That Relieve Tensions


Have you laughed today? Do you know the secret that is in laughter? It is like you take a drug when you are sick or take a tonic when you are ill.

When one cracks jokes that impress you, you will laugh and worries will disappear. It’s also important to know the best jokes which impress your wife, friends, boys, and girls, husband, and so on.

There is nowhere you cannot enjoy jokes to make yourself happy. So you need to understand the type of jokes a girl or a boy likes to find the most appropriate one.

The following 10 jokes will entertain, make you happy, relax and laugh. Do you know that your laughter matters to us? Laugh it off!

The Grammarian


A grammarian once woke up and saw that his beautiful mansion was on fire. He phoned the fire station and said, “Is that the combustion office?

Please, gravitate here with tremendous acceleration and clarity because a gigantic conflagration had engulfed my domiciliary habitable edifice.” Before they could get a dictionary, his mansion was completely razed down.

The Greedy boy

A boy was given N40.00 on Sunday by his mother. He was told to drop N20.00 in the offering box and used N20.00 to buy biscuits.

On his way to the church, the money fell into a hole. He searched for it and found just N20.00. Then, he looked up and said, “God, I have found my own N20.00; it is left to you to find yours.


After a primary school teacher had taught the pupils subtraction for almost an hour, he realized that the pupils didn’t understand. He then thought of an example.

Teacher: Now listen, Sola, if you have five naira (N5) and Musa takes two (2) naira from it, how much will have been left?

Sola: (Who thought how Musa could take two naira from his five naira answered) Ma, we will fight to the finish!

Trick (1)

A certain undergraduate wanted his father to send money to him urgently on campus as he was broke. He sent this text message to his dad.

“Dad, the condition at school is very critical, please send money urgently. Suicide contemplated.” His father mused after reading the message and wrote a reply. “Son, the condition at home is more critical, suicide approved!

Trick (2)

A boy named Dayo wanted to buy some snacks his friends could afford at the school. He sent to his father one day that his principal said they should buy a Mathematics textbook and if they didn’t bring money, they would be flogged. Therefore, they should send N2000.

The money was sent to Dayo through his Principal. Dayo was caught!

Who will do it?

The conversation, between the child and his father…

Dad: Tomorrow, your mum is going to bake a cake. Who is going to eat it?

Child: I will eat.

Dad: Tomorrow, I am going to slaughter a cow. Who is going to eat that?

Child: I will eat it, dad.

Dad: Tomorrow, we are going to uproot the grasses on our farm. Who is going to do it?

Child: Daddy, I have volunteered to do the first two; let another person do that.

London vs Nigeria

A young Nigerian man visited a restaurant to eat in London. As he was busy crushing the bones of the chicken he had just eaten, a white man approached him and said, “Do you eat that in Nigeria?” He replied “yes”. The white man then said, only dogs eat this here.

The next day, the young man visited the restaurant again and met the white man eating something that looked like raw leaves.

Then, he commented… “do you eat raw leaves here? The white man said, “yes”. Only goats eat raw leaves in Nigeria.

Dishonest tenant

A tenant knew that his landlord was coming. So, he told his son to tell him that he was not at home. When the landlord came in, he saw the tenant’s legs sticking out of behind the cabinet where he hid.

This conversation ensued between him and the boy… Where is your father? said, the landlord. He has gone out, sir, said the boy. Then, the landlord said, to tell him that when next time he is going out, he should go with his legs.


Our voyage to Kakawah began very early in the morning of Monday, 6th March 2022. As we proceed on the journey, Professor Ajah started his business of knowledge exhibition as he entered into a conversation with the sailor.

Prof: Young man, do you have any knowledge about sociology?

Sailor: No, I don’t.

Prof: That means one-quarter of your life is gone. Then, what is psychology?

Sailor: Does anything like that exist?

Prof: Meaning that half of your life is gone.

Hardly had we spent fifteen minutes after this funny conversation than there was a very heavy storm. We almost capsized during the storm.

While the storm was gradually dying down, the sailor started up another conversation with Prof. Ajah

Sailor: Prof, Sir, do you know anything about “swimology”?

Prof: Swimologty? Where on earth does anything like that exist?

Sailor: If you are not aware of where it exists, then the whole of your life is gone!

Illiteracy is a disease

Amaka’s parents were amazed at their change of attitude to her mother; her father then decided to interview her to know why.

Dad: Amaka, what makes you so escape your mother since afternoon? You isolate yourself from her whenever she wants to kiss you.

Amaka: This is only because I don’t want contact a disease.

Dad: Your mother does not have a disease; she is always neat.

Amaka: Yes, but my mother is an illiterate person and our student-teacher told us in the class today that illiteracy is a disease.



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