10 New Steps to Being Successful in Life


Before you can be successful in your business and in life, you need to know certain things,  most especially the people that want to be successful in their line of business or vocation, You just need to take the steps that will land you the promised land.

You need to read and even listen if that opportunity presents itself to successful people; this is one sure way of knowing if you are on the right track in life or simply progressing in error.

I expect any smart fellow to quickly beat a retreat once he/she discovers the track isn’t the proper one to toe.

Getting to becoming a success no doubt comes with a lot of sacrifices, no two ways about it, you either go through the stress and have the last laugh or be prepared to accommodate laziness and get to regret it later, only a numbskull will vote for the latter.

Do you wish to be successful in life? Check out these healthy steps, they will be of immense benefit

Read Books


I once heard about a younger cousin who planned to become a successful journalist but had so much dislike for anything book, that I thought I was in a dream when she first mentioned it to my hearing.

I had to school her; I made her understand that her dream could only come if she fell in love with reading.

Deep research into the lives of popular journalists further buttressed my point, am happy she had now fallen in love with what she earlier hated and she is currently making steady progress.

Though books alone wouldn’t do it it is one vital aspect to making it, are you one that never wants to set your eyes on any? Then, change that mentality this minute.


Take the case I just cited above, what do you think would have been the outcome if my little cousin decided not to listen? Am sure she will still be wallowing in darkness, a fool’s paradise.

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I was amazed that she became more fluent in a month she took to the serious reading of books, Is listening to more knowledgeable people, not one key step to becoming what you want to be in life?

Listen to just anyone, it’s now left to you to use discretion to make use of the healthy ones, don’t ever overlook anyone, you can’t tell where that secret counsel will emanate from


Call it risk-taking, call it bold steps, we are closely referring to the same side of a coin, that coin needed to push a determined fellow to that dreamland.

You need to listen to successful people speak, take time out, and get clips of their interviews; you will understand clearly why risk-taking is sometimes needed.

One vital decision might turn out to be the game-changer, Take a critical look at that thought that just flashed across your memory, work religiously towards it, and see how you can key in, Believe me, it can be that turning point in life.

You may have heard this at one point in life, that only risk-takers make it big in life, it’s nothing but the bitter truth

Shun Negative Thoughts

This will always be one area where dreams are quashed unknowingly to that fellow that dreamt big, once you allow bad thoughts to come close to that idea that took you some time to get together, then, that might be the beginning of one’s fall.

Negative thoughts have no value whatsoever, they can only scuttle cute intentions, it will only debar one from taking certain steps that could have moved one from point A to B.

Another thing you need to take note of is this, despite voting against such dirty thoughts, there are situations when they might be needed, using one’s discretion, as I earlier mention, will now come into play

Comfort Zone

Are you currently finding it hard to accomplish certain goals you earlier spelled out for yourself or have you discovered it had been pretty difficult getting to make any serious headway as far as your dreams are concerned?

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Why not leave that zone where you found yourself? Some might be seeing some forms of little favors where they presently dwell but finding it hard to make inroads into their life ambitions, you need to sacrifice those little favors for the bigger picture.

Leave that small comfort zone and probably move to another area entirely. Don’t be surprised if you now achieved with ease what you’ve been longing for

Keep the Right Friends

It will no doubt be a huge disservice if this particular point fails to make the list of 10 steps to take to be successful in life. Even without elaborating much, you should have a fair knowledge of what I want to divulge.

I need an honest answer, you can even respond deep inside if you are reading this while in the four corners of your living room. What manner of friends are you surrounded with or should I make it more strategic?

What kind of friends do you keep? Like I earlier said, your sincere response will go on to tell you’re being successful in life.

Why would any right-thing person want to continue mingling with people who have no life ambitions?

Other than going around fighting, causing havoc, and serious bodily harm to others, you need to stylishly shift from such fellows.

Move only with people of the same mindset, people you can learn something positive from, not defective thinkers, the ball is right in your court.

Through Interviews

Try everything within you to always listen when people who have serious headway in life speak, try to draw inferences from what they say, and try to put them to use.

These are parts of areas that could easily speed up one’s life ambition. Why would you want to put the TV off when a man you wanted to be like in the future is already granting an interview?

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Wouldn’t that smack an act of foolishness on your part? Except you have a more pressing matter at hand to attend to then, then, you have no excuse not to want to hear out such personality.

Consult Widely

Like I always counsel, make time and meet people that could further widen your scope, Don’t ever limit yourself to your little corner, go out there and add to your knowledge.

Such will only make one a far better fellow, it tends to polish one to becoming more intelligent, you will no doubt, be a far wiser fellow than your colleague that is so full of himself/herself, vowing not to meet a soul.

Moderate Sleep

Do you love overdoing it as far as your sleep/rest is concerned? Then, do you need to beat a fast turnaround, or do you tend to shortchange yourself when it comes to this vital nature’s call?

Either way, you just have to start doing it right. Sleep/ rest are aspects of life that will help galvanize your thinking as regards your dream of being successful in life. You need it badly, but remember, not to oversleep and also stop starving yourself when nature calls

Spend Wisely

Are you in the habit of careless spending? Do you find it hard to save? It means your dream of becoming successful in life is somehow dicey.

You need to watch it, shun items that will not have a serious impact in life, and only go for things that will only make a quick inroad toward your dreams.

No crime if you continually buy books that will no doubt enhance one’s knowledge. Why decide on the car just because a friend just acquired one? You will be fooling yourself if you decide to ply such a route

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