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10 Proven Ways to Grow Your Business


When you start your business, your aim is to build your business and start to grow. Sadly, this doesn’t happen suddenly. Growth is not sudden, it requires process and time.

Growth in business varies from one business to the other and also from one individual to the other. Successful businesses have some things in common which have helped them to grow.

The question that may come your way is that , “How do I grow my business?” Then this post is for you. We have shared here 10 proven ways to grow your business.

By following the ways to grow your business shared in this post, you are on your way to joining other successful businesses which have gotten to the top.

1. Employ the right staff

Your business can only grow when you have the right staff. Your organization can only thrive when there is the right staff who will help in achieving your aims.

Employing the right staff is one of the proven ways to grow your business. Successful businesses grow because they have the right people in their team.

2. Focus on existing customers

Instead of trying to get new customers, channel your energy on existing customers. You can compensate your customers when they refer people or when they purchase a specific amount of goods. This will encourage customers to patronize you again and again.

One of the ways to focus on existing customers is to stay keep in touch with them via email or any other medium. When you focus on existing customers, you will build your customers’ loyalty which will help to grow your business.

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3. Be flexible

One of the ways to grow your business is flexibility. In fact, this is a trait that many successful businesses have in common. Businesses that will grow must be able to change directions swiftly to respond to changes in the market.

A flexible approach to your business will enhance your business growth. When you are able to adapt and switch quickly, you will be able to find out different methods to doing business and decide the one that works best for you.

4. Reduce your risks

You cannot totally avoid risk in a business either as a start-up or growing business. It is not possible to have everything under control but you can reduce the risk on your business and its growth.

Start-up businesses need to manage their business to avoid the disruption that can bring the business down.

For instance, when there is theft of Customer records, product design, etc, it can make customers lose confidence and trust in your business.

5. Pay attention to customers’ experience

How customers perceive your business is a metric to whether your business will grow or not. When your customers experience quality service and products, they will talk about your business to friends, families, and even on social media.

Also, when you mess up, they will spread it faster and wider. Your business will only grow by making your present and prospective customers happy by providing them with an excellent experience.

Start-up businesses are able to see and respond faster to their customers’ demands compared to big businesses.

Successful startup businesses make use of this advantage by bringing innovative products to the market on time and by building customer relationships that will last long.

One of the proven ways to grow your business is by listening to your customers’ complaints and acting on their feedback.

6. Focus on social media

Another proven way to grow your business is to take advantage of social media. Create a profile for your business on various social media platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

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When your business is active on social media, you will be able to reach potential customers that are far away from you. It is easier for potential customers to find your business when you post regularly on various social media platforms.

It is also easier for existing customers to share posts about your business with their friends on social media. Social media will make your audience get engaged with your business, they feel like they are part of your business and in turn, they are able to trust you.

7. Offer excellent customer service

Another proven way to grow your business is to offer excellent customer service. When your customers are happy, they will tell people they know about your organization.

You can build excellent customer service by going the extra mile to see that your customers are happy. For instance, you can offer a warranty on your products or services.

You can also follow up with customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the services you rendered or with the goods they bought.

When you do these things, you are building a good image for excellent customer service for your business.

8. Know your competitors

Knowing your competitors is a very important step in growing your business. Know who your competitors are, know their strengths that have helped them, and know their weaknesses that you can take advantage of. You also have to know how to stand out from them.

When you provide the right answers to these questions, you will know how well to strategize your business. You will also know what aspects of your business you should pay more attention to.

9. Attend networking events

When you attend networking events, you will be able to interact with people of like minds.

Many of these people will share with you specific methods and insights that have helped them to grow their businesses which can be used in growing your business.

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You may not see the need for the connections you made during the networking events immediately, but they can be helpful for your business in the future.

10. Practice CSR (Corporate social responsibility)

People are willing to patronize organizations that are willing to help society. You can support cancer research, orphanage home, and so on. Just look for ways to share your vision with your customers.

We have several ways that an organization can give back to the community,  just find the ones that will work for your business.

In this post, you have learned 10 proven ways to grow your business. Put what you have learned in this post into action and you will see your business grow.

Which of these ways to grow your business will you like to implement in your business? Tell us in the comment section. Also, share this post with your friends so that they can also know the ways to grow their businesses.

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