10 Selected Technological Tools for Teaching


For any society that truly cherishes advancement, is talking of that nation that wanted to be seen up there, then, education should be sacrosanct.  Education has the needed ingredient to help fasten the growth of any nation that placed so much emphasis on it, it is a vehicle that can help convey economic growth to the desired land. That country would have also done itself a whole lot of good if it supported its education sector with certain technologies that are presently in vogue, not the archaic style of administration

Some teaching technologies will help speed up your education sector, use it as it should, and get to see the result in no time, the people that are privileged to undergo such tech will only be better for it, and their smartness will be most noticeable. Here are the 10 best teaching technologies for 2022; they will surely be of help



Based on my research, I would be going for Mote as my first tool in using technology in boosting teaching in the year 2022.

Being a top-notch tech, it has the capability of leveling up understanding just as students are being taught, a sharp departure from what we have seen over the years. Its simplicity stood it out among its peers.

Mote helps in embedding a voice note into Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. It’s also noteworthy to know that it can also record any note, no matter how complex from any webpage.

You can do all this by simply pasting the link you intend to use in your message anywhere you so desire.

Applied Digital Skills

Talking of vibrant teaching technologies worth their salt, then, drift over to Google Applied Digital Skill, you easily find free and interesting video-based lessons that will benefit students that come in contact with it. This application also includes engaging sound digital projects that will aid learning, embedded with over 120 hours of curriculum, that transverses a whole lot of topics. This digital skill will even go as far as helping students to create digital art, not only that, plus being able to do coding with so much expertise.

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Google Smart Chips

Another wonderful innovation from Google is meant to enhance teaching through technological Apps. This chip enables students to easily embed organizational features into easy templates and the like. Checklists or charts can also be fused into doc without causing any distortion to work done. No doubt, another cool technology from the stable of Google enable enables Smart Canvas, which ultimately brings more flexibility


Talking of the latest internet sensation, then, look in the direction of Gather, it enables users to organize virtually as a system of gathering space for people to do so many things like chat, play or organize a meeting. Teachers will no doubt find this innovation handy, it could be used as a virtual classroom environment and easily infusing-infuse items like chairs and desks used in physical classrooms. Educators can even employ avatars that can navigate around the room interacting with one another along the line. Just have it at the back of your mind that it’s one tech that is so much fun when deployed


This is one of the easiest teaching App techs, it’s previously proven how difficult how educators find it hard to augment the realm of virtual reality. It is now possible for any student to build or organize 3D platforms and still go on to design with relative code and finally explore the whole experience in augmented reality. Educators and serious students wouldn’t be needing any headset whatsoever when a CoSpacesEDU is deployed, all that is required is a good system that can last the whole experiment.


Research has shown it has undergone so many updates to make it a far better tech tool than it earlier was, known to have existed for some time… It has remained fans’ favorite and still is based on what it still offers, quite a good number of teachers still subscribe to it. Talking of one easy-to-use video messaging app that could easily give you so much fun and happiness, you should go for this.

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How sweet will it be if you get to learn how to use tech to turn a single unit or an ecosystem into games, this is part of what you stand to learn as a student that chooses Gamification. Not technically a tool, this App has all it takes to infuse energy coupled with fun as teaching runs in classrooms. The template laid in the process is so simplified that you have no other option than come back to it, past users attested to this, and many claimed they have to come back after attesting to its efficacy

Wizer Me

Problems usually associated with worksheet has finally been laid to rest upon the coming of this platform, and digital learning has now been laid bare for more understanding even for first-time users. Water I can crank to 11 traditional worksheets, this is no mean feat, but no doubt a big breakthrough. The tool is also known to enable tutors to create interactive worksheets, not leaving out the creation of videos, and audio, and getting images in a simple format. Wizer Me now topped it up by helping users do all grading needed.


One of the cutest teaching technologies in the year 2022 roll call wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning this App. Schoolytics aids teachers and parents see to students’ performances in class. This can be visualized in simple graphs, charts, and, simplified reports as it unfolds. It’s even more interesting in that you can now easily print, download and go on to transfer emails via report, this can be done with the speed of light, using this platform. Another interesting thing about Schoolytics is that students can now directly get holistic reports from school just with a click of a button, even sending comprehensive missing assignments to such students.

Jamboard Templates

With this App, you can now freely float around the web place and find loads of free templates, not leaving out lesson activities that have not yet been captured by the predetermined curriculum. Google’s presentation keeps popping up as more teachers keep getting more familiar with Jamboard Templates. This article can be of help to your students and the school at large. You can comment on the post if you find it helpful.

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