10+ Tips That Can Improve Healthy Sales Performance


Generating leads and increasing sales for the businesses, products, brands, offers, etc. may not be as easy as we think of if certain things have not been put in place.

That is why the continuing research has to be carried out so that everything should be rolled in as expected. The following 10 tips to improve sales performance will help a lot to achieve.

1. Plan to develop a distinctive point of view

A distinctive point of view is your selling point that distinguishes you as a distinctive sales person or marketer. You decide who is telling the story to whom.

As a sales person or outstanding marketer, you have to plan to establish a clear selling point or point of view that will dictate how your prospects, clients and customers interprets events, products, brands and other important details.

2. Plan to create content that makes your prospects care

The marketing content goes a long way in achieving healthy sales and in improving sales performance. As a distinguished sales person and outstanding marketer, it is very important to create different compelling and engaging contents and publish and distribute for a targeted audience.

Before that, send messages that can make the audience happy and comfortable. The messages such as “How are you doing? Trust your day is fine. If is to remind them some things, just send, “A gentle reminder…”.

The prospects will begin to feel comfortable with you and develop interest in your stories. The goals of this method are to generate leads, expand customer base and increase credibility, product/brand awareness and sales online.

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3. Plan to align sales content with sales process

In this point, your major point of view as a sales person or marketer is to increase sales and generate leads for the products. That is why you should create content that will lure your prospects to your products/services/ brands.

Make sure to provide valuable information to customers and create voluntary promotional copies for purchase of products from you or your company.

For example, when you are selling land and house properties (Real Estate), your content should tailor the reason why the customers need to get his or her own land or house. Importantly, the content is to include the sales process so that the customers should understand your point of view.

Try to approach the clients, discover the needs of the clients as explained, provide solutions, close the deals and complete the sales and follow up.

4. Plan to use feasible storytelling

When a wise or professional sales person wants to capture his or her customers’ or clients’ attention, what he or she should do is to use visual storytelling that will convince the audience to listen to you.

Storytelling is a fact, but may be combined with fiction or narrative about your products or brands. If you are selling digitals, have you ever told the story how your digital you are selling benefit the people who have made purchase from you?

Have you ever showed the audience or prospects the reason why they should buy from you? It is necessary to tell the stories of all these.

5. Plan to have conversations rather than presentations

The conversations are different from presentations. The conversations involve two or more people at a time while the presentations involve only the speaker. As a good sales person or marketer, you may not like to make sales if only talk without involving yourself in the process.

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Whether online or one-on-one sales or marketing, make sure approach the prospect with the intention to involve him or her in marketing of your products/brands.

For example, try to ask questions occasionally when you are marketing your product, this tactics will confirm whether the audience is with you or not and from there, you can notice those who are interested in your offer or those who will be interested later. If your session is not interactive, it is not possible to discover this.

6. Plan to maximize your forecasting accuracy

Have you sat down one day to do the estimate your future revenue and predict the amount of product you want sell per day or predict what you want to achieve weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually?

This is very important! As a clever sales person and distinguished marketer, you can relax and use different techniques such as time analysis, trend analysis, casual analysis, trend analysis, regression analysis. This tactics will make you understand how to maximize your forecasting accuracy.

7. Plan to make customer experience your top priority

Everything you do as a sales person or a marketer, it is for the customer. That is why you must consider the experience of the customer a priority. When you impress your customers to develop interest in your products or brands, you have definitely considered your customers.

Try to create impression throughout all aspects of the buyer’s journey for your customers. A positive customer experience is very vital to the successful business journey. It is an exaggeration that a happy customer is likely to be a loyal customer.

Do you know that the best marketing strategy is to buy customers who will later promote business for you through words of mouth? They are the best advocates for your products and brands if you treat them that way.

8. Plan to tailor incentives to drive higher sales performance

You can attract your clients and customers by promising incentives. When you do this, higher sales performance will be definitely derived. Incentives are rewards either intrinsic (internal) rewards or extrinsic (external) rewards to motivate clients or customers.

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For example, a sales person or marketer may promise huge discounts, commissions, comfortable payment of the products, buying-the-product now-and-pay-later methods, etc.

9. Plan to understand and optimize how your company generates revenue

If a sales person and marketer do not understand how he or she generates revenue, there is no how he or she can optimize it. This where planning comes up. You must set goals for yourself and draw how the goals can be achievable.

Then, scrutinize how much income you generate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. This will confirm whether your efforts are fruitful or fruitless as a sales person or marketer. Once you can get this, there is the need to optimize it, using another method to increase the revenue.

10. Plan to embrace technology and digital transformation

It is not an overstatement that we are in the digital revolution. Any business that is not technology compliant these days will lag behind. A modern sales person and marketer must adopt digital and social media tools to derive sales and marketing performance.

There are some digital tools that are very robust and fast for marketing such as Social media marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Email Marketing (EM).

Not only this, there are also social media tools that are very good at marketing products/brands/services such as  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedlin, Pinterest, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, Intsagram, Whatsapp, YouTube, etc.

Many businesses have gone far through the digital marketing and social media marketing. Adopt the methods and learn very well how each of them can be used perfectly to promote your products, brands and services.


Practising the 10 tips that can improve sales performance will help you to increase your sales and they will sharpen your knowledge of marketing.

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