11 Best Steps to Make a Music Video


It is not an exaggeration that a music video is on the right step in helping musicians or singers promote your brand through different social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Contrary to

Before any musician or singer begins producing a music video, it is crucial to plan and put a few things into consideration. The steps below will help all musicians and singers to make a music video.

Developing the concept

The concept is determining and deciding what the musician or the singer wants to bring out of the video copy. That is before he/she starts shooting, it is very important to discuss this with the artist or band.

Studying videos for inspiration

Before any planning process starts, you will need to get some successful videos and determine what worked for you and suited your taste. The studied music videos can best give you the inspiration you need to make a successful video of your own.

Choosing the right song

It may be a good idea to simply make a video for your next upcoming show.  It is important to get familiar with the song you want to use and ask the band if they have ideas that can help you plan out the music video. Below are some factors to consider when choosing a song are as follows:

  • Make sure you think ahead or recycle an old song.
  • You can start small.
  • Make sure that your song truly inspires the band.
  • Make sure that you avoid copyright costs if the songs are not yours.

Casting the Film Crew and Getting Equipment

No matter what the structure of your shoot will be, either complex or simple, you’ll need a team. And everyone in your team should get what they are responsible to accomplish in the video. Some of them may be a cameraperson, lighting person, actor(s), director, band members, etc.

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When your team is built, try to consider the needs of each of them. If you’re shooting through mealtimes, it is your responsibility to provide food or you may ask to remind crew members to bring food. What is very important is to set aside time for people to eat and take breaks if you are shooting all day.

Shoot planning

Wasted time indeed costs you more money. If your film crews are “hanging out” rather than working, it is simply responding to the lack of planning. It is very good to take a few minutes or hours to think through how your music video will be filmed.

It is tradition to build storyboards for each shot.  Do research on Google about the “music video storyboard template” and download a template to work on. Sketch each scene in the box and describe the scene underneath.

When your storyboard is completely done, it is important that you cast your need for each shot. You are to share your finished storyboard with the whole crew and discuss each shot with the appropriate teams. Then the director can schedule and handle the meetings with crews.

Filming scheduling

On this day, your focus is very paramount, and you stick to the plan you have drawn. As a copyright owner, make sure you keep a careful record of the shots you’ve made for the sake of editing.

It will be reasonable to take several hours to set up for shooting and allow a lot of time to shoot. In addition, some of the best shots might be good moments with the crew.

Capturing live footage

You know that filming the band playing live is a way of getting some great footage for your music video. It should be aware that filming the band at a gig will capture the live energy and interaction with the audience.

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No matter the awesome of capturing live footage, it has some challenges. Below are a few challenges to consider when filming life:

  • The band will play the song once; you’ll have one chance of capturing the right footage.
  • Syncing the footage with the audio track could be problematic if the live version differs from the recorded version.
  • In most cases, the lighting and effects may look great to the audience but may not look great on camera.
  • Have it in mind that your filming may interrupt the band’s performance. That is the reason you must make sure that the band members are on board.  The venue is large enough for them to be as little interference from filming as possible.

Using stock footage

Another way is stock footage. You may add stock footage to spice up your video but importantly you must be aware that virtually all video footage is subject to strict copyright law. Therefore if you use footage without the copyright holders’ permission, it is illegal.

However, royalty-free footage is footage that you can reuse in any setting without asking permission or paying the copyright holder a fee each time you use it.

Using the right video editing/finishing software

The next way is to do the editing and finishing job. Every scene that has been shot will end in the hands of video editors to make it presentable. Today, relatively inexpensive or free software is capable to do a decent job of video editing:

  • The basic video software for Apple users is iMovie.
  • For PC users, Adobe’s Premiere Elements is a good place to start.

Much of this will depend upon the capabilities of the video editing software you use. For the best quality look, consider using professional software such as Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Most computers and digital devices should be capable of editing film footage. However, if you invest in a fast, external hard drive that is supposed to store your video footage on is probably a good idea.

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Being Creative is the key

To be creative is the key. If you are not creative, you cannot go far. Creativity is to produce novels or produce what nobody has done before.

How many videos have you seen on YouTube that will help source for you to be creative? Learn to think differently. Copy someone else’s style may be terrible. Be on your own and be original

Key Takeaways

Another way is a key takeaway. Key takeaways have important things that we are supposed to look at. One of them uses excessive zoom.

Beware because, in the final edit, zooming looks cliché or unusable. The second thing is using special effects. You should avoid this so that your video can be made exciting!

The third one is thinking about adding sound effects. This is done so that some dramatic videos may be enhanced with some additional effects.


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