Top 12 Alternatives for Bathroom Walls Instead of Tiles


Sometimes, you get bored of walking into the same look in a bathroom day after day. The first thing you notice is the old, faded, and boring tiles and you want to change them.

Tiles are the most popular option for bathroom walls. They do not absorb water and can last a considerable amount of time. Another advantage that comes with using tiles is they do not absorb stains, moisture, and other blemishes.

What’s more? They are easy to maintain and can be easily cleaned when dirty. Since they are water-resistant, they do not harbor germs and pathogens.

As much as tiles are great materials for bathroom walls and floors, it is not advisable to use them for total coverage in your bathroom.

This is because they are heavy on the walls and they can compromise the quality of your building.  They also don’t come cheap.

Have you considered using something different from tiles? Oh yes, you can. If you are trying to save some money, you should consider using alternatives to bathroom tiles.  Stay with us as we explore what you can use on your bathroom walls instead of tiles.

Alternatives to Use for Bathroom Walls


Choosing how to beautify your bathroom wall might seem difficult. This is because the walls need to be able to withstand the constant contact with water and liquids that bathroom walls have.

Whatever material you decide to use, you have to be sure it can withstand moisture and water splashes. Below are things you can use to replace tiles for your bathroom.


Wallpaper might be the last thing on your mind when choosing an alternative to tiles; however, it is worth giving a trial. Wallpapers give your walls a beautiful feel and they can be customized to your taste.

Bathroom walls can be a bit difficult to decorate. This is because the walls are in the “splash zone” and will need to withstand a high amount of moisture.  Tiles are water-resistant and fairly inexpensive, making them a common go-to option.

However, they don’t have to be your only choice. Some of these wallpapers are water and heat-resistant. These are the ones you should go for.

The water resistance of these wallpapers makes them stick to the walls for a long time and they do not peel off. You can also coat them with an acrylic varnish to ensure they do not absorb moisture.

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Wood is another alternative to using bathroom tiles. It adds a natural feel to your wall. Usually,  it is prone to absorbing moisture, however, you can prevent this by coating the wood with oil paint or gloss paint.

You can also add a coat with a water-resistant varnish. You can also coat them with a favorite color.  They can be used in the parts of the wall close to the roof to limit the amount of moisture that gets to them.

They are available in different types and textures. Wood panels to be used should be purchased from approved wood furnishing stores.

Shower panels

They are common alternatives to tiles for bathroom walls and you often find them in homes.  You can have them installed without removing the old bathroom tiles.

These panels are water-resistant and you have a wide range of colors, styles, and designs to choose from. They come in materials like glass, wood, and aluminum.

They are easy to maintain and they also cost less to install, when compared to wall tiles. They give a sleek, sophisticated look and feel to your bathroom.

Also, you do not have to worry about applying caulk and grout when installing them. They can also be installed to complement existing bathroom decor and styling.


Have you thought about bricks as a great alternative, probably not? For minimalists, consider using bricks because they give a minimal and modern texture to your bathroom.

They give a vibrant contrast to the surrounding environment.  They can be coated to ensure they do not absorb water. This is because bricks can get porous and start to absorb water, therefore making them weak.

You can also paint them to give them a more sophisticated look. A water-resistant coating is a good choice. Make sure to speak with an expert in bricks and laying to know what options to take advantage of.

Laminated Panels

Laminated panels have been around for a while and have also proven to be a great alternative to bathroom tiles. They are strong, durable, and do not absorb moisture.

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They come in an array of colors, sizes, and designs, so you have a wide range to choose from, based on your preference. They are also easy to install and do not get destroyed easily.

PVC Wall Panels

These panels afford you an accessible and stress-free option. They are easy to install and maintenance is low cost, which makes them a great alternative. They are available in different colors and patterns and they can be designed however you like them.

Stainless Steel

Another option that made it to this list is stainless steel. They can come in predefined sizes, or they can be cut to fit into your bathroom wall sizes. They give your bathroom a modern facelift from what you had before.

They are also water-resistant. Maintaining stainless steel requires minimal effort and they are easily installed. With screws and bolts, they are good to go.

They can be used for a part of the bathroom walls or the entire length of the walls. Whichever you choose, works well.

Solid Stone Slabs

If you are looking to achieve a luxurious look for your bathroom, solid stone slabs make an excellent choice. However, they cost more than the other options listed.

The stones can be set on the walls of the bathroom. Also, you can have them in certain parts of the walls. You can explore different stones to give a classy and beautiful feel to your bathroom.  Installation is easy.

You can have fun installing them yourself, or source them out to a contractor to have them in place for you.


This is one of the cheapest alternatives to bathroom tiles. You can beautify your bathroom walls with the vast options of beautiful and creative colors.

They can also be applied easily. Although they may not be as durable as other alternatives like stones and tiles and panels, they still make great choices. The paint to be used should be water-resistant so that it can last a while.


Ceramics are a new alternative to replacing bathroom wall tiles, they are also waterproof like other materials and they can be recycled. They are used for all-around bathroom decoration.

Wall designs with ceramics give your bathroom an icy look and the environment looks serene also as they come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

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Acrylic Sheets

These sheets come in sets of 10. They are cheaper than tiles and do not absorb moisture and heat. They are ultramodern and are easy to install on your walls.

Although they don’t come in different colors, they still make a great choice for bathroom walls. Maintaining these sheets is easy.  All you need to do is wipe them.


Marbles will always give your bathroom walls an elegant and classy look. They are strong and can withstand heat and moisture. They can last a long time and are completely resistant to mold.

Although they are more expensive, they are good materials for your walls. Consult with an expert to ensure they are well suited for your bathroom walls.


When replacing bathroom times, you should choose an option that is water-resistant because bathroom walls are continuously exposed to water, moisture, and heat.

Using waterproof materials prevents the build-up of mold, leaks, and damage to the walls. Feel free to explore the options listed above.  Which of these would you choose for your bathroom wall design? Let us know in the comment section below

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should you place pictures in a bathroom?

Typical places for pictures in a bathroom include above the toilet seats or on the wall high up, opposite the shower.

How do I make a bathroom look expensive?

We came up with the following ways to make your bathroom look expensive:

  • Get dim bar light and attach it to your wall for special lighting effects.
  • Use a water-resistant speaker in your shower and play nature-friendly sounds. An example is the sound of flowing water or a waterfall. Create a calm, relaxing experience in your bathroom.
  • Replace your old curtain rods with more fanciful and sophisticated ones.
  • Put a bathtub table over your tub and place a book on it
  • Place your soap bar on a collection of beautiful colorful pebbles instead of the regular soap cases.
  • Add aesthetic plants to the corners of your bathroom wall and on the windows sills.
  • Use stylish glass jars to store your bath essentials. These include soap bars and shower gels.

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