12+ Great Culture Traits Everyone Must Have on the Job with Actions


Culture is a total way of life. Culture traits of a person determine how we can define the person. The following 12 culture traits will be of help to you, especially staff, boss, business owner, etc.

Time culture


There is an adage saying “Time is money”. Many organizations do not joke with time and you too must take time seriously. In Africa, we are not serious with time.

We always say “African time”. “African time” is a pardonable lateness to a certain place. That is, we are controlled by time in Africa instead for us to control time. It is a bad and unfortunate idea! Many people are addicted to lateness that has affected their lives.

Time culture serves as a motivating element behind employed performance, the overall productivity of the workplace, the level of focus of each individual, meeting of deadlines and above all generation of revenues.


Avoid lateness to your place of work and imbibe the culture of punctuality

Service culture

One of the culture traits you must have is service culture. Service culture is the culture that is socially and behaviorally acceptable where you serve.

It is very important to behave well on the job. Your acceptable behavior will land your to the land of destiny at your place of work.


You should inculcate in the of honesty, hard work, diligence, productivity, passion, loyalty, etc., on the job and avoid stealing, gossip, pride, arrogance, cheating, laziness, fight, etc.

Performance culture

Performance is a way or the act of delivering the job or project as expected of you.  Every company wants an employee that can perform or deliver so that the company can progress.

An employee that cannot deliver may not stay long in a company. Every organisation is expected from its employees to imbibe performance culture.

A serious organisation must practice a performance-driven culture where employees know what determines success in their given roles, and they should be rewarded or recognised for achievements.

The company should make sure employees constantly strive to improve their work performance better and eliminate laziness thereby increasing employees’ engagement and creating a happy and healthy workforce. High performers have absolute clarity on what they were and what they respect to take to get what they were.

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Try to be performance driven and eliminate laziness and unconcerned attitude on the job.

Accountability culture

Accountability is the process of responsibility. To be accountable is to be responsible. Doing the right thing at the right time calls for efficiency, responsibility, transparency, passion and professionalism.

You should have it in mind that you are to be accountable for which the role you are holding at your place of work.

As a head of department, you are accountable to someone and something; as a mid-staff, you are accountable to someone and something and as a junior staff, you are accountable to someone and something.

A good company believes you are enough to take responsibilities and it trusts your decision-making and abilities to solve problems.


You should create a culture of accountability not only to improve effectiveness but also to build an enabling environment for personnel development and company growth.

Change culture

Change is constant and you are expected to adapt to changes because if you are not flexible to changes, you will definitely be flexible to regret.

However, it is unfortunate that many people are rigid to changes and they always like the traditional way of doing things. Even if those who understand that changes bring progress stepped to convince to adapt, such people will be hated.

It all starts with a shift in mindset. Each employee should think big and be ready to be pushed outside of their comfort zone.

Companies or organisations know it will be challenging to learn the new system, but if you mark out goals, there will be something in it for you.


You should have to change your work attitude, change some policies, change your promotion structure, change your communication style, change your funds allocation, change your decision-making processes, or even change some characters to sustain the company a vision and goals.

Cost Culture

Recruiting employees is not only to work in a company but also to view the company’s spending as if it their own money.

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As an employee, you are expected by company to focus attention gone beyond price indications to generate good value to the products and services.

You should see the company where every employee views that company’s spending as if it is their own money.


You should always create a continuous cost-management mindset that connects costs to strategy in the best way to ensure that your company gives out of shape. You should not waste the company’s money.

Administrative efficiency culture

Whether you are a junior staff or a senior staff, you should take administrative efficiency culture seriously. Administration is the act of administrative duties.

On the job, you should be efficient at administration and know how to handle administrative duties. Even if you are not employed as an administrative professional, it is your responsibility also inculcates the culture of handling administrative duties.


Try to develop interest in administrative responsibilities and make sure that you put in your best in an organization or a company you are working with.

Personal development culture

Personal development culture on the job should be a priority. Every organization will like an employee who can develop himself or herself personally on the job to deliver as expected and to continue to an asset for the company.

Even the company will doubt a person who remains at a spot on the job, which is not learning new things or not bringing new things that will take the company to the level of success.

If you spend a donkey years on the job without a personal development, you cannot be promoted. Also, if you have become Methuselah in a company or organization without a personal development which can fetch the company prospects, you may not be identified or recommended for promotion.


Build yourself, develop yourself on the job and go extra miles how you can more useful for the company. Make sure you identify the areas of company’s weaknesses and deficiencies and voluntarily proffer possible solutions. Always grow on the job.

Sales culture

Every organisation was established to make money. They are concerned with profits, especially the company that is into trade.

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The company will like to promote an employee who can increase the sales of that company directly or indirectly.

Even if you are not employed as a sales person, if you can inculcate the sales culture, the company will see you as a productive employee.

That is the why each company preaches a sales culture of discipline, development, focus and results because success is connected with action. The company takes an action that keeps employees duly driven and succeeded.


Have it in mind to sell for the company even if you are not employed as sales professional. By doing that, you are making money for the company. It is a good culture on the job.

Teachable culture

Teachable culture is a way of accepting corrections joyfully and be ready to amend genuinely. If an employee has a teachable culture, he or she will be always refined in attitude and in behavior.

A humble person is a teachable person and teachable person is always a successful person. Anyone can correct you on the job; listen to the correct and make the amends.


Take and yield to the corrections on the job.

Listening culture

Listening culture is very important on the job. A boss must have it and an employee must have it. Everyone must imbibe the culture of listening.

The boss should listen to the problems and the requests of the staff and the staff should listen to his or her boss. Also, the staff should listen to one another on the job so that the job can be kept going.


You need listening culture where you work presently, work on it.

Reading culture

There is an adage “Readers are leaders”. The problem people have these days is reading culture. The way you read, the much you have genuine information. Reading useful and resourceful materials will make you continue to be relevant on the job.


Read always to be relevant always.



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