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13 Criteria to Set up Music Industry


The music industry has become a hot cake in the world. Your music talent must be tailored toward the vision of having a music organization that will be recognized in the music industry. The following are the 13 best criteria I think will open your eyes to do more on your music dream and vision


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1. Ensure you have a daily living (day job)

Many people who want to dabble in music dreams think they can achieve it quickly as soon as they start. No! It doesn’t work that way! It will take some time.

That is why it is important to have, at least, a source of income that can sponsor your dream. It’s probably not smart to drop everything and try to make a living off music right off the bat.

 But if you’re financially well or have built up a strong following through another industry then maybe this doesn’t apply. But your priority should be to do something that pays the bills to keep you afloat while you do music on the side.

2. What are your goals and plans?

Your goals and plans for music carried er must be big enough and be the ones that will take you to the higher level of your dreams. Do you have a good idea of where you want to go with your music career?

You need to understand what you want to do and have a good idea of how to get there. It is important to set goals and have a plan so you’re not wasting time.

You must be consistent in your goals and plan; these will make you achieve quickly. If consistency is not there, it will be difficult to scale through on time if at all.

3. See your music career as a business

Whether you like it or not, do you believe that being a music artist is like starting a new business?

You can understand that part of the artist development process is learning how to operate your own business, which hopefully turns your passion into sustainable living.

Your music is your product in which your brand has now become the commodity you monetize through your performance.

4. Improving your craft and making your music

Your success in the music industry ultimately starts with how good your music is. If you present good songs, there is a tendency that you can jump into your career.

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It is risky to fall into the belief that talent alone can sustain you, as there are other more important factors, such as work ethic and promotion. Talent matters to a point, but if it doesn’t translate into “good” songs that gain exposure, then it won’t take you far.

5. Get ready to invest in yourself and learns

Investing in music is very profitable if done properly. Starting a music career is realizing that it starts with investing in yourself first.

Whether it’s time or money, you have to be willing to put in the work to learn and get things done.

Read widely about different disciplines because any post or article or song or word can be a source of your songwriting or composition.

Try to learn more always. Don’t rely on what you learned yesterday. What you learned yesterday might have expired today. Update your knowledge

6. Mentally prepared for the long

Discouragement kills. A prospective musician or musician who wants to achieve in this industry must not be bored. 

Everything about music and song must interest him or her. He or she must always have an interest in the composition of songs.

People may not approve of you or work in the first, second, or even third instance, but there will be a time when you will be globally accepted.

7. Think of ways you earn royalties from your music products

A recording artist, music producer, songwriter, and/or music composer may have various income streams from music if he or she is serious and seek advice.

For example, if you put your music on places like Spotify, Pandora, and Youtube, you will generate if you seek advice on how to do that income money or royalties from those platforms when someone streams your music.

8. Learn how to distribute your music online

It is very important to think about how to take your music gift to the next level. Do not think local and operate locally.

You cannot do it alone until you relate yourself to more knowledge in the field.

There are major online outlets to get your music known to the public such as Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, and many others to generate huge amounts of money. However, you need a music aggregator (music distributor).

 9. Build your team

If you want to take your music career seriously, you will need a team that will have the same vision you have. Do not be controlled by gender differences.

For example, if I am a female, I don’t need male people because they will be disturbing me or if I am a male, I don’t need female people because they will affect my thinking.

Avoid this! It is barbaric and primitive thoughts. What matters is those who are serious about my vision and those who love what I do. Then, you are on the right motive to forming a genuine, not fake team.

 10. Seize opportunities to perform live 

One of the ways to fulfill your music dream is to find the chance to perform live so that your talent can be presented and known to others. Live performances are more important than ever as an income source while record sales continue to decline.

For this, you may have the opportunity to convert people who may have not heard of you into paying fans in the future.

The idea is to get practice performing for others’ lives, be comfortable in these live environments, and improve. Just like other skills, you need practice and experience to get better.

Copyrighting your music prevents you from becoming a victim of copyright infringement (intellectual property theft).

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Any of your works must have copyrights that will protect your works. It is important to seek advice from experts on this.

12. Establish your online presence

There’s a difference between music as a hobby and music as a profession. Music as a hobby is for pleasure, but music as a profession is for business and you want to fulfill your dreams.

Part of treating your music career like a business involves presenting yourself as an artist to take seriously. 

 If you present yourself as an amateur, people will subconsciously associate you with lower quality and they will not pay much attention to your performance. 

This is why it is crucial to possess good quality visual components (photos, graphics, videos) as a strong online presence.

 13. Be network and community-oriented

Your relationship with all people matters. As a musician, if you isolate yourself, it will be difficult to achieve.

This is because the nature of your profession is configured that way. Your network is your net worth. 

More often than not, it’s all about who you know in life, and the music industry is no exception. You need information from different people of different disciplines.

Try to network in your neighborhood, city, and school by knowing the different music venues and establishing relationships with other local artists and people involved in music.


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