16 Best Criteria to Get Noticed for Promotion


To earn a promotion is to get an important position, earn a higher salary and gain a sense of accomplishment in a company. Many people think that getting promoted on the job is automatic, whether they do well or they don’t.

There are criteria the employer in a company will look at before your promotion can be approved. We have newly identified 15 practical criteria that can make you get noticed for promotion.

Expectations of the employers


Every employer has set the expectations that each employee must meet and the standards which the company must meet. If you are clear about these expectations, you will be easily noticed as someone who is entitled to a promotion.

When you work, let your performance goes beyond the job scope or job descriptions. Take extra assignments and complete them on time.


The achievements of the people are their success, right? Have you recorded achievements where you are currently working? Your series of achievements are those that employers or bosses will act on when it is time for promotion.

Always document your achievements so far; even when you want to switch to another job, your past achievements are key. If you want to be promoted, try to record feasible achievements.


Punctuality, they say, is the soul of business. One of the criteria used for promotion is punctuality.

If you are not punctual at work, it will be difficult for the management to decide on you as someone who can be promoted, especially for the position of leadership.

A leader anyway must set a good example. If you want to get promoted, be the person that will be at work first and the person that will leave last. It is a sacrifice.

Right Attitude

A positive attitude goes a long way if the employer will consider you for promotion. You should always show yourself as a role model that people around you can emulate in terms of commitment and dedication to work, and meeting deadlines.

You should have the ability to solve issues that can negatively affect the company without delay. You should always be ready to learn from your past mistakes and happy about the growth of the company. If you want to get promoted, you should develop the right attitude towards the company.

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Idleness and Gossip

Most employees are found to sitting idle and gossiping, especially if their bosses are not around. No serious employer likes this because, with time, you will be observed as someone who is betraying or cheating the company.

The qualities that can be considered for the promotion are integrity, trustworthiness, and hard work. If you want to get promoted very quickly, you should do away with idleness and gossip.

Commitment and dedication

What effort you have made on the job you are doing now? Let me ask you a question, can you justify the salary your collect at your current job? If the answer is no, your commitment and dedication need overhauling.

Commitment and dedication are twins. They are good qualities that must become your habits on the job. Try to put reasonable and effective efforts into the growth of the company and develop relationships that can lead the company to success stories.

When you are committed or dedicated, your employer or your boss will notice you and reward you with a promotion.

Financial Ideas

There is no doubt to say that every company is into profits in terms of finances. Every business wants to make money. That is if an employee is making money for the company, he or she will get promoted.

You should also generate ideas for the company that will rake in huge profits. An employee, who understands other internal performance metrics will get promoted because that performance will automatically be translated into the money-making metrics.

The fast way that you can be easily noticed for promotion is to make money for the company or generate ideas that can lead the company to financial prosperity.


One of the essential things you need to know that matters to the employer is how to solve problems.

You should always demonstrate that you can solve the client’s problems or when you are a boss, show that you can use your initiative to solve any internal and external problems that negatively affect the company.

A serious employer is always looking for people who are creative, innovative, and effective. Those who can implement initiatives that will make clients and the company shine. If you want to get promoted, display yourself as someone that can solve problems.

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Promotion does fall from the sky just like that. You will work for it. That is, you should justify the reason why you are entitled to the promotion.

An employee who can think above the board and go the extra mile to achieve deadlines and bring money to the company will get promoted. To be exceptional is to do what other employees have never thought of doing for the company.

You should always satisfy the clients and the customers and also make significant impacts on the clients and the company at large. If you want to be promoted, be exceptional on the job.

Belief and Pride

The work you do sustains you, right? Therefore, you should believe and take pride in it no matter how small it is.

When you value your current job, you should display a high level of integrity, loyalty, competence, diligence, intelligence, etc.

Not only this, you should have the mind of “I can do my best” and “My work matters to me”. If an employee does not have a mind, he or she does not work as a reflection of their values and takes pride in doing good work.

If you want to be promoted, you should believe in your current job and take pride in doing good work.


You can believe me that one of the best ways to get promoted as quickly as possible is to show that you are a trustworthy person.

Easily allow your employer or boss to trust you and your work. When you present yourself as someone your employer or boss can rely on or trust, he or she can think of new areas higher than what you are presently doing or your present position and commit them to your hands.

This is because strong work goes up the chain, improves the company, and gets you noticed. If you are faithful to a small thing, you will be remembered for a higher one.


Many organizations search for professionally sound employees. When you do your work with a sense of professionalism, the company will place a premium on you because you can follow through on tasks.

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The company sees you as someone who is consistent and learns daily on the job. You are the person that can perfectly do the projects from the start to the finish. You can deliver a nice job or project with minimal or without supervision. If you want to get promoted, you should work with a sense of professionalism.

Awareness of desire

I think it is not bad to humbly express your desire for a particular promotion. Many a time, management may not know that you want it or think of you as the candidate.

After you are convinced that you are due for the promotion or you are the best candidate for the particular position, humbly make your employer or boss aware that you want the promotion. When you are passionate and inquisitive, the position or promotion may be given to you.

Performance ability

Your distinguished performance can take you to a higher position in the company.  If you are someone who can complete the assignments within the deadlines and ask for what tasks again next to do.

You are making your employer or your boss notice you. If you also have the mind of helping your colleagues to climb their ladder, you will get promoted because every employer loves to promote people who can raise the performance of everyone around them.

Leadership and management

Leadership and management quality are very important in the growth of the company. That is why a serious employer places great value on people who can bring additional talent through their existing networks.

The company will convince talented candidates to join them and encourage each into a productive team member.

The management believes that such candidates will be able to build and manage a profitable team. If you want to be promoted, attract and manage great talent.

Further degrees or Professional certifications

Many organizations cherish more degrees or professional certifications for certain positions in the company. It is important to study further on the job so that you will continue to be relevant on the job. Do not be contented about the small and scanty qualifications you have if you want to be a leader in the company. Many organizations allow further education.

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