15 General Skills and Character Traits an Employee Must Possess on the Job


There are general skills that employers are expected new and existing employees to possess

before they assume the positions. The employers believe that these skills and character traits will help

the company. There are 15 skills and character traits that have been worked on there to learn from.



If we are talking about the growth of the school, we cannot do without the expected skills the staff members should possess on the job. Some of them are discussed below.

1. The Skill of Knowledge and Research

Knowledge supersedes everything. No matter how small it is, you must know the position you applied for in the company. Also, you must be ready to do thorough research and continue to do thorough research concerning the position and the company.

You must love to do research before and after you have assumed the position. If you are not over in carrying out the research, it is not possible to be productive. Your knowledge and ability on the job will determine your fast promotion.

For example, many companies such as IT, ICT, Technology, Telecommunication, Communication, academics, and the likes need a lot of researchers.

2. The Skill of Relationship-building

Relationship matters in all things to do and do well. The reason is that no one can achieve in isolation. We achieve through team play. Therefore, you have to build a team and capacity on the job so that the achievement will be many.

Even the first skill you must work on is building a relationship because everyone needs people to succeed. The ability to build a team is key. For example, sales, marketing, consulting, etc. need this skill.

3. The Skill of Multitasking

Every company expects employers to have other knowledge of other job tasks apart from the position employed for. You should have this skill by doing other things aside from your position. You should be able to work under pressure to achieve your target. You should be able to go the extra mile, especially as the head of the business or department.

4. The Skill of Analysis and Problem-solving

One of the important skills is to be analytical and solve problems. It is the ability to analyze, and think critically to solve problems. The skill to pay to detail identify problems, and weaknesses, and come up with solutions is called analytical skill.

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Problem-solving is the ability to compare and learn from past losses, weaknesses, strengths, and achievements, and then come up with amendments and improvements. You are expected to possess these skills and use them to improve the business and company.

5. The Skill of Flexibility and Adaptation

This is the ability to change and allow changes. Adaptation brings innovations. Make sure you adapt and adjust to the effective and useful changes. It is also the ability to learn new things, ideas, concepts, models, etc.

Do not be too rigid to a method of doing things but have a wide mind and be open to different techniques that can improve the business and add value to the growth of the business and the company.

6. The Skill of Language

There are four language skills such as speaking/communication skills, listening skills, reading skills, and writing skills. You are supposed to have these skills. As an employer or department head, you must listen to other employees and their useful advice. You have to welcome their suggestions that can grow the company.

Also, communication skill is very important and it goes a long way to solidifying the business relationship between the customers and the company. You should have soft and good communication skills. Poor communication can ruin the company.

If you want to improve yourself, you have to read more on the job because readers are leaders. From the reading, you will get more information and values about your position and job specifications and descriptions.

Another thing is to have a writing skills. Learn to write legibly and diplomatically. Excellent writing can lift the company and it equally ruins the company if care is not taken. Language skill is very important.

7. The Skill of Social Media and Digitals

We cannot do without social media and digitals in contemporary times. This time is a time of digital and social media. You must have the ability to demonstrate the skill and how to use them to be more productive on the job. Every company is now digital.

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Sales and companies who are on promotion, telecommunication, communication, technologies, publishing, etc promote their products, brands, and services on social media platforms and digitalized ones. You have to learn how to use them for the improvement of the company.

8. The Skill of Negotiation

This is the ability to persuade, convince and reach an agreement or compromise on the issues. For example, a salesperson, marketer, business development office, etc should be skilled in making sales. The companies employ negotiation specialists that will be in the front of marketing and communication of the company.

9. The Skill of Decision-making

This is the ability to see things from different perspectives and to make useful decisions. The person who has this skill will be able to think and work with little supervision and even without being supervised. Be a man or a woman that can decide without being spoon-fed all time.

10 The Skill of International Mindset

The beauty of this-time companies is the relationship with international businesses. That is why many companies train their staff based on international skills and knowledge so that they can meet up with global and international standards.

The knowledge and skills will help them and the companies they work for to adapt to international culture and tradition in terms of relationships, language, transactions, dress, and other things.


If we are talking about the growth of the school, we cannot do without the good character the staff have to possess on the job. Some of them are discussed below.

11. The Character of Company Vision

The first company trait is for the staff to understand the bigger picture of the company where he or she is working. You must see more than the scope of your portfolio and descriptions of your position. Remember that it is because the company exists, that is why you exist and the company sustains you.

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If the company paralyzes, definitely you will be affected and your affairs will be affected too. Have a long-term goal and vision for the growth of the organization where you are working.

12. The Character of Right Attitude

The attitude you develop determines your action and what will be coming out of you. Develop the right attitude toward your business or the company where you work. Do not work against the growth and development of the company or say what can affect the company negatively.

It is not ethical to say something or do things that can put the company down. There are different positive attitudes such as the attitude of hard work, passion, easygoing, and so on, not negative attitudes such as laziness, negligence, carefree, and so on.

13. The Character of Loyalty

Another good character you must possess and put in on the job is loyalty. You must be loyal to the company where you are working. Do and handle the job as your job or your business. Be honest and trustworthy. Put the right things on the job. You must be justified in the remuneration you are being paid.

14. The Character of Honesty

Another good characteristic is honesty. You are expected to be honest. If you are not honest, the company will be affected. Do not divert the possessions of the company to your use. Do not divert the money of the company to your purse. Do not cheat or waste the hour or time of the company. Be punctual and do the right things.

15. The Character of Dedication/Commitment

My first question is that you have passion and zeal for the job you are doing. Do you put in your best? If not, you have not been committed to the company.

Lack of commitment of staff may affect the productivity of the company and lack of growth of the company can even affect the staff. Try to have character and use it to grow the business or the company where you are.

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