2 Real Samples of Job Offer of Appointment


As good business organizations, when we have conducted interviews for candidates to employ, a document that officially confirms a candidate’s employment is called a letter of appointment.

Many employers, especially many start-up companies rack brains to draft a good letter of offer. These two samples of letters of appointment will be of help for your draft.

Sample 1



Address of the company

Name of the candidate


Further to your application for employment and the interview you had in our office recently, we are pleased to offer you an appointment in our company as Language Editor with effect from 20 September 2022.

You will be reporting to the Publishing Manager who will further brief you concerning details of your job description.

Remuneration package

The detail of your remuneration is as follows:

Grade Level: 8 level 3

Basic Salary        $45,000.00   Per annum

Housing Allowance   $180   per annum

Transport Allowance   $700   Per annum

Meal Subsidy                 $500   Per annum

Medical                          (self and two children)

Leave Allowance          $450 Per annum

You will be a member of the contributing Staff Retirement Pension Scheme

Probationary Period

Please note that your appointment shall be on probation for 6 months. The confirmation is subject to satisfactory performance of your duties.

Medical Examination

You are expected to undergo a Medical Examination at the company’s accredited hospital as a condition for the regulation of your appointment.

Notice Periods

Either party may terminate this appointment without necessarily indicating the reason, by giving one (1) month’s notice or payment in lieu thereof.

Please note that if your services are no longer required or if you are involved in any misconduct or if your job performance is unsatisfactory, you will not be eligible for any other entitlements as the case may be.

Other conditions

While in the employment of the company, you must be prepared to accept additional responsibilities and post to any part of the country to carry out official assignments. You must also not engage in any competitive business with the company.

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You are required to provide us with the manes and addresses of three persons of good standing as your guarantors and request them to complete the enclosed set of Guarantor’s Form duly registered at either the Magistrate or Federal High Court and attach their postcard-size photographs which you must submit on the assumption of duty.

Your other employment status will not be regularized and your monthly salaries will not be paid if this directive is not complied with.

You are also required to submit two recent passport photographs as well as two postcard photographs of yours with your left and right thumb prints affixed at the back of the photographs.

Please sign the attached copy of this letter if you agree to the terms specified in this provisional offer of appointment.

Accept our congratulations

Yours sincerely,


Adeola Adelakun

Manager, HR

Sample 2


Address of the company

Name of the candidate


We refer to your application for employment, subsequent interview, and meetings. We are pleased to offer you employment in our school (name of the school) as a Subject Teacher with effect from (date).

We believe that your abilities and experience will provide much-needed expertise in our school, and in turn, we hope the school can provide you with opportunities and professional growth commensurate with your performance on the job.

(Name of the school) is a full boarding school and therefore you will be required to participate in school co-curricular and extracurricular activities as directed by the school authority.

Also, you may from time to time be required to supervise the activities of students outside the school’s academic hours.

It is important to appreciate that business is conducted on terms that honor the Almighty. In this regard, our employees and clients alike must know where we stand in terms of values and ethics.

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You shall be reporting to the Principal or his/her delegate. The Principal shall furnish you with your job description on your resumption though the job description is subject to review from time to time.

Condition of employment

We are happy that you are joining our school and we wish you success in a demanding career with us. We would like you to study the following conditions:

Primary Responsibilities

  • To teach, test, correct, encourage, supervise, and care for students.
  • To work with all stakeholders towards the fulfillment of the school vision, mission, and objectives
  • To actively work with others toward the achievement of school growth objectives
  • To support and facilitate learning
  • Other as specified in your job description and as may be directed from time to time


You will be on an annual consolidated salary try N2,500,000.00 (Two million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira). This is payable monthly in deductions arrears after applicable statutory deductions.

As the school grows, an annual review will be implemented, subject to performance and prevailing economic indicators.

Hours of work

The school’s daily schedule which includes the Boarding system operates between the hours of 5:30 am and 8:00 pm.

We expect that you will not be bound by this time set, but work as the circumstance dictates, since the hours may change, as the exigencies of duty demand in a fully regulated boarding environment.


You will be on a probationary period of six (3) months with effect on the date of your resumption. After satisfying our job assessment procedures, you will be confirmed as a permanent staff of the school.

Conflict of Interest

The Board of the school expects that you will never allow yourself to be placed in a position where your interest is in conflict (or could be in conflict) with the interest or the business of the school.

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You must avoid any situation or activity that compromises, or may compromise your judgment or ability to act in the best interest of the school.


Upon confirmation, your employment may be terminated by giving one (1) notice in writing or payment in lieu of such notice by either party.

Performance and reward

Progression and increment in emolument and other pecks shall be based on performance and not necessarily on the number of years you spend in the service of the school. For the avoidance of doubt, excellent performance shall be regularly rewarded.

Acceptance of offer

If the above terms and conditions are acceptable to you, kindly sign every page of a copy of this letter of offer. In addition, fill, sign and date the acceptance form below.

These should be sent to the Chairman on or before (Date). Please note that a comprehensive contract of employment to be executed by you and the school will be given later.

We look forward to welcoming you.


Yours sincerely,



Adeleke Adeola

Chairman, Board of Governors


Acceptance Form

I hereby accept the offer of appointment of (Name of the school) dated _________________________

Name: ________________________________________________________

Date of Assumption: ____________________________________________


Date: ___________________________________________________

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