20 educational Games for School Kids


The teaching-learning process is not done anyhow. It has a way of doing it, especially when you are dealing with beginners and young ones.

You have to get your pupils excited about learning with our various collections of teacher-designed educational games.

Why the game activities?

Some activities will be suitable for preschool through 8th grade. Apart from this, your pupils will build skills from the beginning to the age of 11th.

The pupils learn foundational skills starting from counting to reading, from fractions to basic coding, and lots more.

Your child will build essential skills in math, reading, writing, speaking, digital literacy, and many more if you select several games and activities of your choice.

For the success of your child or children, our collection of games will help them improve their skills through practice, starting from preschool till 8th grade.

In accessible and exciting ways, you can introduce your child/kid to important concepts in letter recognition and in building writing skills.

Even, advanced pupils in higher classes will enjoy more advanced challenges, such as solving equations with fractions and mastering the keyboard. New concepts should be introduced to your child to take extra challenges in a subject they excel at.

Your child needs to refresh their memories and sharpen their skills of what they’ve already learned with games, give them the chance to do that. The lower grade levels will mostly find the games exciting and interesting.

Playing games will be exciting for your child to play and earn points, continue to win the games, and set high scores. When they are doing this continuously, you will discover that their knowledge grows which will lead to becoming lifelong learning.

Bubble Blaster


This game treats a lot of interesting engaging learning on fractions and additions, multi-step word problems, multiplying fractions, etc. If the teachers and educators can make use of it, the learning will be enhanced.


This is another educational game that is very interesting in practice. Jumpy can be done to solve mathematics and English Language in preschoolers, beginners, and in nursery and primary schools.

It can deal to solve antonyms, equivalent fractions, multiplying fractions, etc. If education can adapt the game for pupils, learning will be enhanced.

Dino Skateboarding

This game is very good for imparting learning to pupils. The pupils using this game will learn how to solve figurative language, past tense verbs, division tests, which factor does not, etc.

It is the game that engages the pupils. A teacher who uses this game to teach will record the achievement of his or her stated objectives.

Dino fishing

Dino fishing as the name suggests is like fish where you will begin to learn while playing it. The pupils will learn which fraction is the biggest.

They will also learn spelling fun, capitalization, punctuation, etc. It is a game that engages pupils.

Ski racer

Ski Racer is another game that is interesting and engaging.  It deals to solve different kinds of language skills and mathematics.

It covers solving irregular plural nouns, adding to 10, dividing integers, multiplying by 10, subtraction within 30, and numbers 10-20. The teacher will achieve his or her objectives if he or she employs this game to teach.


This is a game that requires knowledge to solve mathematics and building of words and sentences.

When playing coding, there are codes to multiply decimals, numbers in science, less than, or greater than 1 to 20, converting fractions with gems, sentence building in homophones, apostrophes, in contractions space, homonyms, antonyms, etc.


This is a common game that engages young learners. You can match letters, words, sentences, pictures, etc. When you are matching, you are learning.

The following is what you can match: antonyms, the meaning of the root words, sight words, sentences, spelling patterns, multiple-syllable words, least common multiples, etc.

Treasure diving

Treasure diving is a good game. As you play it, you like it more. It engages pupils to learn more.

Under treasure diving, pupils learn synonyms, solving a multiple-step equation, one-step addition, substation, and multiplication. The teacher who uses to teaching will achieve a lot and learning will be enhanced.

Set the clock

Set the Clock is a game that deepens pupils’ knowledge of the clock and maths. Under the set clock, pupils learn interestingly how to calculate time, time to 5 minutes, time to the half-hour, etc. Always use this game to teach the principles of the clock.

Couch Fishing

This game solves elementary mathematics. When you play it, you use a fish to identify coins and tell the time. It engages pupils to learn with understanding.

Floyd Danger

This is another engaging and interesting game. While playing this game, much learning will be enhanced.

During this game, you will be able to compare multi-digit numbers, measure building, the quest for a complete sentence, sentence vs fragment, etc. It is a must for teachers to use this game while dealing with these topics.

Dino crunch/Dino bones/Dino photoshoot

These two games are being played the same way. They engage pupils to learn more. The games solve word problems, linear vs nonlinear graphs, 3D shapes, capitalize them, compare fractions, etc.  When teachers want to solve graphs and word problems in mathematics, use these games.


A puzzle game is a game that interests pupils to learn more. Difficult words and sentences can be learned with ease while playing a puzzle game.

Pupils easily identify letters, and words in the puzzle game since beginners cannot use the dictionary, the puzzle game is a supplement.


A sorting game is like a puzzle game. It deals with the sorting of letters, words, and sentences. While playing the game, you will sort each letter to learn the letters; you will learn each word to learn the words and you will learn each sentence to learn the sentences.

The game engages pupils so much and learning is enhanced.


This is a common game that has been used for a very long time. The questions will be set for pupils to choose the correct options. We can learn commas in a series, shapes, tenses, etc. Pupils learn better through the quiz.

Gem mining

This is an interesting educational game. Pupils learn to solve by converting improper fractions to proper fractions while playing the game.

The teacher who wants to engage his or her pupils in proper and improper fractions and other elementary maths should use this game.


This educational game is a game that solves elementary maths such as addition within 20, subtraction within 20, and multiplication within 20.

The pupils should be able to understand elementary maths easily if the teacher uses this game to teach.

Word transporter

Word Transporter is a game that explains adjectives and nouns. Little grammar which seems to be difficult should be understood easily through word transporter. It is engaging and learning can be enhanced.

Moving truck

Moving Truck is an educational game that is very engaging and interesting. It is played to solve multiplication by 100s, subtraction up to 100s and addition up to 100s, etc.

Elliott’s museum

It is a game that solves addition and subtraction. If the teacher can use this game, it will enhance learning. It is engaging and interesting

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