22 Creative Advertising Strategies


Advertising has to do with the creation of awareness about an organization, its brands, produced ts, and services to stimulate sales. Advertising is one of the most essential facilitators as members of the public may not be aware of the existence of an organization and its products.

Generally, advertising is grouped into five ways, namely informative advertising, persuasive/negotiating advertising, competitive advertising, mass advertising, and direct advertising. The following are the advertising strategies:

1. Informational advertising


This is the type of advertising that educates the actual and potential users of a product or service on the existence of a product or service, where they exist, the benefits derivable from the products, prices, and the composition of the material used. There is the creation of awareness about the products or services.

2. Persuasive advertising

This is another type of advertising that is used to convince actual and potential customers to purchase a product or enjoy a service.

3. Competitive advertising

This type of advertising is usually adopted where there is stiff competition to convince the customers that the organization’s product is better than that of the competitors. For example, the advertising embarked upon by International Breweries Plc that its product – Trophy is better than that of Nigerian Breweries Plc – Gulder is competitive.

4. Mass advertising

This is the type of advertising carried out by producers or distributors of similar products to eliminate wastage and cut unnecessary costs regarding resources and energy.

5. Direct advertising

This is another type of advertising carried out to call the attention of actual and potential customers to purchase a product or enjoy a service. It is a type of advertising that is directed to a particular segment of the market (e.g. children young girls, aged people, etc.).

6. Newspaper

This is when a product or service is advertised on the pages of a newspaper. This medium has a large circulation as it goes into interior villages even where there is no supply of electricity.

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7. Radio

Under the medium, products or services are advertised on the radio. This covers a wide area as radio can be used in an environment where there is no electricity. It is relatively cheap and usually carried out in the language understood by everyone.

8. Television

Awareness about a product or service can also be created on television. Products that need demonstration can be advertised on television as the target audience will be able to see both the picture and sound of the demonstration.

9. Magazine

This is when awareness of a product or service is created by displaying pictures of products beautifully on the pages of a magazine for the actual and potential customers to see. Magazines are calculated periodically, say weekly, or monthly. It is a good medium of advertising but appeals only to a particular group of people.

10. Leaflets or handbills

This is when awareness is created by giving people a small printed message in the street or left in public places for people to pick and read. It is a relatively cheaper medium of advertising but some people may not bother to go through the handbills.

11. Billboards

This is when products or services are advertised on large rectangular boards along the major streets. It is another medium that is cheap as the target audience does need not to pay before having access to it. The major drawback of this medium is that people that do not pass through the area may not have access to the advertised products or services.

12. Catalogues

These are booklets containing pictures of products offered for sale, their prices, and descriptions. It makes people decide whether to buy or not as the prices of the products or services are usually attached to pictures of the products or services. It has limited coverage as few people usually have access to the catalogues.

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13. Internet

This provides a good platform for products or services to be advertised as many computers are connected to Inteto. Products or services advertised on the Internet can be assessed by as many people as possible all over the world. The major disadvantage is that people that are not computer literate may not be able to access the product advertised on the Internet.

14. Sales van

This is when awareness about the products or services is created by mounting speakers with recorded messages on vans. Some people are seen dancing on the top of the open van to add flavor to the advertising. Private telephone operators such as GLO, MTN, AIRTEL, etc. use this medium to create awareness.

15. Cinemas

Movies and this in our homes or at various cinema canters are good means of creating awareness about the products or services. This is done by putting the advert at the beginning of the movies or middle of the movies to catch the attention of the people watching the movie. Products or services advertised here may not be accessible by everyone especially because of the kinetic supply of power.

16. Neon signs

This is an electronic medium for creating awareness about products or services. Here, scroll messages are displayed in front of the organization, especially in that night or in evening. This method encourages impulse buying but may also be affected by pa our supply of electricity.

17. Window display

Under this medium, products are beautifully arranged and displayed behind glass panels so that actual and potential customers passing by can stop and buy. A larger percentage of the passerby and buying the products displayed but some will only carry out window shopping. Window shopping means stopping and watching what is displaying without buying.

18. Trade fair

This is an awareness created by the organization where their products are displayed in an open space and sells these products at relatively reduced prices. This medium is effective as it promotes sales but costs a huge amount of money to rend a stand at the trade fair and convey the goods to the location.

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19. Advertising programs

This is an awareness created through the organization of brand training, seminars, workshops, and conferences. This is effective because it is face-to-face marketing of products and services. In the seminars and conferences, we can present the products so that people can have access to the services and products directly.

20. Exhibitions

The trade shows, rallies and jingles are very important awareness created for the services and products of an organization. This method will cover a large number of people who will have access to the products and services. There should be some days in a week in which mass mobilization of people will occur through rallies, shows, and jingles.

21. Partnership and sponsorship

The organization can decide to sponsor some programs such as sports, business, etc. where the products and services can receive mass awareness. Also, the organization can partner with other businesses or programs to create wide awareness. This is the medium to which a larger percentage of the audience can have access to the brands, products, and services.

22. Promotions

Promotions are strategies used to persuade and convince customers and prospects to show interest in the products and services of an organization. For example, you can promise discounts, commissions, or buy three and get one for free. The discount and commission will make people remarket on the products and services and create awareness to tof the organization’s brands.


There are other strategies in which the brands, products, and services can be marketed or sold. But if the ones we discussed in this article can take note and apply, there should active awareness that will result in profits.

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