26 Best Remarks for Weak Students


Are you in the habit of deriding, looking down, and not supporting weak and dull students? Are you having issues as to how to help weak students move away from their sorry states to a rather inspiring position worth mentioning?

Then, you need to take your time and think of remarks that would probably uplift their spirits, good words, statements that would give that extra push is what is highly needed

Some remarks will most probably help you speed up the performances of weak students from a sorry state to an average position, which can then move up to more impressive performances in no distant future.

Are you a Teacher, Parents, Counselor, Senior Student, or anywhere you find yourself looking for those self-motivation remarks that will be helpful to weak students, you can take a cue from the list below

You have done well

I can beat my chest and confidently tell how such a word has been helpful in no small way; it assisted once weak students in rediscovering their hidden talent and thereon rubs minds with the very best in class.

Even if what they did is unsatisfactory, just tell them this word, it has a way of bringing out the best in them

Keep it up

Similar to what I have above, it also has a way of making weak students have a positive turnaround and becoming the cynosure of all eyes.

Never forget to say these three words, am sure you will be amazed at what the resultant effect will be in a short time.

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Good job

This is also using experience to help students move away from a sorry state to an enviable height, it will assist the student in no small means.

Even if the student’s work is bad, you will do well helping out by saying a good job, you can then point out the mistakes made

Excellent performance

Even if the weak student’s job isn’t excellent, do him/her that favor of liking the rubbish to excellence, it’s a highly motivating factor that will do the student lots of favor, it’s a morale booster


I like how you work efficiently, just imagine saying such to a weak student, wouldn’t the kid feel happy and put in more effort?

This is encouraging

Tell the kid something like, your effort is quite encouraging, that is another way of helping such a class of students, it will surely go a long way

Unique presentation

Your work is unique; keep it up, simply a magical way of psyching your weak student up, it will work out

Inspiring job

The weak student will like to hear something like, your work is so inspiring, keep it up

This is amazing

You are simply amazing, will also make your job easier as a tutor, such a statement will help bolster the kid’s performance in class

Trust, you have done well

I know I can always trust you, this is another sure way of getting the student to move away from being weak, such a remark is all he/she needs to change for the better


I like your consistency, I bet you, make such remarks towards a weak student and tell me the resultant effects in weeks, I have no doubt it will be positive, give it a try and be convinced, it will make your job easier


You are making good progress, another sure chance of helping that weak student of yours of making a massive turnaround in his studies

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Impressive performance

You are so impressive in your work, throw this remark towards your dull students and see changes in no time

Organized presentation

I love it, you are so organized, this remark will also do some magic to such student’s performance in and out of the classroom

You are not too weak

You are not weak in your work, keep the fire burning. I remember when I was still taking students in Senior Class; I had to throw such nice remarks at a young girl that was bullied by a classmate. She was accused of being too weak to be in that class, my remarks restored her pride

Good! You are improving

Are you a tutor that is concerned about the progress of your weak student, you can support such a kid by using positive remarks like “you are improving in your studies” even when the kid is not, this nice remarks will most likely speed up his performance from bad to average


You are so attentive in class, keep it up, try these remarks for that weak student and see what will happen, you will be glad you made it


You can also make use of remarks like, I like your activeness in class, keep it up. It will help the weak student


Try this out too, you are so focused on your studies, keep it up

Exceptional job

You are quite exceptional in your studies. Remarks like this are what that student needs, not negative remarks that will probably draw him back, it will have a counter effect on the kid


I like obedient kids like you. What do you think will be running in the minds of such a weak student if he/she hears such sweet remarks? Am sure seriousness will now be the order of the day


Check this out, “you are one of my disciplined students, keep it up”. What do think? Are you sure many of your weak students that hear this will have no other option than to sit

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Fast Learning

Use nice remarks like you are such a fast learner, am cocksure the weak student will feel special and humbled, expect unparalleled person thereon


“You are such a serious student, I like that” without a doubt, this is another remark that will help bring such a dull student out of his mystery, she will surprise you subsequently


You can also try making cute remarks like “I love such skill, you are doing a good job”. Expect a smile to beam on his face, he/she will surely like such a comment


I like dutiful students, you are one of the most dutiful kids have seen in a long time. Why not use such for the kid you are trying to help and see the resultant effect in no time?
















































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