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3 Comedians Warning Against Social Crimes


Satirical comedies comment on the human experience. They lampoon the follies or vies of men, using exaggeration, ridicule, sarcasm, irony and humour to create an atmosphere of change.

Satire is a mode or style of writing that exposes the faults of individuals, institutions, or societies to ridicule and scorn with the intention to correct such faults or bringing about a positive change.

Most Soyinka’s comedies are satires.  Osundare’s poems “Eating with all the Fingers” and “The Politician’s Two Mouths’ are good examples of satires directed at greedy people as well as deceitful politicians in society.

In a satire, any literary work which holds up a society to ridicule or show the foolishness or wickedness of an idea or custom and evokes it. It is a device that exposes or criticizes the vices and follies of society.

These three comedies are satirical because they try to correct the expose the errors and bad practices in our society to correct them.

Episode/Scene 1: Habit of Uncleanness

Bad attitudes in our society have been a prevalent crime for a very long time.  One of the attitudes is uncleanness.

And there is an adage saying that uncleanness is ungodliness. It is a bad habit warning against uncleanness in Nigerian society.  As Nigerian governments have constantly frowned at urinating anywhere around, still many people have turned deaf ears to the directives.

This habit of people is what these comedians in this episode/scene have tried to expose to correct our environment.

The video is well made and the comedians have tried their best to contribute their quota to the development of society and make the positive changes.

This video is recommended to all Nigerians, lover of literature, and comedians to learn and have positive changes in the society we find ourselves.

Episode/Scene 2: Sexual Abuse

Sexual intimacy between husband and wife is the ultimate communication. It is an exclusive communication; a secret mystery between the two of them and God.

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King Solomon is rightly lyrical about the act of love, describing it as ‘intoxicating, enrapturing, a transport of delight. It is liberating, god-honoring, and ecstatic.

The sexual act is a coming together of two people “into one”. It is not just a physical unity as the soul (mind of will) and spirit come together. You become physically and spiritually one flesh. Some people still think of sex as somehow tainted and even dirty. If that is you, then you need a radical change.

This is because your life partner will begin to cheat on you and has extra-marital sex purposely because they are not satisfied with sex in their legal marriage. This is what the comedians noticed and tried to correct in our families.

The comedians implore the men to satisfy their women (wives) and vice versa. They continue to warn against the involvement of illegal sexual activity outside of the marriage.

The video is well made to teach that sex is very essential in family life. Every time you come together as husband and wife, you strengthen your marriage and celebrate your love.

The video is recommended to all families, the broken home, the divorced, and husbands and wives to learn and have positive changes.

Episode/Scene 3: The Evils of Corruption

Corruption generally refers to illegal activities undertaken by people for their personal gain. It is a form of criminal offense or fraudulent act engaged in by individuals, institutions and organizations to acquire illicit wealth.

Corruption is a major problem of some nations of the world. Globally, different forms of corruption include bribery, fraud, extortion, embezzlement, abuse of power and graft, among other.

Corruption is the act of obtaining dishonest gains through illegal means of people’s expertise. It also connotes the use of position of trust for illegitimate profit.

We can claim that many factors like poverty, the greedy nature, corruption and so on accounting for corrupt practices. But this evil destroys our society.

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This video addresses corruption, especially bribery that has pervaded our society.

The video is recommended for all officers, politicians and police in our society. These comedians are professional on their chosen job. You can invite them for any service and comedies you will need them.

The videos are must-read because they relieve the tension, initiate laughter, and introduce e-learning.



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