Top 4 Tips to Keep Your Home Organized


It might seem like one herculean task but the actual fact is that it is very much doable; you can even achieve a far better result if you keep at it and never relented.

How nice would it be seeing your home well-kept and organized? The question should be for every discerning mind that truly cherishes a decent environment. Are you still finding it hard organizing your home?

Some see it as an unachievable feat but I still maintain that it’s within your grasp, there is no point starting and stopping halfway, you must see it to the very end, then, you feel accomplished.

Do you truly cherish and vote for an organized home? Are you a big fan of decency and a cute environment worth mentioning? Then make use of these healthy tips, am very sure it will be of great help

1. Discipline

One thing most of us lack is discipline, the resolve to get things done at the right time and the right way.

You need to have an achievable aim or simply nurse the ambition of getting a near perfect environment, you can then back it up with action, believe me, you are on your way to getting your home organized.

Speaking for my humble self, I can proudly say the discipline that has been imbibed in me from childhood aided my getting a decent home, most of my friends never stopped asking how I did it, they even spend most of their times at my crib, simply due to my having a well-kept apartment.

Some might think of one big task being disciplined, the bitter truth is no one will break your skull to install it, you have a bigger task as regards the subject matter.

You just need to change your unhealthy ways and embrace light, don’t forget, a disciplined mind breaks barriers, no matter how tedious and stringent.

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A decent home wouldn’t just surface like that, it largely depends on you as an individual to make it happen, that is where your resolve to get it done will come into play.

You need to stamp your feet on the ground as to what you want and work towards it.

As a lecturer do say way back in my University days, on quote “Those having nice things are not born specially or having two heads, their determination backed up with discipline did the magic, you can achieve far more than theirs”

2. Scheduling

Well, some might argue that a non-disciplined mind would almost find it hard scheduling things, in as much as I want to agree to such notion, you can still surmount these obstacles to getting to the Promised Land, talking of getting an organized home.

If you are the forgetful type, I will advise you try and inculcate the habit of jotting things down, just start it today and see what the resultant outcome will be in no time.

I still do this despite not being the careless or forgetful type. Just write out what you intend doing either in the main room, rest room, or any other attachment as far as your home is concerned, you will start getting things right before you know it.

It actually worked for me and am sure yours won’t be an exception, that organized home you’ve always dreamt of would come to fruition.

Let’s say you intend doing a certain chore and you are the type that is always preoccupied with so many tasks, it’s advisable you draw up what is known as Scale of Preference, tidying up your abode shouldn’t find its way at the rock bottom.

Such draft will help in telling what to do at the right time, imagine cleaning coming second or third on the list, you will no doubt get what you desire

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3. Discard

I still don’t understand why some of my guys find it hard developing that spirit of “let go”.

There are some things that will always make a mess of your environment if you fail to do the needful, discard these items and see your home become organized before your very eyes.

Getting a nice environment isn’t rocket science, all you need is to keep religiously to what needs to be done and you are good to go.

Any stuff that has outlived its usefulness should be thrashed, you can always get a new one to substitute it, this will at least breathe some air of freshness to your surroundings and you will be the better for it.

Research has even shown items not worth being at home go on to bring some level of discomfort to such vicinity; some even cause boredom depending on how massive such stuff are.

Just as I earlier highlighted, just take the bull by the horn and get these things off your environment, expect a joyous moment from then on.

An organized home will no doubt be at your fingertip if you develop such spirit wholeheartedly.

4. Copy and Paste

Any crime if I replicate what a neighbor did to make his home organized and decent?

Only a fool will settle for less or not follow suit, not until you do the needful, then, you might likely remain in that planet of doing the catch up.

It can be a co-worker, a neighbor as I earlier stressed, a family member, fellow student or even a younger sibling, go on copy what they did that got them a home that became the cynosure of all eyes.

Make no mistake, don’t ever go borrowing in trying to buy expensive things your neighbor bought or empty an account just to match up what a friend just bought, that will amount to doing overkill.

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You can achieve that decent home even with your little budget; just make sure you put things right to the best of what you can do.

Learn from people closer to you and do the same in your own vicinity and be happy you did. Don’t ever copy those having worst home than yours, well, I don’t think I need tell you that

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