5 Skills I Learned about Achieving Set Goals


When I learned a new thing about the word SMART, The lessons changed my life, family, and business for the better for I applied what I learned there. The word SMART is like a hammer that drives the nail of “goals” to be achieved.

For our set goals to be achieved, we need the theory of SMART to apply. The theory of SMART is that “S” is specific, “M” is measurable, “A” is achievable, “R” is realistic, and “T” is time-bound. The following are some of the focus of this article.

Specific: Your goal must be specific.


The word “specific” is an adjective that means being “precise” or “fixed”. For a goal to be specific is to have a fixed time or a precise time to be achieved. If a goal is not specific, it means it does not have a fixed time to be achieved.

For example, as a student, if you are asked to answer “What do you want to become in the future?” The answer of a student is “I want to prosper in the future” while the answer of another student is “I want to become ‘Somebody’ in the future”. We can see that the answers above are not specific because they do not have fixed times.

If your goals do not have a specific time, it will be difficult to achieve them. The answers to the questions that will be achieved should be “I want to become a Medical Doctor in the future or I want to become a professor in the future”. The goal to become a Medical Doctor and Professor will be pursued wisely and effectively.

In business, the goal must also be specific. As the Managing Director or the owner of the business, your goal must target an amount your company or business should generate or make for the year and strategically work toward it to be achievable. Therefore, plan for your goals are let them have a specific time.

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Measurable: Your goal must be measurable.

The word “measurable” is an adjective that means being “measured or have a significant importance”. If your goals are not measurable, it will be difficult for you to know the specific date that will be done and completed. For example, if a student asks when a certain project will be completed, the answer must reflect the exact date and time when the project will be finished. Unfortunately, the answer to the student is “I will finish my project next month or in two months.” The answers are not measurable because we cannot measure next month or in two months.

In business, the goals of the leaders must be measurable. For example, “ the goal of a head of the company or business must be clearly stated. If not,  the completion time of the project is not measurable because it has no specific time and date. Therefore, set your goals with the time or date that can be measured.

Achievable: Your goal must be achievable.

The word “achievable” is an adjective that means being “achieved or possible.” If your goals will be possible to come to pass, they must be stated in such a way to be achievable. You must look at the goals set whether they are short-time or long-time goals.

The short-term goals of a secondary school student are to finish and get admission to tertiary institutions. If, for example, a secondary school student is praying to build a house or buy the latest car while in school, such a goal is not achievable at that time. This kind of goal can be kept until he or she completes his or her education and starts work. That is the long-term goal.

In business, the goals for the years must be the ones that can be achievable. If a startup of a small-scale business says that it wants to make over $2 million per year, the question is does the capital used to start up the business up to $2 million? What kind of business he or she is doing?

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Such a goal is not achievable at that moment. The only goal that the owner of the business should have is how the business should grow and mature to that stage, not to realize $2 million. Therefore, let’s work to make our goals achievable.

Realistic: Your goal must be realistic.

The word “realistic” is an adjective that means being “feasible” or “workable”. For a goal to be realistic is to have a practicable, idealistic, accurate, and dependable time to be achieved. If a goal is not expressed or represented as workable and practicable, it means it is not realistic to be achieved.

As a student, the prayer is expected should be in line with work and efforts. Even, the Bible recorded that faith without work was dead. For example, “as a student, if your goals are to pass the examination, what it means is to read well, attend the classes, listen to your teachers, do your assignments, and be serious with your studies.

I learned about many students who will set the goal to pass the exam but they will not read to pass, even many may die in prayer houses to achieve, but they will read. The goal is not realistic, feasible, or practicable.

In business, the goal that will be workable for the company must be one that will start with planning coupled with action. A reliable goal is not only planning and design but also how the planning will be actionable.

The Head of Business will make his or her plans around the table for his or her managers to work on and plan how they will be achievable. Then, we can say the goals of the company or business are realistic, if not, the goals are just nightmares.

Time-bound: Your goal must be time-bound.

The word “time-bound” is an adjective that means being “caged with time” or “worked in progression with time”. For a goal to be time-bound, it means it must be caged with time or worked in progression with time. A goal that is not given time cannot be achieved.

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For example, a student must set a goal for himself or herself by what he or she wants, I want to complete my secondary school education by certain years. I want to be in a tertiary institution. This set goal will help you to study hard to achieve it. Also, students must set time for reading, playing, and all things they are doing. Do not waste your time unnecessarily.

In business, for a goal to be achieved, time distribution cannot be divorced. The head of the company that has a vision must set goals with time to achieve each whether daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. The head of the department too must set goals to be achieved bounded with time. The time set for each goal will propel and motivate you to see the one you have left undone.

Also, the job assigned to your workers or your subordinates must be time-bound. For example, “the department head may assign a role for Mr. Akpan and submit it tomorrow by noon.” If Mr. Akpan is not given time to submit, it is likely for him to drop the assignment for another thing and do his own in his leisure time, just because the goal is not time-bound.


It is believed that your life pattern, family, and business need this article. If these five words discussed can be taken into consideration, your life, family, and business will change for the better.

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