Top 5 Generating Ideas to Set up a Business


In business, generating ideas is very important since ideas are the final point of the exercise.

As many ideas as are possible need to be generated in order to avoid running out of supply. In some earlier articles, there are many ways we through which ideas can be generated.

Some articles work on family, friends, progammes, watch, things that bug you, interests, travel, adventures, eye opening, online. Building a good network will give you an opportunity to switch from working hard to working smart.

Connecting with professionals in the sphere of your business niche can bring not only an understanding of the highest customers’ needs but can help you to get tons of smart advice from influencers and top leaders.

But then, ideas are thoughts that are produced in the mind. And experience has shown that the mind is nourished by such mental activities as association, dissociation, composition, decomposition and compounding of ideas.

1. Association of ideas

The association of ideas is a process through which the presence of an idea in the mind stimulates the presence of another.

In other words, in business, when we are associating ideas, we are thinking of how we come up with ideas that we form a business.

We shall begin thinking from what will be the name of the business or company, the model of the business or company, services, products, the kind of people that will form the structure of the company and how the to generate fund for the establishment of the company or business.

For example, we can associate ideas through different channels such as relevant programmes, reading books, articles and dailies, attending seminars, workshops and conferences and lots more.

You can generate an idea for establishing a publishing company when you attend seminars of publishing programmes, read about publishing and listen to the publishing programmes.

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In general sense, think of what people lack around you and then try to be smart and provide the thing(s) there. Before you know, you will become a top seller in that area.

2. Dissociation of ideas

The process drawing an idea away from another is called dissociation. This is particularly useful when we are concerned with what separates, rather than what unites them.

Dissociation, then, is a means used in generating ideas for business. In other words, to associate ideas is one but another thing is to draw ideas for actions.

The ideas you associate must be dissociated by drawing them for actions.

For example, if you have an idea of establishing a business or a company, and further proceeding to take a step doing the needful to make it a reality, then you are already on the right step to achieve a business fulfillment. Also, if you have generated ideas for writing,

3. Composition of ideas

A composition of ideas may not necessarily be a replica of all the features of its constituent parts.

The essential point here is that two or more ideas have been brought together and the resulting idea has its own unique identity. This is what we are saying that the idea you have in mind should be put together to make it a reality.

For example, if you have generated an idea of establishing a bottled water company, you will compose the idea by having a plan how to get the place for it, register the company or business, get the equipment, the staff, the employees and some other things to start with.

Also, if you have generated an idea to be a singer or musician, you will plan the kind of the song, the structure of your song, the shape, the kind of people to recruit to your band and how to kick-start.

4. Decomposition of ideas

An idea is used to be decomposed, when a deliberate attempt is made to split it up into its constituent parts. This means of generating ideas may also be referred to simplification of ideas.

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Every idea to be come true is expected to be simplified. The decomposition of ideas is the simplification of ideas.

For example, when you are planning your business, the structure of your business or company must be simplified as you can ask yourself some questions:

How many departments or units I am going to have and how many will I start with? How many staff will I start with? What service or product will come from each department?

What will be the salary structure of each staff? What will be the minimum qualifications and experiences for certain posts? The benefits and package of the staff, the increment and promotion plan and other things should be well simplified.

Also, a singer or musician must be well detailed in simplifying his or her ideas. Simplify the instruments you will like to start with. And the ones you will still need in the future.

Think of the categories of people you will have to associate with. All these have to be simplified before starting your business so that you will get back or stop half-way.

5. Compounding of ideas

Compounding is a process of generating ideas, through which the two or more original ideas still retain their individual identities in the new one.

A compounding idea, then, could easily be split into the smaller units that make it up. All the ideas we have been discussing so far will be useful here if you can put them together for actions.

You will compound your ideas wisely and implement them beautifully. For example, if you have generated ideas of becoming a drama artist and a musician.

The two ideas can be blended and implemented wisely. You may dramatise within the song and you may sing within the drama or the play.

Also, if you have generated ideas of finding solutions to people’s problems, consultancy and customer care services can be blended.

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