Top 5 Global Issues in 2022


So many issues no doubt, dominated the global scene, talking of issues that took the world by storm, incidences that shook the world to its marrows.

Despite the numerous incidences, 5 stood out, it ranked atop other issues in the year 2022. Good or bad, these 5 events far outweigh other incidences in terms of their effects and spread.

The incidences are worth discussing, it will only open our eyes as to how to handle future occurrences, and here are the top global issues that took the year 2022 by storm

Illicit Firearms

This is one serious issue that needed all hands to be on deck to tackle, I fear that if something urgent is not done, humanity might be unknowingly playing with the venom of a deadly snake.

Every nook and cranny you check is filled with deadly firearms that can wipe out a lot of people at a single incidence; you begin to wonder why the necessary regulatory agencies aren’t acting accordingly.

The madness knows no boundary, we hear of gun attacks daily, with severe casualties accompanying each case, a lot still needs to be done to tame this scourge, the earlier we act the better it will be for the generality of the world.

Gun-related incidences will continue to fester simply because some countries failed to enforce stiff punishment for any of such, notably are the western nations were where guns are somehow legalized.

How can you approve guns for people that are not security personnel? What do you expect? We cannot be looking for a solution and yet, some sections will be contributing to it, which smacks acts of hypocrisy.

Famine, Drought (Food Insecurity)

Another issue that I consider very crucial that continued to dominate global issues as far as the year 2022 is concerned is what famine has done to a greater number of countries across the globe.

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It wouldn’t be the first time the world is experiencing such but the year in review is kind of tense and scary.

Many food reserves have almost been exhausted no thanks to a system of pro-rata, which simply means rationing and allocating scarce resources to where they are needed. I bet any human can do without food for days, the main reason why the little in reserve is thinning out.

Blame climate change, is the song on the lips of many, most especially the experts in that field, they believed natural disasters could be largely blamed for food insecurity.

Taking a crucial look at drought, on the other hand, we all know how crucial water is to crops, what will now be the fate of plants without adequate water? Those are the issues contributing to food insecurity as presently encountered

Refugees Crises

It was estimated years back that migrant issues will become intense for years to come, no thanks to so many unpredictable factors.

It’s so saddening that the prediction came to pass in torrent in 2022, how people kept leaving their countries either in search of greener pastures or fleeing from wars and the likes was amazing, unless something is done fast, we will be having a huge monster at hand.

Not until a solution is found, the trend is likely to continue unabated, so sad the countries feeling the heat the more are the countries of destination, talking of where these migrants are headed.

There have been several steps to cushion this cankerworm, quite unfortunate many of these steps failed to yield any meaningful results.

Most of these movers are mainly coming from the Middle East, the reason is not farfetched, there is an ongoing war that has defied all solutions for years.

Other areas contributing to this move arose from poverty, countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Somalia, and the likes contributed a greater significance to these people.

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So many lives have been lost on the Mediterranean, people prefer using the high Sea, they believed it’s the quickest route to Europe, unfortunately, thousands of lives have been cut short in the process.

Climate Change

Just as I stressed in one other point, this particular factor has been one recurrent song on the lips of many across the globe, the damages that climate change has brought to humanity cannot be quantified, it’s so massive and frightening.

The high seas are drying up in an apparent surprise that getting enough fish to feed humanity is becoming one herculean task.

There are even cases when rivers, oceans, etc overfill their bank and almost immediately turn to flood, which will go on turnturning them into things like landslides and massive flooding. The impact of weather on our planet becoming tense, a situation that is becoming problematic to humanity

We can as well act as part of game-changers, you need to desist from acts that could further deplete the ozone layer, try in your little corner to act wisely, and stop burning things openly, it has a lot of adverse effects on climate.

The Government should also do everything humanely possible to educate the citizens to start behaving right and stop actions that could further jeopardize the Earth.

It’s never too late to start the redemption, we can all come together and say a big “NO”, our coming together wouldn’t be for nothing. We all need to know we‘ve got no other planet to run to, this is what we have, we have to protect, nurture, care and tend to it at all times

Drug Peddling

Another issue worth deliberating on that took a major chunk of the global issue in 2022 is the issue of drug peddling from one continent to another.

Talking of those dangerous drugs that have continued to ruin lives, notable among them are Cocaine, Heroin, hemp, Ethanol, and all others. The world no doubt has one big monster to contend with.

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I must commend governments in individual countries, some have declared a total war on the peddlers, though, seem one tough fight.

The business is one Multi-Billion Dollars industry, which would only take the grace of God to wipe out. So many powerful individuals are known to be behind the illicit market.

So sad, many lives have been lost due to abuse and overdose or ingestion of these dangerous substances.

Drug peddling is here to stay but I deeply wish it is nipped in the bud so the youths who are the greatest abusers are saved.

This class of people abuses drugs with reckless abandon, the main reason why the necessary authorities need double effort to beat peddlers to their games. It is very much doable; business can be ruined for these wicked people once the will is there
















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