55 Difficult WAEC Past Questions and Solutions


The following are some of the WAEC past questions confusing the candidates in English Grammar. If you want to read more about how the answers are chosen, read the book ‘English Grammar: Part of Speech and Their Usage by Deola Adelakun

  1. My _______ to you, students, is to be good.

(a) advice     (b) advise   (c) adverse   (d) advance

  1. You are not allowed to carry _______ on this flight.

(a) much luggage   (b) many luggages   (c)pieces of luggage few luggages   (d) more luggages.

  1. It is no longer easy for graduates to secure __________

(a) many employments    (b) employments   (c) employment   (d) an employment

  1. The boy needs a broad piece of paper and __________ to practice his drawing.

(a) crayon   (b) crayons  (c) some crayon    (d) much crayons

  1. The policeman has gathered ______ to complete the investigation.

(a) many informations   (b) information  (c) a few informations  (d) an information

  1. The principal has already summoned all the _______ on the matter.

(a) head of the department    (b) heads of departments   (c) head of departments

(d) heads of department

  1. In my country, there are good standard _______ for sports.

(a) stadiums   (b) stadias   (c) staid   (d) stadia

  1. I want to know your religious ___________

(a) beliefs    (b) believe    (c) believing    (d) believes

  1. Mallam Gana owns many _________ on his form.

(a) herds of cattle   (b) head of cattle   (c) heads of cattles   (d) cattles

  1. A _________ of robbers came to our area yesterday

(a) team   (b) group    (c) bandit    (d) swarm

  1. Mr Ade teaches at the ___________

(a) ebenezer baptist high school   (b) ebenezer Baptist high school

(c) Ebenezer Baptist High School   (d) Ebenezer Baptist high school

  1. My heart thrills with ________ (a) a joy (b) joy   (c) the joy    (d) some joys
  2. Bola cooks food very well. So, she is ________

(a) a cooker    (b) a cook   (c) cooker   (d) the cooks

  1. __________ all the contestants, the judges then announced the winner.

(a) to see   (b) seen   (c) having see   (d) seeing

  1. _______ breakfast is not good for children.
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(a) to have skipped  (b) skip   (c) skipping   (d) to have been skipping

  1. The dog wags _________ tail.

(a) its    (b) it’s   (c) theirs   (d) their

  1. The girl ________ parents have left for England won a prize.

(a) whose   (b) which    (c) who   (d) whom

  1. This is the man _______ stole my bicycle (a) which (b) who   (c) what   (d) when
  2. I don’t know what to do with these children. They are always fighting

(a) themselves   (b) myself   (c) one another   (d) each other

  1. Ranti: This is not my key Ayo, then _________ is it?

(a) of which    (b) who’s     (c) whose    (d) whom

  1. Adams is a very good friend on __________I can rely

(A) who    (b) whose   (c) which    (d) whom

  1. _________ is the owner of this pair of scissors?

(a) whom   (b) which   (c) whose   (d) who

  1. _________ are my books. (a) That (b) This   (c) These   (d) Their
  2. They wrote _________ note yesterday (a) that    (b) their   (c) there  (d) then
  3. The chairman _________ did not come for the meeting.

(a) himself   (b) themselves   (c) itself   (d) myself

  1. Do you notice John and Comfort glancing at _________?

(a) the other   (b) each other   (c) theirselves  (d) themselves

  1. They were warned, so they have _______ to blame for the problems they are now facing.

(a) ourselves   (b) yourselves  (c) themselves  (D) their ownselves

  1. The two cats are so similar that I cannot tell whether that one is __________

(a) yourself or myself   (b) my or you    (c) your’s or my    (d) yours or mine

  1. __________ were sent to the library by the English teacher.

(a) Udoh and I     (b) Udoh and me   (c) myself and Udoh   (d) I and Udoh

  1. Tunji divided the money between David and ________

(a) he    (b) himself   (c) themselves  (d) him

  1. He acts as if he _________ a general manager.

(a) were   (b) has been   (c) is being   (d) is been

  1. Mr Nwokolo had _______ her breakfast before her friend came in

(a) had   (b) has   (c) have  (d) been had

  1. By 11 a.m., I _______ writing for 2 hours.
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(a) will have been   (b) have been  (c) will be   (d) am

  1. Having worked all day, it is about time we ________ back home

(a) go    (b) went   (c) goes  (d) gone

  1. Eze has not heard from his Sister Ada since she ________ to the United Kingdom

(a) has gone   (b) went    (c) had gone  (d) had been going

  1. The suspect ________ when I entered the office.

(a) has been questioned   (b) was being questioned   (c) have been questioned

(d) is being questioned

  1. The president’s speech __________ at 7 p.m. yesterday

(a)  is broadcasted   (b) has been broadcast   (c) was broadcast   (d) was broadcasted

  1. Ameh _____ to school nowadays

(a) walk   (b) walked   (c) walks   (d) walking

  1. He _________ say it to my face that I did that

(a) dares not    (b) not dare   (c) dare not    (d) dared not

  1. ________ to bring a letter of authority before he can collect the money?

(a) needs he   (b) he needs   (c) does he need    (d) need he

  1. Surely, he _______ come in person if he doesn’t want to!

(a) does not need   (b) did not need  (c) need to    (d) need not

  1. The messenger _________ home until his boss leaves.

(a) dare not went    (b) dare not to go   (c) dare not going   (d) dare not go

  1. Have you any objection _________ him to launch?

(a) to invited   (b) with inviting   (c) for inviting   (d) to inviting

  1. Dupe ___________ to have spoken so rudely to her mother.

(a) daren’t    (b) shouldn’t    (c) oughtn’t    (d) wouldn’t

  1. Perhaps what Ade told us __________ true after all.

(a) must not be   (b) shall not be   (c) may not be  (d) should not be

  1. Ogugua has always ________ me as a good-mannered child.

(a) strike    (b) struck     (c) striken   (d) striking

  1. She doesn’t not remember ever _________ a tiger

(a) to see   (b) seeing    (c) to have seen   (d) having to use

  1. I am accustomed ___________ on an empty stomach.
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(a) for sleeping    (b) to sleeping    (c) to have slept    (d) to sleep

  1. The maid denied __________ her mistress money.

(a) stealing   (b) to stealing   (c) stolen   (d) have to stolen

  1. Yesterday, I ___________ on the beach for half an hour.

(a) lay    (b) lie   (c) lain  (d) lied

  1. I have __________ waiting.

(a) to be kept    (b) been kept (c) being kept    (d) to have been kept

  1. I have never _______ humiliated in my life

(a) so being     (b) been so   (c) being so    (d) so been

  1. I look forward to ____________ you next week

(a) see   (b) saw   (c) be seeing   (d) seeing

  1. I saw him ___________ the fence

(a) jump    (b) to jump   (c) to have jumped   (d) to be jumping

  1. Bisi makes me _________ my money lavishly.

(a) spend   (b) to be speaking   (c) to spend   (d) spent


1. A      2. A         3. C      4. C        5. B        6. D

7. D        8. A           9. A        10. C   11. C        12. B

13.B     14. D     15. C      16. A     17. A      18.B

  1. C       20. C      21. D     22. D      23. C     24. B
  2. A      26. B        27. C    28. D      29. A     30. D
  3. A      32. A       33. A     34. B       35. B     36. B
  4. C      38. C       39. C     40. D      41. D      42. D
  5. D      44. C      45. C      46. B       47. B      8. B
  6. A       50. A      51. C      52. B       53. D     54. A
  7. A
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