57 WAEC Past Questions for Quick Practice


The quests in the West African Examinations Council and National Examinations Council in the Objective tests are very crucial that add value to score at the certificate levels. The only solution to get familiar to them is constant practice to understand them. These 57 selected questions will still help you to get familiar with them.

1. The man _________ missed death during the collision.

(a) extensively

(b) narrowly

(c) always

(d) amply

2. He runs ________

(a) rather much fast

(b ) rather too fast

(c) quite rather fast

(d) too rather fast

3. There was ___________ enough food to go round.

(a) scarcely

(b) a little

(c) almost

(d) little

4. Ngozi _________ comes to see us now.

(a) scarcely never

(b) hardly ever

(c) almost ever

(d) never more

5. That child _________ nearly caused an accident

(a) rather

(b) just

(c) very

(d) fairly

6. The students did the assignments, but not _________ the way I had expected.

(a) as

(b) so

(c) hardly

(d) quite

6. The load is _________ heavy for a child of his age to carry.

(a) so

(b) very

(c) much

(d) too

7. The corrupt bank manager was arrested and convicted ___________

(a) on the long run

(b) at the long run

(c)with the long run

(d) in the long run

8. The dress he wore was ______ appropriate for the party.

(a) so

(b) more

(c) quite

(d) most

9. His idea appears _________ off for people to accept

(a) little

(b) little so

(c) little too

(d) too little

10. Seun accepted the conditions we gave him _________ for my linking.

(a) quickly too much

(b) much too quickly

(c) too much quickly

(d) much quickly too

11. At eighteen, Bose is ________ to take care of her sister.

(a) enough old

(b) old enough

(c) too old

(d) older enough

12. Obi is ________ troublesome than I had imagined.

(a) much less

(b) the least

(c) more less

(d) very less

13. This is not _________ house in the street but it is certainly bigger than yours.

(a) the biggest

(b) a big

(c) the bigger

(d) the big

14. I find it _________ comfortable to travel by air than by road

(a) much more

(b) quite very much

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(c) quite much

(d) very much

15. After he had tried for some time, he realised that all his efforts were going to be

(a) festive

(b) fragnant

(c) fitful

(d) futile

16. Mr Dauda’s two labourer’s work on _________ ways.

(a) alternative

(b) optional

(c) current

(d) alternate

17. Mrs Adams purchased _____________

(a) a pure leather bag imported

(b) a leather nag imported bag

(c) an imported bag pure leather

(d) an imported pure leather bag

18. He played __________ than anyone else

(a) badly

(b) more worse

(c) worst

(d) worse

19. Many students find Mathematics ___________ than English

(a) difficult

(b) more difficult

(c) very difficult

(d) too difficult

10. The _________ came here last week.

(a) young tall handsome man

(b) handsome tall young man

(c) tall handsome young man

(d) young handsome tall man.

11. Chukwu’s appraisal was one of the _________ in the department

(a) worse

(b) worst

(c) better

(d) greatest

12. He is a very brilliant student. So, it is not surprising that he got a _______

(a) first-class result worthy

(b) worthy first-class result

(c) result first-class worthy

(d) result worthy first-class.

13. The day that Musa’s uncle died was the _________ day of his life.

(a) saddest

(b) more sadder

(c) sadder

(d) most saddest

14. Moji says she is better than Maths ________

(a) than I am

(b) as me

(c) as I am

(d) than I did

15. This engine is _________ that one

(a) superior to

(b) more superior than

(c) more superior to

(d) superior than

16. I bought my ____________

(a) very first green party dress

(b) very green first party dress

(c) green very party first dress

(d) first green very party dress

17. Of the three girls, Yetunde is the ____________

(a) taller

(b) most tall

(c) tall

(d) tallest

18. Of the two boys, Lukman is the ____________

(a) tallest

(b) more taller

(c) tall

(d) taller

19. He is _____________

(a) good-for-nothing boy

(b) a good-for-nothing boy

(c) some good-for-nothing boy

(d) an good-for-nothing boy

20. She was a promiscuous ___________

(a) man

(b) woman

(c) boy

(d) fellow

21. He knew __________

(a) that they wanted

(b) if what I want

(c) what they wanted

(d) at where they wanted

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22. __________ of the two boys was able to show me the way to the zoo

(a) none

(b) any

(c) neither

(d) some

23. We will leave ________ you are ready

(a) whenever

(b) while

(c) until

(d) as

24. Sherifat did not behave ________ her parents’ wishes.

(a) in accordance with

(b) in accordance to

(c) in accordance in

(d) in accordance about

25. Don’t believe all ________ he has told you.

(a) what

(b) that

(c) which

(d) there

26. Hardly had we arrived __________ he left

(a) so

(b) when

(c) than

(d) that

27. Neither Adamu_______Musa was at home when Idris arrived.

(a) or

(b) nor

(c) and

(d) the

28. Both Ngozi and Ifeoma promised to attend the party but _______ of them came.

(a) either    (b) all   (c) neither  (d) no person

29. Neither Obi nor Jumoke __________ present at the meeting.

(a) are

(b) were

(c) was

(d) have been

30. The little boy could not move the heavy stone ________ he tried.

(a) as much as

(b) no matter that

(c) however hard

(d) how much

31. Both questions are alternatives; you answer ________ one _______ the other.

(a) neither, nor

(b) both, and

(c) neither, or

(d) either, or

32. __________ had I arrived than I slept

(a) hardly

(b) when

(c) soon

(d) no sooner

33. Both students _________ teachers attend the party.

(a) or

(b) nor

(c) but

(d) and

34. The lady prepared food _________ she couldn’t eat it.

(a) but

(b) or

(c) and

(d) nor

35. Any parents would be pleased _______ such impressive performance.

(a) with

(b) at

(c) from

(d) for

36. The National Essay Competition came _________on the 23rd July 1986.

(a) out

(b) up

(c) by

(d) in

37. I want everybody to learn the last ten lines of the poem _________ heart.

(a) with

(b) in

(c) by

(d) for

38. If she takes ________ her mother, you can be sure of her efficiency

(a) up

(b) on

(c) after

(d) with

39. Ali said that going________ an operation is not a pleasant experience

(a) over

(b) in

(c) by

(d) through

40. If pupils will abide _________ school rules, the tone of discipline will improve.

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(a) on

(b) with

(c) in

(d) by

41. The minister says he is accountable ______ the president, and nobody else.

(a) from

(b) with

(c) to

(d) by

42. _________ normal circumstances, it is rare to get all registered voters to vote.


(b) with

(c) under

(d) in

43. Lekan had tried hard to live _______ to his parents’ expectation

(a) over

(b) on

(c) through

(d) up

44. The police are ________ the trail of the suspect.

(a) in

(b) after

(c) over

(d) on

45. I cannot travel in an open car because I am allergic _________ dust

(a) to

(b) with

(c) by

(d) from

46. If you keep trying, you will succeed ______ the end

(a) in

(b) to

(c) by

(d) at

47. Everyone must be __________ bed by 9.00pm.

(a) in

(b) on

(c) over

(d) inside

48. Femi was told not to allow pleasure to interfere ________ his dust

(a) on

(b) with

(c) over

(d) beside

49. He sent a card to his parents to congratulate them ________their diamond wedding anniversary.

(a) over

(b) on

(c) about

(d) for

50. If you want to succeed in life, you have to shake _______ your lazy habits.

(a) against

(b) off

(c) in

(d) over

51. The pupils are advised not to laugh ________ mad people.

(a) on

(b) with

(c) over

(d) at

52. It was revealed that the drainage system of the town has been _______ of use since it was constructed.

(a) in

(b) outside

(c) inside

(d) out

53. The young man came to Lagos _______ the intention of staying with his friend.

(a) for

(b) by

(c) with

(d) on

54. The quarrel between the two men soon resulted _________ a fight.

(a) to

(b) towards

(c) in

(d) into

55. Mr Ojo exclaimed

(a)How beautifully they sang!

(b) How beautiful they sang!

(c) How beautifully did they sing!

(d) How beautiful did they sing?

56. Rasidat was very happy and she said, __________

(a) hurrah!!

(b) hurrah!

(c) hurrah!!!

(d) hurrah!!!!

57. Uche gets furious and exclaims

(a) what is an insult!

(b) what insult!

(c) What an insult!

(d) What a insult!

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