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6 Digital Skills All Students Should Have in 2022


To compete favorably out there, a student needs to do the needful, and equip yourself with the necessary skills that will make you stand out when that time comes.

It’s not enough reading all the books in a library or attending classes others, all you need to do is go for certain skills that would make you a far better person in terms of not only solving problems but giving cogent solutions worth it’s salt.

You are likely to be left behind if you decide not to measure up, certain knowledge will go a long way in making you an employer of labor rather than seeking one yourself.

Aside from getting the knowledge through others, you can also teach yourself in the comfort of your home, just get the required materials and be happy you did.

We are now in a global village where certain difficult tasks are easily tackled within a twinkle of an eye, no thanks to acquiring certain skills not taught in the four walls of a school.

My research showed that the main reason why the western world continued to dominate the rest of the world is simply due to these things, by equipping its students with certain skills that would be beneficial to them tomorrow. It continued to work for them as they leave school

Are you a student and want to be a far better person? Take out time and learn these 5 digital skills, you will come out a far better student than on takeoff

Graphic Designing


Events have shown clearly that a certain skill that continued to improve the efficiency of certain classes of students is their knowledge of being able to design.

They tend to be well-grounded in certain areas that revolve around not only the scope of their studies but also the business world.

Such students gain a rare edge in solving tough issues; they must have been equipped with the belief that they can solve issues that seemingly proved knotty. Their results say it all; they stood out among those that never acquired such skill.

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Aside from using the knowledge to gain more ground in studies, it can also serve as an avenue to start making income, no matter how little it can be.

Have seen situations where firms contract designing tasks to students in freelance mode, they pay them for the certain designing task and these offices were satisfied with the level of services, what does that tell you?

Are you still waiting to be told of the benefits inherent in learning graphic designs? Do the needful now

Article Writing

I guess the title is enough to convince any serious student from doing the needful; you need not wait to be spoon-fed before taking that bold step in making yourself the toast of all. What will you do in life without scribbling something down?

Virtually all aspects of life entail you scribble something, no matter how small for it to make sense for others to read. How about being near perfect or writing like a professional?

I am sure you will answer in the affirmative. Talking of a digital skill a student should learn, article writing is one, it will make your writing far better than you envisage.

Once you do it the right way, expect a massive improvement in the way you converse with others, everything that has to do with your exams will improve significantly. Expect a huge turnaround in results thereon.

Though writing far exceeds article writing, as there are deeper forms of writing available in the modern world, talking as Copywriting, Content Writing, Academic Writing, Research Writing, and so on, you will do well by starting with article writing, you can then migrate to these other ones as time goes on

Computer Excel

I wouldn’t forget this when a small office in my neighborhood placed an advert for the position of clerk with deep knowledge of Excel.

The job was eventually landed by a 17-year-old girl looking for a temporary job. She just concluded her Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) the previous month; she did exceedingly well to the delight of her employers.

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Are you a student out there who still thinks it’s unnecessary to learn these skills? What will you say about the short story I painted above? Is it not enough to ginger you to do the needful?

Excel is one digital skill that will make your understanding of numbers and arrangement more beautiful, you will become more proficient in handling complex matters to a certain extent.

It wouldn’t even take an eternity to learn the skill, just open your ears and eyes when you are being taught, believe me, you will become a pro in less than 2 weeks.

Don’t tell me you cannot sacrifice this period to equip yourself to be a more technological savvy fellow


Just as I pointed out above, another digital skill you need to know as a student is Peachtree, you will gain a lot if you are in the know.

I often hear people saying it’s difficult to learn when compared to other digital skills, what do you expect when you meet a quack to tutor you in such respect?

It’s one of the easiest to digest once the resolve is there, just pay attention to details, styles, patterns, and la, you; you will get it before you know it.

Peachtree has its peculiarities no doubt, but its knowledge will always come in handy in some aspects of life, it has the powers to help resolve certain issues, mostly related to figures and monetary terms

Corel Draw

If you cherish the painting aspect or if you are a great fan of colors and styles, then, take out time and get accustomed to learning Corel Draw.

Imagine if you are confronted with a certain task that involves painting, design, or construction, if you are well-grounded in this field, then you should be able to scale through unscathed.

Have seen students perform exceedingly well no thanks to their knowledge of this skill. It’s one of the craftiest to learn but the pain is worth it.

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Computer PowerPoint

Research shows that 90% of students local, national, and international receive lessons and lectures through projectors and other applications online or offline that require slides preparations by PowerPoint.

Many lecturers, tutors, teachers, facilitators, and so on use PowerPoint to prepare slides for lessons and lectures.

A student that cannot or does not know how to use PowerPoint slides and how it works, such a student will lag. Even Slides through PowerPoint are used in the seminars, workshops, and conferences.

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