7 Habits for Achieving Academic Success


Ewere states that though we are not yet where we want to be, we are no more where we used to be. He points to the fact that every human desires to move forward and succeed in whatever he desires.

This applies to all students at all levels as your number one goal at schools, colleges, polytechnic and university is undoubtedly to achieve academic success. Every man you see is a product of his habit. Habits are the simple things we do on a daily basis. Success is largely the result of what you do consistently.

According to Robert Collier, “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” Therefore, to be successful in your career, you consciously have to break habits that are taking you nowhere and cultivate new habits that will launch you into a new dimension of success in your academic pursuit. This article tries to examine some of the habits that will bring you desired success.


Responsibility is the price of greatness. This means that no matter how you desire to be great, it can never be a reality if responsibility is absent. Responsibility is seen as a mixture of two words: response and ability. To achieve success, you have to respond to God’s ability in you and also have the ability to respond to different situations appropriately. Did you know that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of your attitude (behavior and reactions?). A lot of people blame God or their parents or someone else about what what happens to them. They are fond of complaints. You are not yet a failure until you blame someone or something for your failure. If you succeed or fail, it is you, not someone else or something else.

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According to Charles Jones, you are the same today as what you are going to be in five years from now except for two things: The people you associate with and the books you read. If you list the names of ten people that are closest to you and you sincerely examine their lives, you have been seeing your future already. Hold this! We are not saying you should not relate or associate with your mates. No! Man is a social being and one of his paramount needs is association. If you are aiming to be academically sound, you will not walk with thuise are academically unserious. because they will influence badly. However, try to relate with people that can challenge your thinking and that you can learn from. The worth of a friendship is measured by the value it adds to your priorities.

Time management

Both the successful person and the failure have the same 24 hours per day. What you do with your time depends on you. Time is more than money; your life is the product of time. There is a difference between spending your time and investing your time. What you spend does not come back to you, but what you invest comes back to you, and what you invest comes back to you even in multiples. It is sad to see most students wasting their precious time on frivolous but to failure. To make the most of your time, therefore, invest your time productively, do not spend it. You may be hearing this several time that time is life. If you carelessly spend your time; you ate calessly spending your life. And most importantly, try to avoid procrastination because procrastination is the thief of time. You seldom achieve anything if you keep putting off your schedule.

Self improvement

You improve yourself by learning the things you yet do not know. Learning adds color to life. What you learn reflects in your life. Read widely. Do not rely solely on what your teacher/tutor/educator/lecturer has given you. Learning does not end in the classroom or lecture room. You need to be scholarly if you really desire academic success. Most students are reluctant to buy books that will enhance their studies. Some never buy books they blame this on the economic downturn of the country. What you learn is what determines your earning power. You might be hearing that readers are leaders. If you read; you learn. And if you learn always, you become a man. If you learn more, you earn more. Learning keeps you alive. When you stop learning, you start dying. Remember, you are what you know.

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As a student, where is your passion? Where is your zeal? Has someone or something killed your morale for studies. Life demands some form of aggression. You must be action driven to achieve success. You must be ready and active. Say no to complacency and laziness. Your vision is the vehicle of destiny but zeal is the fuel that keeps the vehicle on the move or else you will not get there. Be zealous about your studies and your life. Have a burning passion for your subjects and the courses of your studies. Anything you do is worth doing well. Avoid saying, “I wish I were this…I was that… Where you are now is not by accident. Develop a passion for your studies and career.

Positive self talk and thought

No man can grow beyond the quality of his thought and speech. Your life will always gravitate in the direction of your dominant thought and speech. Your mind is like a magnet, it attracts to you whatever you want. Therefore, think positively and talk positively. Half good esteem. What you think and what you say to your life matter and it can determine how you will go in life. think about this.

Right mind

According to Webster’s Dictionary, “the right mind is having a healthy mental state. When one is mentally balanced, one has a right mind.” The right mind is the mind you have toward your goal(s). The belief you have about things is what you will you do. You believe that you can pass a certain examination, even if the subject or course of study is difficult or the teacher or the lecturer is principled, you can still be positive in mind that you can succeed. Be aways optimistic in all things and it shall be well.

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