7 Important Qualities of a Good Leader


Leadership is found in every facet of human endeavor, in the family, church, mosque, schools, clubs, and so on. Anywhere humans congregate there is always some degree of leadership.

Therefore it seems necessary to have at least one in society. A leader is a person who leads, manages, directs, and controls an affair.

The abilities and qualities to hold an office are regarded as leaders. Some clichés make leadership successful.



Another quality that cannot be neglected is tolerance. In my view, it is the spiritual temperamental ability and a readiness to accept societal dirt.

A lot will occur that may not be in line with a leader’s philosophy of life, but it is a part of success only if the spirit of tolerance is there in a leader. The society of any leader will be difficult for him to manage if he can maintain this stand.

This quality makes a leader accept society as it is and be acceptable to society. The main fact is that this quality cannot be easily achieved if one has on one occasion practiced making tolerance his quality.

Bravery and confidence

Bravery and confidence are leadership concepts that are not easy. Braveness is an action requiring or showing courage. A leader should be sheer bravado. Without this quality, challenges are not easily faced.

And no success can be fulfilled or realized without being brave. Confidence is a feeling or belief that one can firmly trust or rely on somebody’s ability. A leader should portray confidence as a good quality for his success.

He should have confidence in what he can do and make the society he represents progress before the society can have confidence in him. These two concepts, therefore, go a long way to making a leader take his followers to the Promised Land.

Honesty and faith

Honesty and faith are sine-qua-non in this context. Honesty is the best policy in life. It is a condition of telling the truth, a condition of not mincing words. Honesty, to goodness, is a brighter and upright task a leader needs to uphold.

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Faith is a condition of trust and complete confidence. Before a leader can practice these qualities in any organization and society, he should be honest with himself and have faith in whatever he does to make his social progress.

Before his society can have faith in him, he should be considered responsible. Be honest and have faith so that a golden crown can be given to whatever you do to make society move forward.


Patience is the ability to accept delay, annoyance, and suffering without complaining. It is a condition of having a stoical spirit that is a high task in life.

Your behavior as a leader towards the people must be patience and be a blend of your readiness to patiently listen to them and painstakingly react to whatever you heard or get from them. The wise adage of the Yoruba tribe: “Aifele kebosi ni aifele joo”. So, many leaders have failed to achieve this.

There are dreams and fulfilled God’s plans because this quality is not in them. Good things never come to reality without patience. Although it is always good to strike while the iron is hot, not all irons are strikers while hot,  Acme or success is not celebrated without patience.


Your temperament as a leader goes a long way in achieving your set goals. Temperament is a person’s nature as it affects the way he or she thinks, feels, and behaves.

Your temperament as a leader influences everything you do in life. Humanly speaking, there is no other influence in your life that is more powerful than your temperament or combination of temperaments (Tim Lahaya).

A leader should be able to identify each strength and weakness in achieving his goals. There are four basic levels of temperament:

  • Sparkly sanguine
  • Rocky choleric
  • Artic melancholy
  • Cool Phlegmatic

But most leaders are identified as Rocky choleric. So your temperament depends on your relational behavior with your people in any society as this behavior contributes to your success in taking them to the Promised Land.

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As a leader, therefore, the blending of your behaviors to suit society represents your success.

Although, your behaviors no matter how good it does not suit all the people in your society, one compulsorily needs to do good for himself and the society the claims to represent as the people you represent are difficult to satisfy and manage. That is why it is never an easy task to be a leader.


Talent is a God-gifted phenomenon. It is a given freebie. Everybody is gifted, but it depends on the maximization. The main problem Nigerian leaders have today is the lack of the right maximization of their talents and our cultural talents and gifts.

A man fits in his environment when he has discovered that he needs not to think of what his country can do for him, but what he wants to do for his country and make a change.

So, a good leader should always think of what he can do for his society and not what his society can do for him. In order words, how could he maximize his talents and gifts to suit and move in his society?

If a leader has not decided how to maximize his talents, someone or something else will do it for him. Most likely, one will yield his talent and life to a combination of unconscious influences including genetic predispositions, upbringings, social conditions, environment, the other people in your life, and perhaps pure chance.

So the best is to use your talent as a leader and positively affect the lives of other people or the people in your society during your lifetime as a leader. Therefore, don’t allow your fate to be decided by external influences.


Another factor is perseverance. Perseverance is the continuing process of struggle and not relentlessness and discouragement. A leader who perseveres will achieve in leadership. Your achievement lies in the amount of your perseverance.

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A leader who perseveres achieves success through insight and wisdom.  It is important to work hard. Irrespective of any challenges that may come your way, try to be firm and consistent.

Perseverance is a steady continuation of action despite the fact of difficulties or discouragement received from others. A great leader must be easily discouraged.

He must have the self-motivation that will always propel him to continue regardless of obstacles. For a leader to perform excellently, they must have certain skills. The following skills may help.

  • Perseverance helps not give up or take a less difficult path when the difficulty comes It makes you improve more and more.
  • Perseverance is the path to success and to improve and move on to the next one.
  • Perseverance helps to hold to your future and inspires you towards success and achievements.

You must try to believe in yourself to achieve your feedback. If you limit yourself, it will weaken your ability to persevere. Losing yourself confidence is wasting yourself.

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