96 Wisdom Nuggets for Singleness


Life is lived in stages with each stage being very unique and at the same time a training ground for the next stage of life.

Failure to make the most of all available opportunities in a stage might mean entering the next stage without adequate preparation.

Meaning of singleness

Singleness means to be separate, unique, and whole. It is a major stage of life where one is divinely equipped for the next stage of life – marriage.

Some marry too early, only to discover that they have missed some vital knowledge or experience during the single stage of their lives, but nobody wins a battle by manufacturing weapons on the battlefield.

Hence, these people have to use the early stage of their marriage to acquire what could have been acquired much earlier.

Time of singleness

Singleness is beautiful and possesses certain unique opportunities which every wise single person should avail himself/herself to become whole.

You cannot be a youth or single twice! This is because there is a beauty in each stage of life that is absent in the other. There is a time to be single.

Advantages of singleness

When one gets married, there are some advantages of singleness that marriage removes while it replaces them with the advantage which follow marriage but is absent in the single stage of life. Many are ashamed of their singleness because they are ignorant of the blessings of singleness.

One of the many blessings of singleness that every wise single should make use of is that it affords you the sole opportunity of serving the Lord with singleness of heart void of the distractions of material responsibilities.

When one gets married, the joy of responsibility is also a blessing; however, we must try to get the maximum blessings of each stage.

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Wisdom for singleness

  1. Do not allow yourself to be put under pressure
  2. Guys should not lead ladies on with the wrong impression
  3. Let every relationship be defined to overcome distortion
  4. A lady should not yield to propa osal out of fear or sympathy
  5. A guy should not be held to ransom by the common phrase “I am still praying”
  6. A broken engagement or courtship is not divorced
  7. You have only single life to live
  8. Get your weapons ready before the day of battle
  9. Don’t submit yourself or commit yourself to what you have not tested
  10. Your conduct, lifestyle, character and attitude must glorify God
  11. Develop a good personal hygiene
  12. Take good care of your appearance
  13. Never marry an unbeliever and be cursed
  14. Never plan on converting someone to marry them
  15. Don’t be in a hurry to get married
  16. Avoid too short or too long courtship
  17. Don’t meditate or dwell on your singleness
  18. Don’t marry under a wave of sexual passion
  19. Don’t marry to solve your problem
  20. Do not expect marriage to automatically make you happy
  21. Avoid evil union due to a perverted lifestyle
  22. Handle age differences in wisdom and maturity
  23. Do not marry someone who promises to change later
  24. Do not marry an extremely jealous person
  25. Nationality, culture and race should not be over-emphasized
  26. Choice of partner should be based on spiritual and not physical reasons
  27. Marriage connection can happen anywhere
  28. Avoid being a liability to your partner
  29. Don’t let the relationship move too fast at its infant stage
  30. Don’t discuss your inadequacies and flaw in the early stage of the relationship
  31. Give each other breathing space
  32. Handle conflicts with care
  33. Don’t expect someone to meet all your needs
  34. Maintain a balance between dependence and independence
  35. Guard against selfishness in your relationship
  36. Beware of waving aside warning signals
  37. Don’t marry the person you think you can live with but marry the person you think you cannot live without
  38. Don’t believe no one wants you
  39. Sexual familiarity before marriage can be very deadly
  40. Check your assumptions before commitment
  41. Guys, avoid canopy ministry
  42. Avoid the double-dating spirit
  43. Celebrate each other
  44. Don’t allow people’s opinions to shape your good perception of yourself
  45. Remember the wedding is one day but marriage is for a lifetime
  46. Cut your coat according to your material
  47. Develop a scriptural understanding about marriage
  48. Dispel the myths that surround marriage
  49. Love conquers all
  50. Marrying God’s will guarantees a successful marriage
  51. Let God take control
  52. If you marry the right person they will meet all your emotional needs
  53. Let’s have a baby to bring us closer to each other
  54. Be sure you are all-round ready and mature for marriage before commencing on the journey
  55. Get maturity one spiritual
  56. Get maturity of two emotional
  57. Get maturity of three physical
  58. Get maturity four social
  59. Get maturity five financial
  60. Compare your individual background
  61. You must complete not contract each other
  62. Look out for marriage-able traits
  63. Build pillars one love
  64. Always re-affirm and validate your love for each other
  65. Build pillar two understanding
  66. Build pillar three trust
  67. Build pillar four honesty/sincerity
  68. Build pillar respect
  69. Never rebuke or slight each other in public
  70. Put your pasts behind
  71. Fight to destroy generational devils
  72. Guys: Prepare for your future roles
  73. Ladies: Prepare for your future roles
  74. Prepare for your corporate roles
  75. Adopt the survival principles
  76. Nothing is too small to pray about
  77. Don’t keep record of wrongdoings
  78. Marriage is a Covenant
  79. Get understanding
  80. You have to be compatible
  81. Use the courtship catalog
  82. Avoid the live-in syndrome
  83. Avoid demonic influence and pressure
  84. Avoid idolatrous foundation
  85. Ladies should refuse to behold
  86. Adopt the phrase of maturity
  87. Develop communication skills
  88. Operate Ezekiel’s method of living
  89. Use the courtship tips of victory: Discover temperaments
  90. Use courtship tips of victory: Discover thought patterns
  91. Use courtship tips of victory: Discover social graces/lapses
  92. Use courtship tips of victory: Discover maturity level
  93. Use the building blocks for successful marriage
  94. Avoid riotous living
  95. Learn to ask questions
  96. Stop playing games
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Life is all about relationships. Man is born by relationship, born for a relationship, lives by relationship, and dies to a relationship.

Author: Olumide O. Emmanuel





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