A Poem on Beauty with Critical Analyses


Literary analysis or appreciation can be seen as the act in which a reader or researcher learns more or does a critical analysis of the literary work. The poet allows the researchers and readers to do a critical analysis and appreciation of the poem. Read and work on the poem.




At her window, there we are

Vying to take a glimpse of her


Her smile, a suppression of fear

And her touches on me

Make my butterflies debate in me


A rare woman in her prime

One of the few goddesses of her era

For she is the definition of beauty and pride


She is called beautiful

I call her perfection

For she will provide offspring of pride

Poet: Deola Adealakun

Briefs of the Poem

Everyone cherishes beauty because beauty is capturing. That is why the poet cherishes his lover dearly. He promises to be with her. The poet describes her smile as what he admires and even her touch satisfies him. He says that she is a woman of her prime and one of the goddesses of her era. He says his love is love definition of beauty and pride.

The poem is a symbol of beauty and love. The poet understands this and appreciates his wife and identifies her as one of the best women of this time. He describes the beauty of his lover as the best and this gives her pride. The appreciation covers almost everything in her life.

The poet is romantic as he calls her lover some romantic names and he wants her to be with him always. Her beauty and perfection also provide offspring of pride. The poet too is proud of her lover’s beauty and manners.


The poem, “Beauty” is an appreciation and admiration of beauty and love. The poet shows his desire for his lover so much. There are identified thematic preoccupations that explain the poem better. Some of the themes are discussed below. Read this poem and work on the themes.

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The theme of love and appreciation

The poet appreciates his lover as the best partner in his life. He knows the importance of her presence and appreciates her. The poet cherishes her and her beauty and everything about her lover. He always shows her love. The poet raises that as he always appreciates his lover, we should appreciate the effort of people who have done a lot of impacts on our lives.

The theme of affection

Affection is a strong urge naturally. The poet understands this and wants his lover to be with him always. The poem addresses the issue of love and how this can be the one it will pervade every facet of our life. The poet uses the love of his lover to communicate to the ety the kind of affection we should have for one another.

The theme of Romance

The poet is very romantic as he calls his lover pleasant names, such as ‘glimpse, prime, beautiful, perfection, smile, etc. The poet shows his romance and loves to his lover openly. So, it is good to show how our love and affection are for those we love. Love should be practical!

Language and Poetic Devices

The poet makes use of several languages to enrich his poem. Some of the languages and poetic devices are discussed below. Read and work on the languages and poetic devices.

Stanzas and lines

The poem has 4 stanzas and 12 lines. Each line has 3 rhyming lines which is the triplet. It is stanza with three lines. Each stanza has an arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables. This arrangement finally gives a rhythmic effect.

Rhymes and rhyming scheme

The poem has a good rhyme. The poem has an ending sound correspondence. The rhyming scheme of the poem is aaaabbcacdee.


The poem is in admiration and affection. The poet feels strong affection for his lover. The tone is expressed through the poet’s use of language and choice of words. The poem shows the feeling and attitude of affection, admiration, and appreciation of love.

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Type of the poem

The poem is romantic as the poet is romantically in love with his lover and presents some love and romantic language.

Imagery and neologism

The poet makes use of local languages (Yoruba) to portray the importance of the beauty of his lover. Those words are “Orekelewa” which means “beauty”.


Diction is the choice of words and languages as resided by the poet. The poet makes choices of certain words and languages to enrich the poem.

Figures of speech

The essence of figures of speech is to understand the poem better and to do the work of art. The poet makes use of several figures of speech to enrich the poem. Some of them are discussed below. Read and work on the figures of speech.


The poet makes use of metaphor to compare two objects without comparative words. Some of the metaphorical examples are “Her smile, a suppression of fear”(line 4), “A rare woman of her prime”(line 7), “…she is the definition of beauty and pride” (line 9)


The poet makes use of personification to enrich his work. Such as “…Make my butterfly debate in me” (line 6).


The poet makes use of hyperbole for emphasis, such as “I call her perfection” (line 11), “For she will provide offspring of pride”(line 12)


The poet makes use of antonomasia, using the identity of certain people or things to qualify another person or thing. Such examples are “One of the few goddesses of her era,” (line 8), “Orekelewa” (line 1), “A rare woman of her prime” (line 7)


The poet makes use of repetitions to emphasize the message. Such examples are “Her” (lines 2, 3, 5, 7, 11), “me”(lines 5, 6,)

Word List and Meanings

 Orekelewa: A very pretty young lady

Glimpse: A quick look at someone that does not allow you to her

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Suppression: Stopping from oppression or fear

Prime: A time in life when one is strongest and most active

Practice Questions

1. Describe the tone and attitude of the poet towards Orekelewa.

2. Enumerate some themes identified in the poem.

3. List two dominating rhyming lines of the poem and discuss why you think so.

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