A Poem on Conflict and Death: Bomb Blast by Deola Adelakun


Bomb Blast

Uh! Happened it is

Another historic disaster

Has engulfed the globe

The common cry of bommuu

Here and there

Haram has taken charge of paradise

And put pepper into many faces

They often bokonise us with whips

And honey comb turns to desert

Every place has become a horror

For the world to live

Hundred thousand innocents perished

In moments of loses

They drew more tears from sobbing eyes

And putting hot tears on all faces

Many parents bow head in sorrow

For their children in unknown Haram

Prison yards

I pity Laga, my friend indeed

Laga was struck to death recently

Laga, the legal library

Laga, mobile encyclopaedia

Legal titan, titanic in stature, titanic status

You are not dead, you have triumphed

Adieu! Our legal icon, rest in peace.

Briefs of the Poem

The poet explicates the disaster the insurgency has caused in some African countries, especially Nigeria.

The intervention of Boko Haram and gunmen has put sorrow into many families. The cry of bombs has become the song of every Nigerian.

Many Nigerians have been sent to heaven of no return by a bomb blast. In a wink of eyes, many innocents perished by Boko Haram.

The poet shows his pity for his friend: Laga who was struck to death by a bomb blast recently.

Word List and Meanings

Haram:  Tormentor

Bokenise:  Torture or torment

Disaster:  Unexpected event (Bomb Blast)

Engulfed:  Surrounded

Sobbing:  Crying

Encyclopaedia:  A store of knowledge

Titanic: Strong

Practice Questions

1. Analyse the message of the poem.

2. What figure of speech is the expression: ‘hundreds of thousand innocent?’

3. What is the figurative expression contained in the poem?

4. What does ‘blue diamond’ represent in the poem?

5. State the mood of the poet while writing.

6. Who was affected in the poem and how was the person affected?

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