A Poem on Ego: Pride and Power by Deola Adelakun


Pride and Power

If you climb Kilimanjaro mountain

Come down

If you always stand on the platform

Higher than that of your colleagues

Step to the normal level

If you have the legs of an elephant

Don’s trample the path around

When pride comes, then disgrace follows

If you climb the ladder


Its edges can break

If you think

You have a heap of coal

And the fury of fire

Wait and look back

It is raining heavily

If you were a lion

Don’t devour all animals in the wild

Many are venomous

Don’t be power drunk

It kills at last.

Briefs of the Poem

The poem warns against pride and power abuse. He shuts the doors at those that are full of themselves and spells out the consequences. the poet sees what anyone has as an advantage, not by power or might. Therefore, there is nothing anyone can be proud of.

The poet advises that people should not be money intoxicated and if we are in any position, we must not use that position to take advantage of others or cheat others or dominate them.

Pride is accompanied by disgrace if it has been a regular habit of people. Also, if you think you have more power and influence than others, you should not abuse it.

Power is shifting. The position is not forever. Remember, it is because you are in power or position today, that is why you are relevant. Once you leave the position if at all, you will be less reckoned with.

The poet warns proud people and power drunks to be careful because death can strike anybody at any time.

Word List and Meanings

Trample: Step heavily

Fury of fire: Burning angrily

Devour: Eat all quickly and greedily

Venomous: Poisonous

Practice Questions

1. The Kilimanjaro mountain is ______________________(a) the highest mountain in the world (b) the highest  mountain in Africa (c) the highest mountain in the continent (d) the highest mountain in Asia

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2. The consequence of pride is ______________ (a) disgrace (b) fire (c) jail (d) beat

3. The poet warns against ___________________ (a) fury of fire (b) power abuse (c) cold (d) arrogance

4. The final consequence of misuse of power is ____________________(a) pleasantness (b) disease (c) weeping (d) death

5. What figurative expression is ‘A heap of coal’ ____________________ (a) simile (b) personification (c) metaphor (d) hyperbole

6. What is the advice of the poet? (a) We should abstain from pride. (b) We should be proud. (c) We should come to the normal level. (d) We should stand on the mountain.

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