A Poem on Love and Affection: Beauty by Deola Adelakun




At her window, there we are

Vying to take a glimpse of her


Her smile, a suppression of fear

And her touches on me

Make my butterflies debate in me


A rare woman of her prime

One of the few goddesses of her era

For she is the definition of beauty and pride


She is called beautiful

I call her perfection

For she will provide offspring of pride

Briefs of the Poem

The poet cherishes his lover dearly. He promises to be with her. The poet describes her smile as what he admires and even her touch satisfies him.

The poet appreciates his wife and identifies her as one of the best women of this time. He describes the beauty of his wife as the best and this gives her pride.

Her beauty and perfection also provide offspring of pride.

Word List and Meanings

 Orekelewa: A very pretty young lady

Glimpse: A quick look at someone that does not allow you to her

Suppression: Stopping from oppression or fear

Prime: A time in life when one is strongest and most active

Practice Questions

1. Describe the tone and attitude of the poet towards Orekelewa.

2. Enumerate some themes identified in the poem.

3. List two dominating rhyming lines of the poem and discuss why you think so.

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