A Poem on Love and Romance: A Unique Treasure by Deola Adelakun


A Unique Treasure

Whosoever knows where my salmon

Lives should signal to me

If you hear her baritone rhythm

Do not deafen me.

The brilliant diamond I often cherish

O whose unreserved love is this?

She occupies my heart romantically

Pictured like gold and lustrous like a silver

Her dove manner won my heart

‘Tisan attraction of future

Wow! Her endowment browses in my internet

Her innate talents process data in my computer

Walks and smiles as she, and I develop erotic headaches

Her nice perforated teeth ring a bin all my head

Thirsty I am for you darling!

You have caused me sleepless nights

Come here love; let us feel each other

I think of you too much and much

My diamond!

Briefs of the Poem

The poet understands love as a strong affection for someone. That is why he describes his lover as the best in the world. He cares very much about his lover. He admires her so much. The poet wants to see her beside him all the time.

Not only this, the poet is romantic as he shows an exciting short relationship with his lover. He plays and shows feelings and adventures that are related to a particular situation of his lover.

That is why he thinks of her always. She occupies his heart every time. He is thirsty for her presence always. The poet continues to encourage this to all humans. We should all love one another in our society.

The poet supports love as something that endures, is not proud, is patient, and corrects in love and respect. He endures his lover, honors his lover, and is patient. To the poet, love is considered to be both positive and negative, with its goodness representing human kindness, compassion, and affection.

The poet uses kind of imagery to portray how much he loves her. He loves her romantically; he loves her erotically and she is attracted to him. He uses the Internet and computer to represent his feeling, head, and body.

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The poet describes his lover as the one she loves most in the world. The poem captures love as something very important to family life. The poet is a symbol of all men and how husbands should love their wives.

Word List and Meanings

Baritone voice: A voice higher than bass and lower than tenor

Romantically: Showing strong feeling of love

Erotic: Feeling of sexual pleasure

Lustrous: Shinning in a soft gentle way

Perforated: Having a hole

Endowment: A natural ability or quality that someone has.

Innate: The quality or ability someone is born with

Dove-manner: A manner of dove

Practice Questions

1. Comment on the poetic devices of the poem.

2. How does the poet describe love?

3. Discuss the things the poet appreciates about his love.

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