A Poem on Model with Critical Analyses


The poet sees his teacher as someone he can copy and follow as he leads by example. Teachers are good examples. If we find a teacher that is not, he/she must know the importance of their calling. The teaching profession is a call. The person who wants to learn how to appreciate and analyze the poem can make use of this work.

A Teacher by Example


This is my teacher

A life and nation builder

I like him

He leads by example


This is my model

I like him for his punctuality

He said I should come to school early

He himself is punctual


This is my mirror

I like him for his comportment

He said I should dress neatly

He himself dresses corporately


This is my intellectual

I like him for reading culture

He said I should read my books always

He himself is a reader


This is my copy

I like him for his discipline

He said I should be disciplined

He himself is a disciplined person


This is my mentor

I like him for his mentorship

He said I should love other pupils and teachers

He himself loves and corrects every pupil and teacher in love


This is my knowledge

I like him for life impartment

He is good at his job

Every pupil always loves him

Poet: Deola Adelakun

Briefs of the Poem

The poet shows love to his teacher as he has an impact on his life. The poet depicts the importance of teachers in the lives of learners. He understands that without a teacher in one’s life, such life will not be exposed to the right thing in life.

He recognizes his teacher as a nation builder, a model, a mirror, an intellectual, a copy, a mentor, and a knowledge. A teacher is a life copy. A teacher deserves the best of the best. It is unfortunately in some societies, a teacher is not well appreciated and given adequate prominence.

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The poet sees his teacher as someone he can copy and follow as he leads by example. Teachers are good examples. If we find a teacher that is not, he/she must know the importance of their calling. The teaching profession is a call.

The teacher is punctual, he dresses corporately, he is a reader, he is a disciplined person, he loves and he is good at his job. He does not only direct pupils to do them but also leads by example.


The poem, “A Teacher by Example” has several thematic preoccupations that explain further meanings of how teachers are good examples. In this poem, the poet is recognized as a student who copies and emulates his teacher. Some of the themes have been discussed below.

The theme of the model or a good example

The poem “A Teacher by Example” is a portrayal of a good model in terms of values. The poet is calling all other teachers to be like him in presenting good values. The poet also points to the fact that the need to be a teacher by example. The reason is that the students copy without forcing them.

The theme of teacher by birth

There is an adage called “A born teacher”. A born teacher or a teacher by birth is a perfect teacher. All his or her attitudes and character symbolize the character of the teacher. In the poem, the teacher in “A Teacher by Example” depicts the teacher by birth to the extent the student can emulate him. This is one of the messages the poem communicates with society.

The theme of punctuality

One of the qualities of a good teacher is punctuality. The students should be able to emulate a teacher through punctuality. This poem teaches a society’s values. This exposes that the students learn punctuality voluntarily from the punctual teacher. However, if the teacher always comes late to school the students will emulate lateness.

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The theme of discipline

Discipline cannot be divorced when things are put in place. The discipline will impress the students to be disciplined. The poem teaches that students will willingly copy discipline from the disciplined teacher. No student will learn discipline from any indiscipline teacher.

The theme of culture

Reading culture is lost among our students nowadays, but if teachers can portray it, the students will copy the tradition. The poem “A Teacher by Example” is a poem that exposes the reality to all teachers to inculcate the habit of reading culture so that students can read.

The theme of comportment

Comportment is one of the good virtues students can learn from their teachers. The poem is an advocate for teachers to dress neatly and corporately so that the students can dress neatly and corporately. The poem says that students emulate all that we do.

The theme of mentorship

Mentorship is a good virtue. If you as a teacher teach students how to love and respect ct students, teachers, and parents, such a teacher is a good mentor. The poem further explains the reason why the teacher should show love and respect for others. The students emulate the virtue.

The theme of Impartment

The teacher has to be good at his or her subject so that the students will have a reason to become a teacher in the future. The poem sings a song of impartment from which a student likes him. That is, such a student would like to be a teacher who will impart knowledge in the future because a teacher has become his knowledge.

Language and poetic devices

Stanzas and lines

The poem has seven stanzas. Each stanza has four rhyming lines. That is, each stanza is a quatrain.

Rhymes and rhyming schemes

The poem is interlocking but has a corresponding ending. The rhyming schemes are Stanza 1: aabc, stanza 2: abbc, stanza 3: abc, ABCnza 4: aabc, stanza 5: abbc, stanza 6: abac, stanza 7: abcd

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The poet loves his teacher for the job well done. Their affection for their teacher cannot be overemphasized. The admiration calls for this poet.


The poem is rhythmic because has a meter. It has a metrical flow of sounds because of the arrangement of the stressed and unstressed syllables.


The poet praises his teacher and his work. The poet confirms that his teacher is worthy to be praised.

Figures of speech


The poet makes use of metaphor, comparing two things without the use of comparative words. Such words are: “This is my teacher” (line 1), “This is my model” (line 5), “This is my mirror” (line 9), “This is my intellectual” (line 13), “This is my copy” (line 17), “This is my mentor” (line 21), “This is my knowledge” (line 25)


The poet makes use of repetitions to emphasize the messages. Such repetitions are: “This my…” throughout the beginning of each stanza. “I like him for…” from the second stanza throughout the last stanza. “He himself…”e in the second stanza throughout the last stanza.


The general figure of the poem is apostrophe as the reader is addressing his teacher as if he were present or hearing what he is saying.

Word List and Meanings

Impartment: To impart knowledge

Comportment: Manner of acting or behavior

Practice Questions

1. Mention five of what the teacher in the poem is.

2. Write five things pupils should learn from the teacher.

3. Discuss how the poem is a quatrain.

4. Write a four-line poem on ‘leadership by example’.

5. How many stanzas does the poem have?

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