A Poem on Mystery: Life Mystery by Deola Adelakun


Life Mystery

Life is not often a bed of roses

It has ups and downs


Today is hopeful; tomorrow is gloomy

Today is Christmas; tomorrow is burial


Cheerful today; sad tomorrow

Journey of mixture of full joy and cry


Naming ceremony today; mourning tomorrow

Laughter today; frowns tomorrow


Life, a threat of impending evils

Sound health today; coma tomorrow


Life mystery that nobody can fathom

A friend of today that is no more tomorrow!

If you have today; you may not have tomorrow.

Briefs of the Poem

The poet describes life as something like a sword that has two sides: good and bad.

Life in which there may be hope today but hopeless tomorrow; cheerfulness today but sadness tomorrow; laughter today but frown tomorrow.

Life is a mystery that no one can understand. The poet advises that all should be careful because if you have today, someone else will have tomorrow.

Word List and Meanings

Gloomy: Sad and hopeless

Impending: An unpleasant event that is going to happen very soon

Threat: The possibility of trouble, danger, or disaster

Coma: Lack of energy

Fathom: Understand

Practice Questions

1. Explain the central idea of the poem.

2. What is the rhyming line of the last stanza?

3. Write the rhyming scheme of the poem.

4. Discuss briefly the rhyming patterns of the poem.

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