Are You Thinking of Insurance? 10 Crucial Things You Need to Know


Depending on how you look at it, insurance will mean different things to two friends, the perception one has might not tally with the other.

All in all, just have it at the back of your mind we are referring to that cover needed to act as a shield to those things we hold in high esteem, am talking of items that remained close to our hearts.

We have seen people insure lives, and properties and even go as far as requesting for a 3rd party insurance, which will take care of any damages done to other peoples’ properties.

The most crucial of all these is, how well do you know about insurance if you are a first-timer? If you are not, how well are you maximizing the plans you took in time past? Were you treated fairly or you do seem shortchanged?

Whether a first-time or not, there are certain things you need to know before deciding on the next plan you intend to place a premium on. Carefully enumerated below are 10 crucial things you ought to know before thinking insurance about the over.



Are you jumping at it just because a friend, colleague, or family members member has just gone that way? Then, you will be getting yourself in unending trouble that might cost you a lot, in terms of finance and otherwise.

Ask yourself while alone, Am I truly ready to go for this policy? You need to know if you are capable of carrying a load you aren’t familiar with, talking of the plan you intend to undergo.

Don’t copy people that just signed up for it, have it at the back of your mind you guys might not be on the same pedestal. How can you try to take out a policy someone that deals in multi-million business just took out?

It will only pay you if you feel you are ready to shoulder what that fellow carries, as far that business is concerned.

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Plain Truth

You need to know that one thing that can readily mess things up for you when it’s time to cover any damages or loss is the true situation of facts on the ground.

If you decide to conceal certain facts while filling out the forms or you try to be smart by half, you are likely to lose out at the end of it all.

Know deep down that agreements are fully backed by laws governing the operations of the insurance business; any attempt at trying to cheat them can only be met with stiff punishment.

Not only that, you are likely to leak your wound, and you can be sued for nondisclosure of true pictures of your worth. Know now, that truth is needed to take an insurance policy


You will be doing yourself a whole lot of good if you do everything humanely possible to seek out what past customers of certain insurance firms hfirmave been saying or commenting about services offered in the recent past.

Your discretion will now come to play thereafter, I don’t expect you to still go ahead and commit a huge premium on a firm that mistreated its customers, you should know that insurance firm that failed to pay indemnity when that time comes.

Testimonies of such are supposed to guide your action as far as your plan is concerned. Go online and know what people suffered or gained from the firm you are eyeing to cover certain areas you felt needed appropriate cover

Financial Strength

Try all you could to know your financial strength before you decide to pick an insurance firm that will act as cover for those things you so cherish.

You wouldn’t want to insure your life and that of the whole family with an insurance company that will find it hard to pay up when nature calls or when we answer that call to return to where we all came from.

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I am sure you wouldn’t want a situation where cock and bull stories will now be told to families demanding appropriate indemnity, subject to the agreement reached.

Unknown Charges

Another crucial avenue that needed to be cleared is in the area of charges that weren’t laid open at the time forms and other documents are being signed. Are you truly thinking about ing insurance?

This is one thing you need to demand, let them explain in detail all charges that needed to be attended to instead of laying them bare when it’s time to cover damages, thereby, limiting customers’ chances of enjoying total indemnity, not part cover. Be smart about this and avoid being ripped off.

Deep Research

You need to know deeply about the firm you are about to sink your sweat don’t just be cajoled by beautiful structures and well-dressed staff.

Take your time and get to understand who they are, what they stood for, and how they can help cover everything you need to be insured. As I earlier posited, go online and get facts that can help convince beyond doubt that they are all out for real

Expert Angle

You need to also know what insurance experts are saying about that particular insurance firm you intend to contract business with, don’t ever rush into signing agreements that might come to hunt you when help is most needed.

These guys are into the system, they should be able to tell the plan to take, likely charges to expect so you won’t be ripped off unnecessarily, and other little things connected to the such cover.

Surely, you will have the last laugh once you get to meet these experts first before taking that giant leap

Nature of Service

If you are thinking insurance, the nature of service ought to also be given priority, go for a cover that will best fit that asset you cherish, and don’t ever make that mistake of taking a cover that would have been best fit on marine for vehicles, does it not sound funny to your hearing?

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This is one area insurance experts would also be found handy; they should be able to guide one aright. Some firms are so eager to bring in funds; they cared less if what you are insuring is done right or not.

All they want is for their capital base to continually swell, getting fatter into that state they always wanted. Some are even so eager to make enough money just to quickly bring up another branch in other areas of town.


If you want to get the best out of that insuracoverageover you just took, do all things necessary and get to read reviews about the insuring house, you will get to know if the firm is the real deal or not.

Took every semblance to a vital point I earlier touched, you would have scaled a very big hurdle if you take the pain to get a concise view of the firm.

You can easily find these at the tail end when these firms are being advertised online. You can as well type into Google and be sure of getting honest views.

No sensible firms would want bad reviews, the main reason why some of them would treat customers fairly.

The onus now lies on you to do business with such insurers, not those that are only interested in the monies they will rake in

Shareholder’s Meetings

People must have bought the shares of this firm; you need to know how strong its shareholder’s voice is in shareholders’ sunning the firm. These people’s opinions tend to make these insurance firms to doing the right things, not all out to siphon people

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