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It is our pleasure to introduce you to our business model. The business is established by a Certified Fashion Designer and Training stylist Expert: Ayobami Adelakun.

Our vision and vision lie in delivering the styles that speak your minds and implementing other business relationships that will make our clients/customers look fit and elegant. Our scope of services in Ayoade Stitches and Fashion Home is widely structured for future purposes. At the moment, we render the following services:

Stitching and Finishing

Seam finishes are a very important part of the sewing process. They make the inside of your garment or project look just as neat and clean and professional as the outside, and it prevents the fabric from fraying and creating a mess. There are many, many different finishes you can choose from us. Contact us today to discuss it.


In clothing, a style is made for a particular customer or a particular group of customers to suit a purpose or a situation. What occasion do you want us to make styles for you? Is it a wedding gown, bride gown, etc. suitable styles for the coronation, naming, burials, or others, we are confident to deliver the styles that speak your mind. Just contact us today and tell us how you want it.

Presentation of Finished Products

One of our services is to make sure that we satisfy our clients and customers no matter the tight work schedules. We also secure jobs and deliver the products on invitations. You can invite us wherever you want us to meet and take your measurements and then have a wonderful business relationship with you. We also deliver the finished products to you wherever you are. Contact us today to discuss it.

Contract Arrangements

One of our wonderful services is ‘Contract Arrangements’. Individuals, groups, and institutions of any kind can invite us to discuss a contract. We can come to schools, companies, churches, and other institutions to discuss how we can make your occasion beautiful through sewing and making befitting and elegant styles and delivering them in time. Patronize us today through our contacts. Just tell us how you want it. We deliver the styles that speak your minds.

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Wedding Dresses

A wedding dress or bridal gown is the dress worn by the bride during a wedding ceremony. The color, style, and ceremonial importance of the gown can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. We sew and make different elegant wedding gowns for brides, chief bride maid, confetti ladies, and ladies in wardrobe. Just tell us how you want it. We deliver the styles that speak your minds.

Training School

As an expert on the job, we train people to be the best in fashion and stylists. We train those who do not have experience at all and those who want to upgrade to modern styles. Our competitive edge is that we provide the learning materials that will be useful to the learners. Decide today and contact us to learn new things and ideas. Take your fashion styles to the next level.

Sales of Fashion Materials

Ayoade Stitches and Fashion Home has now been on the sale of all kinds of Fashion Materials for Wholesalers, Retailers, and Individuals. Do you need sewing threads, sewing accessories, such as different kinds of lining, zips, stones, bridal satins, Aviva, etc. sewing pattern design tools, sewing making tools, sewing cutting tools, pattern making boards, tape measures and rules, garment labels, and many more. Contact us today and get your own at cheaper rates.


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CEO: Ayobami Adelakun

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