The Better Way to Sustain Good Relationships


Many studies have shown that the beauty of healthy relationships is to increase happiness, improve health, and reduce stress. That is, people with healthy relationships have more happiness and less stress.

The types of relationships we discussed below cover different scopes such as family relationships: friendships, work relationships, romantic partnerships, love relationships, etc.

Flexibility and adaptability


Every human being wants someone flexible to be associated with. A rigid person always loses friends.

The person who wants to maintain a good relationship with other people should be the one who can easily change. He or she should be the one who can appreciate changes.

Changes are natural things difficult for people to adapt to, but they should understand the reason why it is necessary to adapt. Healthy relationships should allow for change and growth at all times.


Communication is very active in maintaining a mutual relationship. Try to always talk to each other or enter into a fresh communication. The essentials of communication have a long way to go in a healthy relationship.

If you create time for each other, that is you are there always for each other, listening genuinely, asking questions, and sharing information, you will sustain a relationship.

To further maintain a relationship, try to always show interests, experiences, opinions, feelings, actions, etc. to each other. Sharing information helps relationships.


Everyone wants a person he or she can depend on. Dependability maintains and sustains healthy relationships. Be someone that other people can rely on or depend on.

If your wife cannot depend on you your husband cannot depend on you; your boss cannot depend on you; your pastor cannot depend on you; your parents cannot depend on you or nobody can depend on you. Who else again are you maintaining relationships with?

Acceptability of reality

The relationship begins with closeness. The person you want to begin a relationship with is someone who may have a habit or a character different from yours.

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Relationships continue if you can accept him with normal character or habit and endure with his or her character. If we can tolerate one another in our society, relationships, and love will emerge. Let us tolerate ourselves!

 Endurance and perseverance

A last-long relationship must understand endurance and perseverance. Endurance is the ability to endure while perseverance is continuing in a course of action without regard to discouragement, opposition, or previous failure.

No relationships are free from conflict. It means that you will have some disagreements in your relationships about one issue or the others.

The way we handle the issue or issues of the conflict matters. The first thing to do is to think deeply before you talk. You have to cool your emotions before you react. If you control your emotions, the conversation will be more productive.

Positive feelings

Feel good with everybody. A relationship that will last longer comes from positive minds. In your language, use an “I” statement and share how you feel but do not put blame on anybody.

For example, I am the only person thinking about you always or I am the only one who cares about our relationship.

Try to keep your language clear and specific and factually describe the behavior that you are confused with. Tell the problem you are expected to attack to sustain relationships.

Mistake Acceptability

No relationship without disagreement no matter how small it is. When there is any disagreement, learn to accept your mistakes and apologize for your wrongdoings. This will go a long way to hold up relationships again.

Always focus on the current issue and avoid using “always” and “never” language.  Address one issue at a time. Recognize where the problems are and get them solved without delay.


Honesty is the act of being honest. To be honest, is to be sincere. If you want to keep your relationship with other people, try to speak honestly, act honestly, and live honestly.

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Your spouse, your friends, and your bosses will love you if you are an honest person. People will begin to escape those who are not honest. Honesty keeps relationships going.

Strong affection

Strong affection keeps the relationships. Even if it seems that your relationship will almost die, a strong preference propels you to sustain it again.

Try to be affirming.  Gottman stated that happy couples have a ratio of 5 positive interactions or feelings for every 1 negative interaction or feeling.  Anytime you express warm affection, you are trying to keep the relationship healthy.

Balance life

The cordial relationship you sustain with other people shows that you have a balanced life because other people help make your life satisfying though they cannot meet every need.

What you need to do is to find what interests you and get involved. Healthy relationships have room for outside activities. Keep a balanced life for everyone. Relate with everyone. Play with everyone because you will need them one day.

Mutual respect

A relationship lasts when you have mutual respect for one another. The relationship is what must matter to you.

There are certain people you must show your relationship with through respect and honor: your family members and your church members because you will need them later whether you like it or not.

If you don’t have a mutual relationship with people now, you will have a forceful relationship with them when you need them later. No one can live in isolation.  A healthy relationship is mutual; Keep it!

Gift exchange

This is very important in the family relationship between husband and wife. To sustain a romantic relationship, you need to find the gifts your spouse needs and buy them for him or her.

You cannot expect to get what you want 100% in a relationship. If you try to get it, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

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If you want to make healthy relationships with your wife, husband, boss, or religious member, try to give gifts occasionally to show love.


Relationships that are laid on the foundation of trust cannot collapse. If the trust is eroded, the relationships are sick. In a family, you must not put your wife under family bondage and your husband under bondage of lack of trust.

Feel free to relate with people because it has benefits. Also, let everyone trust you to befriend you. Can your partner trust you?

Do people trust that you will meet their needs? Relationships are based on trust. Let people trust you!


A healthy relationship is a process. It is mature with time. It is like the love between wife and husband. Just start a relationship with someone you feel will be useful for you today and keep it going.

No one achieves this in isolation. Someone helps someone to get to the level of success and you have to know the person. That is why healthy relationships can be learned and practiced and keep getting better.

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