Duty Differences between Vice-Principal (Administration) and Vice-Principal (Academics)


It has been a while since the differences between Vice-Principal (Administration) and Vice-Principal (Academics) have become discussed. Many people cannot distinguish their roles, duties, and responsibilities. This article will try to explain clearly the differences between The Vice-Principal (Administration) and The Vice-Principal (academics).


Managing resources

In the school administration and efficient management of resources, Vice-Principal Administration will not be left out. He or she will be a key member of the senior management team of the school and will be responsible for supporting the education outcomes and learning experience of students.

Leading the administrative members to achieve

The Vice-Principal (Administration) will lead the team of Executive and Administrative staff to uphold excellent services in the school and equally work in close collaboration with the teaching staff to achieve the desired school and educational objectives/outcomes.

Planning and implementing school strategy

The Vice-Principal (Administration) is responsible for developing the school’s strategic goals and plans and for driving continuous improvement.

Not only this, he /she is responsible for building collaborative partnerships and active engagement with key stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Working as a school administration and management of resources

As a Vice-Principal (Administration), you will oversee finance, procurement, HR, inventory, and student-related administration and operations to ensure compliance with relevant policies/guidelines and procedures and alignment with the school’s strategic plan.

He/she will be responsible for allocating and managing resources effectively and efficiently to achieve the school objective /goals.

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Leading and managing people

A sound Vice-Principal (Administration) will be responsible for leading and motivating the school administrative team by promoting a culture of excellent service and growth.

He/she will ensure the effective management of administrative and operations matters by conducting effective performance management and feedback.

Managing school facility and security

In terms of facility management and operations, and best practices to ensure a safe and conductive learning environment, it is the responsibility of a good Vice-Principal (Administration) to oversee them.

He/she will ensure that appropriate security procedures and measures are in place/ready for implementation when required.

 Leading non-teaching staff and taking care of students

The Vice-Principal (Administration) leads non-teaching staff such as executive and administrative staff to provide administration and daily support.

Another major responsibility of a Vice-Principal (Administration) is to take care of student affairs and plan for student placement, scholarship matters, recruitment and placement of students as well as administration of student programs.

Providing good communication, publicity, and public relations

The Vice-Principal (Administration)is responsible for establishing knowledge management structures and systems and implementing physical and technological infrastructure upgrading works.

He/she is responsible for overseeing matters in the areas of human resources, finance, estate, logistics, and general administration, providing good communication, publicity, and management of public feedback and strategically planning and managing resources of the school.

Ensuring performance management and assessment

The Vice-Principal (Academics)  ensures that the heads of administrative units submit periodic reports on administrative staff and appraising periodically all heads of units reporting to him/her.

The Vice-Principal (Academics) appraises, collates, and submits to the principal the budgetary needs of the school for each term and session.

The Vice-Principal (Academics) ensures that all non-academic staff complies with stipulated rules and regulations of the school and monitors the supply and utilization of all materials required for the day-to-day running of the school.

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Supervising academic affairs

The Vice-Principal (Academics) is saddled with the responsibility of supervising and overseeing all academic affairs of the school. The person will serve in a leadership capacity and report to the Principal.  He/she is also responsible for coordinating all the academic duties relating to academic matters of the school.

Leading academic profession

The Vice-Principal (Academics) will assist the principal in the overall supervision of the teaching and non-teaching staff as well as students concerning the daily movement of staff, regular attendance, and punctuality at school and in classes.

The Vice-Principal (Academics) is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the neatness of the entire school and respective offices and classrooms from time to time.

The Vice-Principal will see to the school’s co-curricular activities throughout the school and ensure that all members of staff play active roles in this important aspect of school life. He/she is responsible for all academic matters that can affect staff and students.

Managing teaching resources

The Vice-Principal does regular and formal classroom visits and ensures that stipulated examination syllabus and curricula are available and fully implemented.

He/she ensures that supervisors and Heads of Departments submit periodic reports on educators in their respective departments.
He/she draws up daily or weekly duty roasters for teachers and prefects and ensures that they carry out their duties effectively every week.

Overseeing academic activities

The Vice-Principal (Academics) is responsible for teaching a minimum of four periods per week and maintaining time and movement books for all staff.

He/she ensures that all materials required for the smooth operation of curricular and co-curricular activities are made available and utilized appropriately.

Managing communication and sustaining relationship

The Vice-Principal is responsible for ensuring that constructive working relationships are formed between staff and pupils and for coordinating marketing and admissions activities in the school, ensuring an improvement in enrollment into the school.

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He/she is responsible for providing feedback to the principal as required on the Performance Management of Administrative staff at the school.

He/she is responsible for performing any other duties that may be assigned to him by the Principal and providing a monthly reports to the principal on key responsibility areas.

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