How Digital Skills Can End Poverty in 2022


It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise if you hear or read somewhere that 8 out of 10 millionaires made their fortune online, it is for real and not just a fable.

Gone are those days when you need to rush out of bed, prepare for work and resume by 9 till around 5 pm down, how sweet will it be being in the comfort of your bedroom and making 10 times what your regular 9-5 job is giving? You might want to consider it, it deserves a huge thought.

Learning and profiting from digital skills will go a long way in determining your person; it will bring out the real you, making you comfortable along the line.

I noticed something in my students, the smart ones that availed themselves of the opportunity of learning some of these skills tend to perform better in class, which means these sets of online kinds of stuff have a way of broadening knowledge and making you a far smarter fellow than contemporaries.

Always have it at the back of your mind that digital skills have every tendency to push lack, deprivation & nothingness out of your life if you decide to welcome it, which means it’s a poverty eradicator. Here are some skills that you will find helpful, they will benefit you

Website Designing


Name it, the churches, mosques, offices, organizations, groups, and, so on now yearn for personal websites, they have all come to realize the viability of owning a platform that can easily showcase what they offer.

People are now more determined to portray their true selves to members of the public, far and near. Such will bring such body more visibility which can transform to financial gains in most cases, I doubt if any group wouldn’t want such for themselves.

Juxtapose all I highlighted above to what the result will be if any fellow decided to learn such skill, getting jobs from all over the world.

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The person’s financial fortune will no doubt change overnight and most probably drop his normal day job.

If you truly want to send poverty packing, why not learn this digital skill and improve everything about yourself?

Expert Repairer

I was astonished when a young man told me his story to stardom; it’s worth listening to over and over. No matter how bad your system is, Fred will fix it in no time.

He gets jobs from virtually everywhere; his good job has sold him out to many potential customers, seeking help for faulty systems.

He told me how he fell in love with systems when he saw a local repairer working on a faulty desktop computer. He enrolled and learned as an apprentice for a year. He didn’t stop there, according to him

“I wanted to know more, I wasn’t satisfied with the little knowledge I got as an apprentice, and the majority of what I know today comes from YouTube.

I went online and did a comprehensive training, am better for it today, I doubt it if I will ever make one-tenth of what am making today if am working in a normal office setting”

Is this not a clear testimony that there is a fortune waiting for all, once the digital skill is imbibed?

Online Tutor

Teaching students and another cadre of the public is now easier, all thanks to online tutorials, a new feat that has taken the world by storm. This is one digital skill that has come to stay; it will be with us for a long time to come.

Smart people are now using such platforms to further advance what they have on offer, using what they know to generate passive income for themselves.

Not only normal school teachings but there is also a lot you can teach people and make something in the process.

A cousin now teaches people from far and wide how to easily make beads, design, and turn them into several shapes. She learned it online about a year ago; she is doing very well at the moment

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I liked it when I first listened to the program, it showed the world is in for a wonderful innovation.

We are used to knowing that couples can only see Professional Counselors physically to resolve matters revolving around their marriages, did you know there are now professional Counselors that can be consulted online and get issues fixed, no matter how serious.

My research later showed it’s now pretty easy gaining such skill, it’s all about going online and getting to know how to go about it. This is another digital skill that is yet to be fully exploited

Sporting Activities

Many people around the world are more than willing to pay to be taught new techniques, styles, and ways of engaging in sporting activities.

Let’s mirror it down to exercising, you now see online coaches that are well versed in teaching routine workout skills, such trainers stand a good chance of making good money as their clients are scattered all over the world.

All you need is a good appliance, just get connected to a reliable internet connection and you are on the right track

Your clients will be watching you live as you teach them new styles to exercise their bodies, once you do it right, be sure of getting more students in a short time.

Magazines, Tabloids

Once you have a flair for writing, or you are well versed in the writing profession, then, you have ready money waiting for you to grab.

Use such knowledge to further propagate your skill so it can benefit you. Online writing is one digital skill that has come to stay, so shall it be for donkey years to come.

So many international magazines, tabloids, online news platforms, and so on now place adverts regularly looking for competent writers to join their team.

You can be in the comfort of your living room in Africa and work remotely as a freelance writer for a magazine based in Australia, Europe, Asia, or the US. All thanks to our coming to embrace digital skills as part of our lives

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