How He Paid the Price: The Story of My Life


Godwin was about twenty-three years old. He lived with one of his brother’s friends called Uncle Michael. Uncle Michael was a rich and everything was rosy for the man in the city of Mayewa. He was happily married and blessed with children. The name of uncle Michael’s wife was Ada. Ada had a sister whose name was Amaka.


Godwin and Amaka loved each other without the consent of their brother and sister. They were living Romeo and Juliet life. Godwin had just finished his tertiary institution and proceeded to NYSC program. He was transferred to the northern part of the country. Before he left, Amaka noticed she was pregnant. Calling a spade a spade, she told Godwin about the pregnancy. Godwin was very happy and said that the baby should be born because he really loved her but Amaka insisted on terminating the pregnancy because she just gained admission into a university.


God win left for his youth service in the north the following day. Since Godwin had left, he did not bother to look for Amaka again because he had met another lady who was a Jewel for him. Her name was Ijeoma. Ijeoma was a rich and pampered lady. Godwin married her because he was attracted to money and the job she secured for him after he had finished his youth Service Corps.


Godwin and Ijeoma had been married for two years without a child. As all eyes were on them, Ijeoma was disturbed by her useless mother to give her a grandchild. She said, ‘I want to see my grandchild.’ Ijeoma was called on the carpet by her mother and persuaded her to have love affair with another man; maybe she could have a child in the process.


One day, Godwin was on his way to Abuja for a business meeting, but unfortunately the weather was not good. He then decided to go back home to prepare for the next day. When he got home, he knocked at the door but it was locked. He forced the door and entered the house. To his surprise, he met his wife and one of his employees inside the room naked. With anger, he beat up his wife and the employees.

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Ijeoma went to her father’s house and told all that happened in the house to her mother. Her mother was annoyed to hear that she was beaten by Godwin. Ijeoma and her mother fought Godwin and he was eventually sacked by his boss when he heard what Godwin did to his wife. At the end of his rope, Godwin went back home to search for another job. One of his friends got a job for him in the city. He was very happy. His friend even told him that the Managing Director of the company wanted to meet him because he had good credentials.


The next day, Godwin woke up very early for the interview. He was lucky to get there on time. In astonishment, the Managing Director of the company was his ex-lover, Amaka. They were both shocked to see each other after six years they had departed. Amaka was surprised because they didn’t know she would still meet her love again. After checking by jowl, she then narrated her life journey and how she had suffered a lot and she met a helper after their separation.


Amaka told Godwin that when he left for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), she got cold feet and tried to terminate the pregnancy when she got to school to no avail. So, she decided to leave the child. After the baby was born, she decided to throw the baby away so that she would be able to finish her education. She said further that one of her neighbours saw her and ran back home to call her sister to come and see what she had done.


Adding insult to injury, she said that she threw the baby on a refuse dump and she quickly ran back so that people wouldn’t notice her as the owner of the child. As she wanted to leave the place, her sister, her sister’s husband and her friend met her there. She said she was afraid to tell her sister and her husband the truth.

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When health workers arrived there, she said she was aware that a baby was dropped on the refuse. She said she would take the baby to the motherless home. Amaka was happy within her but she couldn’t express it openly. She said that her sister stopped the health worker to bring the baby saying that she was the mother of the child.


When they got home, she asked if she was the mother of the child but she didn’t response to the question. Uncle Michael told her and her sister before the health workers that she couldn’t take care of her and the bastard child she carried. He then sent her and her child out of the house. Amaka’s sister pleaded with him but he turned deaf ears to his wife’s plea. The health worker then asked if she could stay with her in her house. She had no alternative rather than to follow her. Since then, she took her as her own child. She was the one who took care of her and the child till today. She also helped her to become whom she was today.


After Amaka’s life story was told, Godwin begged for forgiveness from her and he said he still loved her so much. He told Amaka that he looked for her after his service but he couldn’t find her. This made him go back. Godwin asked Amaka whether she was married. Amaka said she was married but she was a widow.


Godwin felt sorry and he asked if she could still marry him and Amaka said that she was still interested in him. Godwin asked of his son. Amaka replied that he was very ill and he was in the hospital.


Godwin left immediately for the hospital and saw his child seriously ill. The doctor said that he had a kidney disease and he needed a kidney donor. Godwin consented to donate one of his kidneys to his child. The doctor carried out some tests and the showed that Godwin could not donate his kidney for that transplant because he had an internal problem. He insisted that he would donate for the sake of love he had for the mother of the child. The surgery was carried out and OreOluwa was safe while Godwin was in state of coma in the hospital. He loved Amaka when they were together and when they were not. Some hours later, he died. For the situation, all and sundry were bleeding hearts.

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As blood is thicker than water, Amaka wept bitterly and she promised that she would take care of OreOluwa and help him to be a successful person in life.

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