How I learned about Thought and Mind


Human beings are made up of a body, a soul, and a spirit. These three parts play vital roles in various aspects of our lives. Our soul plays a very significant role. In your soul, you have the mind, the will, and your emotions.

Thinking of Your Thought

Our thought process determines how high or low we fly. Achieving extraordinary performance in your academics requires you to condition your mind to be in the right place.

Your emotion takes care of your feelings; your will takes care of your memory and imagination and your mind takes care of your thinking process. However, the state of your mind will be the state of your life.

If you think you can do anything, then you can but if you think you cannot do it, then you will not be able to. Our mind propels us to success or failure. Many of us have become victims of bad thoughts.

Even if they possess the ability to perform extremely well in their day-to-day activities, they still fail. Why? This is mostly because they do not see themselves performing well.

Logicality of Your Thought

Logically, whatever the dominant thought pattern of your mind is will be the dominant occurrence in your life.

It is very true that as a person thinks, so he/she is. There are positive and negative thoughts. Positive thoughts bring positive occurrences while negative thoughts bring negative occurrences.

For example, when a student thinks that no matter how hard he/she studies, he/she cannot pass, then he/she most certainly will not pass, not because he/she has not studied well but because you have not conditioned your mind to do well.

Maybe you do not even see yourself doing well. The condition of your mind will be evident in your life.

The Action of Your Thought

All of us act in direct proportion to the condition of our minds. If you think you will succeed and you put in the right effort, then you will succeed.

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If you think you will not succeed, even if you put in the right effort, you might not succeed. The reason is that the condition of your mind will affect your confidence and your confidence will affect the choice you make.

This singular factor will mostly determine what results you get in your studies. This is why every student must watch what he or she allows into his/her mind. It is garbage in, garbage out.

Whatever you allow into your mind is what will determine the actions that you take.

Also, you have to ensure that you choose your friends carefully, the kind of movies you watch and the kind of books, magazines or novels you read. All these will play very important roles in the way we ultimately think and act.

Eye-opening to All Students

When you constantly feed yourself with positive thoughts, you are bound to act in positive ways. The condition of your mind will affect the state of your academics.

It will determine if you will be among the bright students or the dull ones because your performance academically is directly tied to the condition of your mind. You can do whatever you believe you can do.

You cannot succeed if you do not believe you can succeed. Whatever your mind can conceive, then you can bring it to pass. At whatever age, you can do extraordinarily positive things.

Do you believe you can score As? Do you see yourself getting such scores? Your mind is the gateway to your life.

Whatever the things you open the door of your mind will determine what will keep occurring to you.

You can accomplish whatever any other person can do, even better. The most important thing is the condition of your mind.

A Lesson from an Eaglet

As months rolled by, though the eaglet had different features from the chicks, they assumed they were the same.

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After a while, whenever the eaglet and the chicks saw an eagle in the sky, they would hide and watch with amazement what a creature the eagle was.

One day, the eaglet asked the mother hen why it was possible for the eagle to fly in the air and they could not.

The mother chicken told the eaglet that the eagle had the composition to fly but they (the hen) did not.

The mother chicken told the eaglet never to attempt flying in the sky like the eagle because it was not possible.

Even though the eaglet had all the characteristics of an eagle, the condition of its mind by the mother hen prevented it from doing what it could do. What are you being prevented from achieving?

Someone has probably told you that you can’t excel in that business or career or subject. Do not listen to negative comments.

Never allow anyone to determine what you can. You are the only one that can determine to what extent your performance can reach.

I believe that right now you may be performing lower than your ability. Just believe that no matter the grades you are getting presently, you can do better.

Willingness to Make It Possible

Anything will remain impossible until someone is willing to make it possible.

I have spoken to several students and professionals who told me that they were told by their family members that no one in the family ever succeeds academically or in any business they do and no one in their family could excel.

I found out that this has affected some people. Many people feel they can get something out of nothing. They feel they do not have to sow, yet they want to reap.

You must understand that just as you lay on your bed, so you will lie on it. Your family members might not have put in much effort may be willingness is not there.

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Sometimes, we feel that other people can’t achieve or accomplish the things we had failed to achieve or accomplish.

Nothing in this world is impossible for anyone who has conditioned his or her mind to make it possible.

The solution to the Issues

The solution to overcoming this is to ensure that your mind is being conditioned positively. You have to always tell yourself that you will excel, no matter what, and in a legitimate way.

That is the kind of thought you should allow into your mind. You need to understand that no one can help you more than yourself.

Helping yourself starts with conditioning your mind positively. The condition of your mind is what will affect your performance.

Do not be like that conditioned dog that was free to pursue the food put at a distance away from it, yet could not.

The dog had been conditioned by pain and it allowed the pain to form its reality and make what was possible seem impossible

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