How Latest Technology Has Improved Education


We all know that the education system in Nigeria in the ancient time is poor which does not allow many people to learn easily. But nowadays, technology has helped a lot of people to learn easily by making the topic online content and it makes it easier for parents to guide their children. Apart from these, there are top ways in which the latest technology has improved education so far. The ways will be discussed below.

Technology gives room for wider learning.


Technology has improved education so far because it gives room for learning in a wider range. We are in the technological era where people crave the use of technology in all aspects of their lives. Students are therefore motivated to learn more online without having to use textbooks or manual handouts. The students can learn more than expected on a topic given to them through the use of their handphones, laptops, or learning tablets. By this, this country breeds highly intelligent children. Technology has helped education through online classes. People from different locations also leave the ability to have such online classes which has made learning easier.

Technology improves research.

Technology has made education improve research. Many people can research any topic they want to search for. The use of Search engines such as Google, online dictionaries, and learning resources on the Internet makes it easier for students to search for more on a particular topic. There are research topics in Google that search easier and faster for researchers. This has changed the way we study drastically.

Technology encourages learning creativity and innovation.

Technology has made learners create videos or materials on particular topics which can help to teach students more on the topic. It also helps a lot of people to create school websites or blogs in different parts of the world, helping students to gain additional information or knowledge on a particular subject. For example, what we mean is that students may be in Nigeria while the teacher may be located in another country while learning will be going on.

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Technology encourages the creation of online classes.

Technology has also made the education system improved through the creation of modern schooling facilities used in schools to make learning easier and faster. It also helps to improve the chat room for students to talk to one another on different topics. The students mostly enjoy online classes through the model of delivery which call for engaging students in interactive sessions.

Technology reduces examination malpractices.

Technology has helped to reduce examination malpractice that has been rampant in our society these days. Certain technological equipment such as CCTV cameras has made examination malpractice reduce in different examination centers.  CCTV is the technological equipment that exposes the activities of any person whether good or bad. It scans and analyzes and gives results.

Technology speeds up result release.

Technology has improved education by making it easier for students to access their results quickly. Twenty years ago, The West African Examinations will take at least six months before results are released. Also, National Examinations and Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations stay long before the results are released. These days, the results of those examinations are not more than two or three months. Even the UTME takes not more than two weeks for the results to be released. Without technology, there will be delays in results. This is because the UTME is now done by CBT (Computer Based Test) and the marking will be done immediately and collation will be done within two or three. In that case, the results will be released for students to check. Another area of the usefulness of technology is that you can be in your comfort zone at home and check your results or through the Cybercafé. It makes it easier to access it through your phone. This can also improve education so far.

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Technology improves communication.

Technology has improved education by making it easier to communicate with each other. Nowadays, if you have any questions or any problems and you are not in school, you can chat with the lecturers easily through WhatsApp or SMS, or other means of communication. This approach has reduced time-consuming and untimely deaths apart from they are easier and faster ways of communication.

Technology soothes tedious jobs.

Technology has improved education so far by making it easier to access the computer. For example, it is now compulsory for all schools to have a computer laboratory which will make things easier for the schools. In the olden days, computers are minimal, works are tedious and difficult. The reason is that it has a limit on what the manual can do and where the manual can go. However, these days, the computer system has solved the problems of typing, using it for staff management, storing data of the schools forever, and making the program of the school in order.

Technology makes assignments and classwork easier.

Technology has helped education so far by making it easier to do assignments on the Internet. It also makes learning faster and easier. There is much technological advancement such as short video clips, learning movies, pictures, etc. These equipment items have helped in no measure to make learning fun, engaging, interactive and interesting.

Technology creates a conducive environment.

Technology has helped to create a conducive environment for teaching through the use of fans, air conditioners, electronic bells, electronic waste bins, etc. that push students to adapt even in an unfamiliar environment. Teachers now are less stressed and free of workload because classes are online-based and the use of lesson notes has been discarded through video conferencing, with which users do little subscriptions. Teachers and students can have a very effective and interactive class. Due to the presence of online classes, teachers can also earn more and be able to teach a wider class.

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Technology encourages better use of delivery equipment.

Recently, our normal black and white chalkboard has been replaced with a projector. Teachers do not need to write notes because they have now been replaced with computerized notes. This has reduced the workload of our teachers and helped to make teaching faster and easier. Pictures are displayed to reinforce learning. Through pictures also, teaching is more real than abstract.

The internet has helped to improve education.

Technology has improved education in the sense that every international school and learning institution are technology complaint. We can have access to a lot of information by just surfing the Internet unlike before when one goes around to get textbooks or to pay heavily to use the Internet in a Café. Things are now better and easier.


Technology has improved education so far in Nigeria and even in developed countries. The importance of technology makes the community and society a new place. Technology has changed the idea of education better. Make use of the advantages of technology around you to be better. Continue reading this article as the date that we should start online classes will be announced soon. Before the date, you can access the learning resources below.

Success in this 21st century lies in technology. Try to keep abreast of the latest technology to make yourself the heroes of this time.

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