How Love Languages Intimate Relationships


If we are to have a successful and lasting relationship we need to understand one another, especially the difference in male and female perceptions.

Almost everybody wants to show care for their partner, but not everyone does. Many people still struggle to do it in a way that speaks to their loved ones.

We will consider speaking, looking, smelling, understanding, timing, and understanding.

Listen to her voice


What wife could resist such an invitation?

“You are handsome, my beloved.”

Husbands love to be praised.

Men are attracted by what they SEE

They only have to see their wives understanding and they are ready to go!

Women are attracted by what they HEAR.

It is not only words of love that they need, but the tone of voice and body language are important. A gentle, loving, “See you tonight, darling,” delivered with a hug will work wonders.

She will get the message and she will be ready. Both partners need words of admiration, approbation, and res, pet. You will do well to cultivate such an attitude and vocabulary.

Most of us did not learn in our parents’ homes to earn the language of love! I recommended that you read the Song of Song in the bible together aloud.

Conversely, a habit of brusque, critical language will derive anyone away. Who wants to make love to a nagging wife or a surly unhelpful husband?

“Shared covenant love is crucial for curing loneliness. The language of love ends all hostile and divisive communication, for it speaks out of a shared life and magnifies oneness” (Jack Hayford: The  Spirit-Filled Life Bible).


We are longer our own. We owe it to our lover to be attractive. We looked stunning on our Wedding Day. It took a lot of effort! Let us keep it up. To be overweight and unkempt is not our portion.

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Thank God, there is plenty of help available. We have no excuse to be unattractive. We are sons and daughters of the Highest God. If we love our bodies, we have to maintain and nourish them.

Affirmative words

There is a saying that “Actions speak more than words” There are words that you can use to appreciate your spouse. You know words are everything, whether spoken or written.

You should that your words to your spouse speak volumes. It will be romantically good if you can speak the following phrases:

I love how you…

I am thankful for…

Your spouse or partner will appreciate compliments, heartfelt. This will be the goal to inform your partner how much they mean to you and how much you care.

  • Everything is better every time you are with me.
  • I appreciate it when you…
  • Without you, I find all difficult to do
  • It impressed me when you
  • You are an inspiration
  • Your support means so much to me”

Quality Time

There is nothing better than you have quality time with your partner. It is like a tonic for your partner. It is all about expressing your love and affection with undivided attention. These are ways to do it.

Try to make eye contact

This is the gateway to loving your partner and loving the person. Seek your partner’s full attention. When your partner is talking and you are busy scrolling your phone, you are getting distracted. Your partner will begin to think you don’t care for them.

Use active listening skills

Together with your partner, it is important to try the following:

  • Focus on what they are saying
  • Affirm what they are saying
  • Ask reasonable questions
  • Respond to their questions            

Set limits on Technology

There is what hurts quality time more than sharing something they feel is important. Before the advent of the phone, we live comfortably. Do away with all your phones and other gadgets when speaking about important issues.

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Avoid common mistakes

You have to work on the common mistakes that can make your relationship boring. Some of the mistakes may be derived from the following:

  • Don’t complain about the time you spend together.
  • Don’t forget to ask what your partner needs to feel loved.

Physical touch

You can show love to your partner through intimate touch. This can sustain a relationship and marriage for a very long time if you always practice it. The following are some things you can do.

  • Do kiss passionately.
  • Hold your hands swiftly.
  • Cuddle your partner when you are watching movies.
  • Do a skin-to-skin torching.
  • Rub your partner’s back.
  • Sit with your partner side-by-side
  • Do a tickling romantically

Gift giving

After your research, you discover that your partner likes gifts; you have to buy different gifts for her or him. The following may be the gifts your partner will like.

  • You can send flowers to your partner.
  • You can buy your favorite snacks or your partner
  • You can get a ticket for your partner to see her or his favorite musician or artist.
  • You can surprise your partner with a gift during his or her memorable days.


Deodorant is a wonderful thing! Perfumes and after-shaves abound. Gentlemen, your wife will not appreciate three days’ growth of beard. Ladies and gentlemen, neither of you will like bad breath. Be romantic and considerate! Prepare for love!


There is a well-known joke about lovemaking that says, “Women are like Jumbo Jets, they need a long runway. Men are like helicopters always ready to take off.

“It is humorous but very true. A wife will need much more preparation (foreplay) than her husband. But it is “Play” isn’t it? Godly play at that. So relax, learn what pleases, and enjoy!

Newly married couples need to understand the psychology of the opposite sex. It is something you should not be afraid to read about and discuss.

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Stick to Christian authors who will teach you the ways of godliness (recommended reading, The Act of Marriage by Tim LaHaye). Don’t be dismayed if reaching a mutual organism takes time.

Like anything else, “Practice makes perfection”. Husbands, understand and consider your wife’s menstrual cycle.

Timing and Atmosphere

Lovemaking is simply the apex of married communication. So if there is not much other interaction, lovemaking will suffer. It is a good practice to “put a hedge around your love.”

How do you do this? By taking time out together, couples should aim to have at least one romantic interlude each week; a candle-lit dinner or a special treat, just for the two of you. Ideally, you should take, say, three breaks away together each year.

This is how to nurture love: long walks, a mutual hobby, or playing games – activities that enanthate you to relax, talk and enjoy. When forethought and planning. It depends on what your priorities are. Lovemaking should be a celebration! Have a party for two! Put on the music! Perfume your bed! Enjoy!

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