Reimbursements: A Playlet That Changed My Thinking


This is the creative work, a play, that educates, teaches moral lessons, enlightens, entertains, and gives relaxation. It is the work that changes the thinking of people. The play is spellbinding and engaging. It is structured in acts and scenes. This the Part Two and you can start the play  Part One from here.

Act 2 Scene 3

Mrs. Adebayo is sitting on an armchair, watching “African Magic” with her children who just entered. They look excited. They were still fully engrossed in the thrilling sight of the actor until the light went off.

Mrs. Adebayo: Thank God the play is over at last. Now, you have time. How was school today?

Love: Fine… only that my teachers are too strict

Henry: Ha… I thought I was the only one. They don’t allow me to do what I like in school.

Mrs. Adebayo: What kind of teacher is that? Don’t they know that their major duty is to ensure student happiness? I am tired of that school; they are carrying their reputation too far.

Love: I was just painting my nails in the class and the teacher shouted at me for being disrespectful.

Mrs. Adebayo: I think you need another school where they allow child freedom. I don’t think this is the best school for you to write your external exam. The teachers don’t like you and I wonder if they will help you cheat to pass.

(Love and Henry sigh to themselves)

Mrs. Adebayo: When the time comes, I am going to give you more than enough money to buy exam papers, pay those who will help you write the exam, and even buy good results.

Love: (Jumps up and hugs her mother) Oh mummy thank you so much. Now I know that you truly love me very well.

Henry: What about me

Mrs. Adebayo: Don’t worry I will also help you when you reach sss3 but for now you are still in SSS2

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Henry: But I don’t like that school too. The teachers hate me so much. Today I was only counting the money you gave me and then Mr. Mike punished me. What is wrong with counting money?

Mrs. Adebayo: Why should a teacher punish you for counting your own money? Maybe he is angry because you didn’t give him some of the money.

(They all burst into laughter)

Mrs. Adebayo: (Laughing) Don’t be stingy Henry. Learn to give… you must be generous to your teacher.

Henry: Ah! Mummy, our teacher does not take nonsense. He would have dragged me to the principal office if I did.

Mrs. Adebayo: All you have to do is endure for a while.

Henry: Yes mum

Mrs. Adebayo: You should all be like your mother. Just today I supplied building materials for a secondary school extension. You can be sure that through my company I supplied expired and substantial goods for the building project. I have been able to make three times the normal profit from that work by playing smart.

Love: (Hugs her mum) I salute you more. After all, you will help me to pass my WAEC exam.

Mrs. Adebayo: (Spanks her butt gently) Lazy girl.

(Children in laughter as the light slowly fades out)

(The scene change as Love is seen calling making some calls about the arrangement of a mercenary for the cheating of her exam. It was there and then she was informed that the ‘miracle center’ available to host her is in the next state Lagos and she has to travel.)

Act 3 Scenes 1

On the day before the exam, Love took off from her parent’s house to lodge in a hotel near the center. The journey lasted for about three hours. She got tired and hungry and was forced to buy some junk to calm her down but was not enough.

(Walks into the five-star hotels which were recently built as a four-story building.)

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Attendant: Hi, Miss Welcome to IBIS Hotel.

Love: Thanks

Attendant: How can I help you?

Love: I want to lodge here for a night.

Attendant: The first floor, second and third has empty rooms. Which one will you love to stay in?

Love: The third will be okay for me.

Attendant: okay then take room 139.

Love: (Carries her bag and collects the key from the attendant) Thanks.

(Love sat inside the room on the bed but was not able to sleep because of hunger so she called the waiter using the bedside telephone to bring her spaghetti as she waited anxiously)

(Her phone went buzzing.)

Mrs. Adebayo: Hey baby girl. You didn’t bother calling.

Love: Sorry Mum.

Mrs. Adebayo: How was your trip?

Love: It was fine mum

Mrs. Adebayo: have you checked into any nearby hotel

Love: Yes. I am in IBIS hotel Lagos.

(There was a soft knock on the door.)

Love: (Excuses herself from the call) Yes

Waiter: Madam Can I come in

Love: Yes, you can

Waiter: This is your order.

Love: Okay please help me drop it on the table

Waiter: (Drops it and leaves the room) Bye

Love had just started eating the meal when there was an underneath cracking which caused loud noises as the building collapsed and went down violently. The whole four-storey building under a minute turned into a heap of sand. With no survival as nobody risks their life as saviors.

Act 3 Scene 4

The home of the Kokos. The family is seated watching news at night James and Esther are on a sofa together, as they discuss with their father.

Esther: Daddy, you don’t allow us to waste time watching movies or music channels but you don’t stop us from watching the news.

Mr. Koko: (Smiles) That is because you have a lot to learn when you watch the news channel. How is your preparation for your WAEC?

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Esther: oh, fine Daddy, I know I will have excellent results.

Mr. Koko: (Covers his mouth in shock at the picture that appears on the screen) Hah! Yeeh! Poor girl!

Esther: (Jumps up in shock) I know this girl. She left my school for a miracle center.

Mr. Koko: (Signals to Esther to keep quiet) Let’s hear what happened.

Newscaster: The dead girl and others were reported to be victims of a building collapse in Lagos of a hotel. No information has been gotten yet from the families of the girl…

(The family of Anishe is also watching the TV)

Mrs. Adebayo: (Weeping) This is my daughter

Henry: (Weeping) Is that not Esther?

Mrs. Adebayo: Ah! Ah! Ah!

Henry: (Weeping profusely)
Mrs. Adebayo: I killed my daughter because of my dubious attitude.

Henry: (Still crying.)

{Light fades out finally as this will be the last time the Adebayo family will seat down and be watching television because from the investigation Mrs. Adebayo was later arrested as the supplier of the fake product.

If you were Henry what will you do? At age 13 in ss2 with no father, mother, or sister and seized parental property

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