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How to Build Strong Business Relationships


One of the main advantages of the direct selling industry is that it offers an equal opportunity to everyone, regardless of age, gender, level of experience or education.

The industry which started in the 1960s has allowed many people to become successful, where no opportunity existed before, providing them with extra income and greater freedom.

It is very important that our business network should be a qualified and selective group of people. We have to find that balance of being givers and takers. We can’t just give or take; we need both.

Many people don’t ask for help when they need it and that can be fatal in small business. The relationship develops when we maintain mutual business love and rapports.

The essential for finding great people and growing relationships with people are selectivity, consistency and engagement.

Excelling at direct selling is about developing strong relationships. We have heard it many times before building relationship is something we need to be good at, listening, connecting and creating networks.

Many of us juggle multiples roles, at home and at work, with full time jobs and households to run. Throughout the world people find the flexibility of the direct selling industry suits their lifestyle, allowing them to work in the evenings, on weekends or whenever they want.

The discussions below will open our eyes to the ways to build business relationships.

Understanding your customers

This might seem strange to start here as how do you know your customers before you have a business idea in place.

The answer is simple – your customers make the business, therefore, without customers there is no business.

If you have a business idea, don’t develop the idea around YOU without thinking of relating with potential customers that will need your products.

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Find out what your customers actually desire. Relate with them first before bringing out the idea or making them know your products or services.

Relate to understand your competition

Every business has competition – either direct or indirect. Some competitors are ruthless. This means that if you promote and offer a product that is similar to theirs at a lower price, these competitors will just lower their price to match or beat you.

If they may be able to undercut your price enough to drive you out of business. The upper hand you have has to do with your relationships.

If you understand the power of relationship more than other competitors, you will achieve in business.

Value Provision

The foundation of a strong relationship is that it is beneficial for both parties. If the only goes one way, the relationship is doomed to be short-lived.

One great thing with ADEAYO GROUP is that everyone is a winner, the GROUP and the customers. The GROUP has the opportunity to help others while earning extra money and the customer gets great products that can make a real difference.

Good Communication

Being a good communicator will help in all your relationships, personal and professional. A common mistake is believing that sending information by email or SMS message is communicating.

Getting your message through a face-to-face meeting or phone call is preferable. Direct dialogue gives the other person the chance to ask questions.

Also, make sure you listen carefully. Be aware that depending on the cultural background, personal experiences, education and so on we interpret the information we receive in different ways.

Creating a connection

Being genuinely interested in and curious about people is a great way to expand your network and craet new relationships. It is also important for maintaining existing ones.

Asking questions and getting to know each other strengthens the connection between people. If a person has a new puppy, just moved house, got married or had a baby – remember to ask him or her about it next time you meet. Re-connection builds trust and makes people feel special.

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It is very important to know the business and the products – or know where to find the information. Being knowledgeable builds trust, helps you provide great customer service and makes your team turn to you for advice.


Providing support to your team and customers will strengthen the relationships. Be accessible, try your best to promptly reply to all inquiries, check how they are doing and keep them informed about new products, seminars or anything else you think may interest them.


Building trust is crucial for building a good relationship. It is important to keep your promises, have open communication and be helpful.

When talking to people, find out how you can help to get what they want. If someone feels that you are only trying to sell something for your own advantage they will instinctively not trust you.

If, however, someone feels you are genuinely interested and are trying to help them they will be more likely to trust you and the products.

Be sociable

Social networking sites such as Facebook  and others make it so easy to maintain relationships with larger groups or with people over long distances.

Although it is not the ideal setting (see good communication), it can also be a great way to get started if you are a little more on the shy side.

Social media makes you get involved at your own pace and allows you to gain confidence talking to people in a less formal setting.

Once you get a feel for it, make sure you mix it up with one-on-one  contact, such as a phone call to strengthen and personalize your developing relationships.

Having fun!

Remember that not everything is business! Call your customers from time to time just t ask how they are. Enjoy a cup of coffee with your team and show interest in their weekend plans, family or hobbies. After all, relationships are the foundation, not only for this business but of many aspects of life.

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