How to Create eBook Cover and Do a Formatting on Amazon: Training 2


Do you know you can turn your simple writings into a source of income by just converting them to eBooks on Amazon and other platforms.

EBook creation and publishing is a high-income skill that you would ever need at this time and age, because of its extensive immediate and extended benefits.

With this, you can publish your eBook on Amazon, or you can publish it for others, even for free. Your dream of becoming a publisher and an author is free.

Amazon is arguably the largest online store where buyers can purchase electronic products or even physical products via delivery options, for fees out of which an agreed percentage would go back to the owners of the products who placed the products on Amazon for sale.

The purpose of this article is to train you on the art of writing that will be acceptable on the Amazon platform for FREE.

It is to train you on how you can use the Amazon platform to CREATE, PUBLISH and SELL your well-written manuscripts making you an author, all at zero expense.

It will also expose you to how to MONETIZE, your SKILLs on the platform of Amazon from the comfort of your home. Many more skills will be gained. It’s a three days training and it’s free training.

Do you know that Amazon gives you the opportunity of creating your eBook, designing your book covers, editing, publish, and marketing your book on the same platform with all the materials you need at your disposal and a cost of just your data/WIFI?

So, you can become a writer, a designer (graphic designs), an editor, a publisher, a marketer, and a promoter of your very own books and articles, etc.

How to create an eBook Cover

Our first training today is on how to create an eBook Cover. When you buy a book whether electronic or hardcover, it always comes with a cover.

This helps in attracting people to your book. This is when the book is well designed. To create your book cover, follow the following guidelines diligently:

First, we shall log into the KDP account you have created. For those that have an account, but have not opened yet, it don’t worry, you will be guided.

In this Basic Class, we are dealing with eBooks while you will learn paperback in the Master Class.

Your book cover shows the following:

For eBook

Book title


Name of Author

For Paperback:

Book title


Name of Author(s)

About the Author(s)

About the book, etc.

On your KDP account, go below the taskbar, and you will see:

Book Content

Book Cover

On the left side, click on Kindle eBook, this will take you to another interface. Fill in the details:


Book title


Series is optional; you can skip it for now (except your eBook is a series). Skip edition number too. Fill in the Author details. If you wrote the manuscript yourself, then fill in your name: First name and last name.

For contributors, that is you are not the only author of that manuscript, then, fill in the names of your co-authors.

Then, under the description, write the description or summary of what your book is going to be about. This is what people will read when they see your eBook on Amazon.

Under Publishing Rights, select public domain (except you have Publishing Right). If your book is under copyright, then you may choose the first option. You may skip the keywords since it is optional.

Go to categories

Knowing what your book is all about, choose 2 categories that your book best falls under. If you don’t have any manuscript yet, choose any two possible categories your book might fall under. Choose a range for “Age and grade range”.

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You know, since Amazon is an American company, they designed the platform to suit their system. So, fix the range, supposing that 1st grade is Primary 1. For the maximum age range, choose 18+. Under Pre-order, choose “I am ready to release my book now”.

Now to the book cover, we shall be using cover creator.

Under DRM, select NO, Then, scroll down to Kindle eBook Cover and Click on: Launch cover creator and it will take you to another interface. Fill in the details required, if you would like to use a KDP picture, you click from the image gallery; if you want to choose from your gallery, you click there.

Click Continue

Even, if you skip it, the platform has cover design options you can choose from. So, take your time and choose your designs. You choose your designs and dit it. It is where you will also choose font types, color, and size. Then preview your work, save and submit it.


Take it to step by step to create an eBook Cover even if you don’t have any manuscript yet. Think of one you would like to write. Then create a short note on the topic. This will help you learn this procedure fast. As said, follow the instructions diligently.


Formatting is the arrangement of a Manuscript in a series way as required by the publisher. You can do the formatting yourself or use the provided Template by Amazon. There are two types of Manuscript formatting: Manual or Basic Method of formatting and advanced Method of formatting.

In the method of formatting, we will be using for our eBook today but Advanced method of formatting will be learned in your Master’s Class if only you registered.

Please fill in the keywords though it is optional it helps people to find your book easily.

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How to create and format your manuscript

Your manuscript is the act contents of the book you want to publish. To upload your manuscript on Amazon using the basic method, it has to be in a Microsoft Word File and in a particular format.

It has to be according to the format of the Createspace template. You should use the Createspace template to type your manuscript so that it aligns with KDP formatting specifications.

Use a Microsoft Word document to carry out your practicals.


Take it to step by step to do the formatting. Don’t rush yourself but follow the steps gently. Create your eBook Cover and create your manuscript.

3 Ways to Earn on Amazon

  • Earning from self-publishing: You can write and publish it or them on Amazon following the steps you have to learn learn when the published books sell, you will earn.
  • Consultancy (publishing for other people): You may not a writer and be earning with Amazon. You can consult with several writers and publish their works on Amazon. All completed works will be paid for.
  • Training others or monetization: As a good trainer, you can mobilize people and train them how to make use of the Amazon platform, starting from using the platform for publishing, marketing, shopping, and many more. Having succeeded, you will be paid for your sweats.


Take part of Amazon’s active customers earning a lot of money daily by publishing, consulting, training, monetization, and many more.

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