How to Deal with Global Health Insecurity


Health is wealth, so the saying goes, I doubt if there will ever be any opposing view to this notion, as we all know how vital the sector is to our wellbeing.

While some countries are doing all they could to bridge the gap of inequality in access to decent healthcare, it’s not the case in some others, the gap is so wide that it will take years to correct.

No need to beat about the bush, the poorer countries are mostly guilty of this, the rich in that part of the world tend to enjoy good healthcare services when placed side by side with the ordinary ones, an urgent step is needed to correct this disturbing trend.

Global health insecurity can be broken down in layman’s terms to mean a situation when access to decent health services is lacking or simply not available to those in need.

Child mortality will be on the rise in such situations, a situation where delivery moms will either lose babies or the mother lose life in the process, there are even cases where both the mother and unborn child die to what is no fault of theirs but poor healthcare service in that part of the world.

Urgent steps ought to be taken to stop this wanton waste of lives. Any country that is very ready to address its health insecurity can adhere to simple tips

Huge Allocation

Instead of allocating scarce resources into unproductive sectors of the economy, am talking of those areas that have no direct impact on the citizens, why not shift such to vital avenues like healthcare?

Global health insecurity will likely be taken care of to a certain degree if such a step is adhered to, this is one area of our lives that shouldn’t be joked with, the main reason why I shed more light on it in my intro.

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The sector deserves a larger chunk of an annual budget, don’t get me wrong, am not underplaying the relevance or importance of others sectors, but this one needed all the support it can get.

I wonder how the populace wanted to carry on with their task if health is defective, am sure such a nation might turn into a sick nation before you know it

Primary Healthcare Services

This is one step that ought to be given a certain degree of support as well; it’s very cheap to maintain such centers simply due to the size and nature of equipment needed.

Primary health centers can be explained to mean small hospitals which are designed to provide little services to members of a certain community.

The centers are very close to people at the grassroots, they act as first responders in taking care of the people before they are referred to the bigger ones, that is when it is crystal clear they couldn’t handle a serious case, such might be too much for them to take care of.

How nice would it be if a community knows there is one health center they could easily run to in times of emergency, at least, issues of self-medication will be brought to an end?


One area that continued to militate against a cleaner climate is the extent to which people carry on with their day-to-day activities, am so sorry to say this; some people are just too dirty, and maintaining personal hygiene becomes one herculean task.

Global health insecurity would be bridged to a manageable stage if communities could at least play their parts in maintaining a healthy environment, at least, issues of common diseases would be curbed to a level, and the stress on our hospitals will be reduced considerably.

Don’t wait to be told to take care of your environment, spread the gospel to the best of your knowledge, get help where necessary, believe me, we would have wrestled health insecurity to an extent

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United Nation

The UN has got a huge task on its hand; the body should make it known to member nations that a single death that arose due to bad or defective healthcare in any member nation should be a source of worry to all.

This global body can impress it on the richer nations to extend supportive hands to the struggling ones, they can export their expertise and help invigorate health services in these countries, we would at least be battling the scourge from that angle.

The UN can also hold in trust certain emergency funds that could be deployed to any country that is in dire need of such funds subject to the knowledge of all members.

It shouldn’t end there, a body should be floated to oversee how such a country utilizes such funds, it will guard against looting or misplacement of priorities.

Refresher Courses

What will it take any country from sending its health officials to climes that could further broaden their knowledge as to how to disseminate services?

As far as that vital sector is concerned. Doctors, Nurses, Gynecologists, Opticians, Ophthalmologists, and others needed to be sent abroad regularly to add more to their knowledge; this is one sure way in tackling global health insecurity.

If any country is complaining of a lack of enough finances to prosecute such an arrangement, why not do it virtually? Connecting to those abroad through Skype, zoom, or any other available means of communication


It might take a semblance to the point above but has a deeper need than envisaged, it is very crucial to the fight to end the so-called insecurity as presently witnessed across the world.

Experts can be invited from climes that have gotten it right to come over and broaden the know-how of local healthcare personnel.

This is one very good step that is highly required to at least maintain the global health insecurity and manage the over widened gap to a respectable level. These caregivers will go on to become a force to reckon with as the game progressed

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Only well-paid workers will give their all, expect shabby treatment of patients once your healthcare workers aren’t getting what befits them, they will most likely rubbish any gain achieved.

Health insecurity mostly arises in some countries simply due to what givers continue to experience in terms of pay and other emoluments.

No wonder why their unions are always at loggerhead with the government in question. We need not deceive ourselves, if we truly want a turnaround in terms of service delivery, we must take care of these special people, and they hold a special place in the annals of history.

Everything humanly possible should be done to pamper them; getting them adequate insurance wouldn’t be out of place, as this would assure them of their security












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