How to Identify Your Special Skill and Use It


This is very simple, it all depends on you, the biggest task of identifying one’s special skill lies solely in that fellow, maybe with little help coming from outside.

There is nothing as vital as knowing what one is good at, so many out there are yet to come to terms with what they are very good at, they can’t tell what they can go into and make massive headway.

Some out of fear, have stopped seeking clarity from that inner being, so it can’t reveal that crucial aspect of a man’s life

Coming down to the nitty-gritty, I think it will be wise to break it down so the ordinary man walking aimlessly across the street will get it without consulting others.

That special skill of yours is within reach if you search deeply, it will eventually reveal itself if you press, you need not settle for less, press and it shall come to play

Are you having a problem identifying yours, take these simple steps, am sure they will take you to that dreamland you’ve always sought

Be a good Listener


One thing you should know is this, a good listener will surely surmount the biggest obstacle, no matter how tough or big it might be.

Tell me, how do you intend to go all the way if you find it hard listening to people that know better than you do? Wouldn’t it amount to stupidity to not pay attention to details that could have been of help?

Who does that? Identifying that special skill would have been made easier by taking to what specialist and those in the know reveals to you, it would make the job easier.

What a good listener will get in 2 days will probably take bad listener years to comprehend, it’s the bitter truth. The ball is in your court

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Seek consultations/advice

No crime consulting people that are highly experienced in trying to unveil that special skill of yours, it will only make for smooth sailing.

Consulting won’t kill you or make you a lesser human, you will only be better for it. There is something that might seem unclear or vague to your understanding, that fellow up there would probably have seen it all, he/she might have treated similar cases in time past, and expect nothing but the best of advice.

Bury that pride, throw that ego into the dustbin, and meet individuals that could add to your thinking, not those that would deduce from it. Have always known that consulting will only make you a better person than you were before, please always hold to this notion

Switch into Practice

Practice they say makes perfect. Consistency practices they say make perfection, why should you then not give it a trial? Are you so busy that you wouldn’t want to practice that skill you felt is special to you and would have made you a better person?

Simply put, if you truly want to easily identify that hidden special skill, am talking of that God-given skill that is special to you, then, you need lots of practice.

Nothing good comes easily, you need to work towards it, don’t just think it will come on a platter of gold, practice and see it happen.

Try Payment

Nothing that will bring about results goes free. Just like I stressed above, nothing good comes easily, you need to do all you can to get what you seek. Is anything wrong if you pay people that could help identify your special skill?

Try all you can and pay teachers that could help you out, it will even make the journey shorter than expected.

What would have probably taken you ages to discover might eventually take a lesser period, isn’t that a better bargain?

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Spend that little amount to gain a far bigger prize that will pay you for life. Only the wise will keep to such steps that will pay them really good

Mind of Persistence

Persistence is the foundation of any achievement and success. Feeble-minded fellows find it hard to accomplish life desires, only those that can persevere make it, no matter the condition they find themselves in.

You need that spirit of perseverance to easily identify that special skill, no two ways about it, it’s either you remained resolute and strong and get what you seek or you choose to remain lazy and continually seek the special skill you have in you.

Persistence will only make you a far better person than your compatriots, you will be happy you persevere if you give it a shot at the end of it all

Pay Visits

Pay occasional visits to places of interest that are quite similar to that dream of yours, without doubt, it will benefit you to some extent; such visits can never be a waste.

Take the case of a lady that takes a special interest in sewing, anything wrong if she pays regular visits to shops of tailors in her vicinity?

She stands a very good chance of learning new things anytime she pays such visits, you will even be welcomed if the owner realizes you have a special interest in such a trade.

Visitation will only enhance your chances of identifying that special skill with ease; you will gain a lot from such an effort

Doggedness Is Reasonable

Without a doubt, a dogged fellow will eventually get what he/ she wants with so much ease and joy, such a fellow realizes his dream with utmost ease and satisfaction.

I stand to be corrected, look into the lives of wealthy people on planet Earth, I doubt if any don’t have that spirit of doggedness.

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Dogged people are known to be fighters, they have this never say die spirit, I doubt if such people will ever identify their special skill with ease.

Mandate can Help

I see nothing wrong in mandating people to get things down for you, talking of things that will be beneficial to identifying one’s special skill.

Rub minds with people with a positive mindset and see how they could be of help in achieving life ambitions.

Talk to them, to help get the necessary ingredients that could help you be a better person. They can help get needed educational materials that you will need in pursuit of special skills

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