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How to Make Money with Your Blog


The first thing to do is to build a blog with decent traffic. It is advisable to have WordPress ( not on Blogger) and self-host it with a web hosting company.

A few ways to derive traffic to your blog include the use of social media, promote promoting with google adsAdWordse adwords), promote on Bing, promoting on Twitter, and using niche-related forms, etc.

Assuming you have a functional blog with quality content and fair traffic, you can monetize it in different ways. Some of the practical ways of monetizing and making money with it include the following:

Affiliate Marketing

You only need to enroll in an affiliate program with a high-demand product or affiliate program that pays high commissions per sale.

Once you are accepted, you should go back to your blog and write a quality review on the program and drive traffic to the products through your social network or do some CPC advertising on Google Adwords, Bing, or Facebook ads.

When people know about the program and use your affiliate link to make purchases, you are rewarded for referring them.

How to use Facebook ads for affiliate marketing

  • Know the following:

CPC – Cost per mille

CPC – Cost per click

CTR – Click-through rate

CPL – Cost per like

CPE – Cost per Engagement

RHS – Right Hand Side

DNF – Desktop News Feed

MNF – Mobile News Feed

INF – Instagram News Feed

  • Choose the type of objective
  • What niche should you look for? Is it weight loss, dating, insurance, mortgage, loans, making money online, cooking, dog training, video game, baby product, photography, etc?
  • Researching the Niche and Finding Your Perfect Audience
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Choose category

An offer that has an appealing site aactionableble price

Find out who may buy your product, e.g “cooking”

Choose the cooking category

LoLookinghrough the offers, I find a diabetic cooking E-book

Audience: People who have diabetics and preferably target women

Usually, 20,000+ people per interest are more than enough to advertise with.

  • Advantages of making a squeeze page before your offer

Build a list

People are more prone to giving out their email than paying money

Monetizing the list with other similar products

Retarding people who almost bought the products but never did

Build a list again

Disadvantages of making a squeeze page before your offer

More work for you

More preparation Time

  • Introduction to Creating Ads





Three factors in how Ads perform

Ad image

Ad headline


  • Creating or Researching Images for your Ads
  • Choosing the Targeting Settings for Your Campaign

Who exactly can you target with Facebook ads?

Facebook has divided more than 1.8 billion users by the criteria below.

Location, Age, Gender, Interests, Demographics, Behaviours, Placement, Relationships, Education, Occupation, Custom, Audience

  • Boost post
  • Select Payment method

How to use Bing for affiliate marketing

Advertising on Bing is relatively cheaper than on Google Adwords. Bing also has a grip on up to 80% of the online advertising market.

Bing has a network that is made up of Bing, Yahoo, and OAL, and the network services up to 59 million customers that Google cannot reach.

  • Set up your Bing Account
  • Create a Bing ads Account
  • Add your keyword research
  • Create your campaign
  • Set up Ad Groups and Keywords
  • Write your ad
  • Add your credit card
  • Evaluate and optimize ads
  • Conclude

Sell Ads Space

Toads space to big advertisers, creating ads space on your sidebars and top panel is another way to earn big money with your blog.

Some people might also be interested in adding their links to your content. All these will earn you money if you know how to negotiate a good price based on the quality of your traffic.

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Google Adsense

This is a program a lot of bloggers are crazy about. Google Adsense can earn you money while you sleep. The two main ways of making money on your blog with Google Adsense are as follows:

  1. By visiting your blog and viewing ads
  2. When the visitors go ahead and click on the ads on your site

If you have sizeable traffic, even if visitors don’t click on the ads, their mere visit to the site can earn you some money.

How to get Adsense approved

  • Check your age (18 and above)
  • Post quality, unique and original content
  • Let your template be responsive
  • Your domain must be 45 days old
  • Minimum of 15 -30 posts
  • You must have contact information, About Us, Social Media Handles
  • You must have Privacy, Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms and conditions
  • Use the right language (English)
  • Use reliable traffic sources such as social media, search engines, feed subscribers, etc.
  • Make use of the  blogger platform

How to sign up to Google Adsense

  • Register with with
  • Fill in your details
  • Accept privacy and terms
  • Create “apply” for Adsense
  • Add your website
  • Add your contact information


A lot of people want “DIY” tutorials that will enable them to help themselves without having to pay through the nose to hire a professional.

If you can provide some of these tutorials in a simplified way, people would be willing to pay their hands on them.

Your tutorials can be on how to make money on Amazon products, photography, WordPress, video editing, content/copywriting or editing, etc.


No matter how little the charges are with many members paying you weekly, monthly, and annually, you are bound to make a lot of money.

Personal Products

If you cannot design and create a product yourself, you can get a freelancer to do it for you and thereafter market the products on the site.

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This gives you the kind of income you can never envisage. If the product is popular, you can even get more hands to help promote it as affiliates.



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