Best Way to Spend Your Summer Vacations


Summer vacation is a long holiday in elementary and primary schools, as well as secondary schools both High schools and colleges. It is the period that allows the students and pupils to take enough rest. This long holiday has been an opportunity for many wise students to acquire more skills and pieces of training beyond only rest. The holiday brings a lot of opportunities for them to get involved in several things that they have wanted to do. It always reminds me that holiday is more useful when you utilize them properly by doing something good. This article will open your eyes to the valuable things you can lay your hands upon during your summer vacations.

For long tours and learning

A certain student explains how he tries to spend his summer time. He continues that he wants to visit different places to learn. Let us learn from him.

“I want to go on tour for how weeks to know many places. Places such as Shoprite, Ventura,  Bitemore, Chicken Republic, etc. I want to enjoy different food both African and foreign dishes. There are African foods such as Eba, Ewedu, Pounded Yam, and others. “

But do you know that as good as this, you can still learn from the restaurants and leisure places you intend to visit? One of the things you can do is to find time to use your time to learn something there or you can work there for some time to know more about preparing certain African and foreign dishes instead of eating in those places only and leaving. Think of valuable things you are going to visit that can bring back to you.

For visit

Some students prefer to visit villages to say hello to grandpas and grandmas or other relatives while some prefer to visit other big cities in the country or abroad for enjoyment. Let us hear from a student about how he wants to spend his summer vacation

 “I have planned to spend my coming summer vacation in the village and I will be happier if I do. My native village is quite a distance from the city; it is a five-hour journey by train through village landscapes, my grandparents live there. In my village, I spend most of my time visiting fields with my grandparents and learning from them about crops and the seasons they are processed in. For this summer Vacation, I have planned my summer vacations wisely by using it for various activities, camps, and trips. I have planned not to delay the time I planned have also planned to see my grandparents in my native village. I have not seen them for two years now and I would like to see them. The fresh air in my native village makes you feel comfortable always. I have many old friends there from which I can play fun with.”

My advice is to the students who want to visit the villages or cities to make their journey a place of learning. You can learn several things that will help your studies and your life in the future. Learn valuable stories from your grandparents or your relatives. While in cities, learn something there about your studies. Do not just go somewhere without bringing holding something valuable back.

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For leisure time

This one is similar to traveling on tour. And some students use the vacation period for leisure time. Leisure is described as a time that calls for the enjoyment of things. Leisure time may be the time of visitation to places or doing something that will make you feel fun. Let us learn from the student below.

“My summer vacation will also allow me to visit different places like Trance-Amusement Park, Agodi Garden, Shoprite, Ventura, and most especially the Airport which I have longed to see. I want to see how big the Airport and airplanes are, though I have heard much about the Airport and I am eager to go there. Furthermore, I will also learn some leisure games e.g judo, ludo and whot and karate my holiday. And also, I am going to read some books and textbooks to improve my general knowledge.”

We can learn a lot from the last line of her presentation. She said that she was going to read some textbooks to improve her general knowledge. This is very germane because, without further learning, knowledge will diminish. Do not forget to learn more during your summer vacation.

To learn a trade or acquire a skill

Another way to spend your upcoming holiday wisely is to learn a trade or acquire a skill. The period is enough to do something reasonable and be better in society. Let us learn from the student below.

“Summer holiday also allows me to learn a trade of my choice. During this period I can learn tailoring, hairdressing, fascinator, and auto Gele with make-up. During my last summer vacation, I learned how to make fascinators and auto Gele with one of my classmates’ names. My last summer vacation was fun. I enjoyed it to the fullest and I hope I will enjoy this coming holiday better. Lastly, during incoming holiday, I will learn some handwork which the Yoruba call “Ise owo” and I will be very good and nice”

Nice one! You too can learn that there are some things you can do during the summer vacation that will be an added value to you. Summer holiday is a holiday for more opportunities. Learn further.

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For a rest

Rest is healthy and even is recommended by medical practitioners. It is good to rest after work.  Summertime for some students is to have a rest. They see the period as an opportunity to enjoy rest. Let us hear from a student.

“To ensure that a student rests from academic work a holiday is very essential. The summer holiday is one of the longest holidays, it occurs at the end of the third term in schools. Every student love this period. Likewise, as a student, I have also planned concerning this summer holiday. I would love to share my plans with you.”

As earlier said, rest is good, but do you know that you can still make some valuable things out of your rest? It is a long vacation that you need to achieve a cogent thing. That thing should be feasible. As you rest; you learn further. During your summer holidays, think of what you can do to earn further knowledge and money.

 To learn music skills

This student loves music and is interested in learning the skill. That is fantastic! He will make use of the summer opportunity to learn it. Let us hear from him.

“Apart from resting at home, a holiday serves as a means of acquiring skills. I love music, so I have decided to attend music classes during this holiday. My major interest is on keyboard and guitar; I have concluded that I will learn the guitar because of how cool it looks, the weight, and the sound.”

If all students can have the same mind as what this student has, it will be very impressive. He thinks of using the summer period for s rest only, but to learn what can offer him further knowledge and money in the future.

To learn and develop typing and programming skills

This student loves typing and programming and is interested in learning the skills. That is interesting! He will make use of the summer opportunity to learn them. Let us learn from him.

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“I also want to develop my typing skills and also learn programming (Basic). Another thing which I have planned to do during that period is to visit my grandparents who live in Lagos. It has been a long that I have seen them, but thanks to God, during this holiday I will visit them and stay a couple of days with them. One good thing about visiting your grandparents is that they shower you with love and care, they also give you a lot of advice.”

This student has a broad mind. It will be very impressive. He thinks out of using the summer period for only visit, but to learn what can offer him further knowledge and money in the future.


One should not forget to also use the time to get prepared for resumption. I have planned to use one week before resumption to read, revise and study both my notebook and textbook to ensure that I do not lack behind after resumption. A holiday is a period for students to rest. But apart from resting, one should also look forward to acquiring different skills, visiting your loved ones, and also to get oneself prepared for resumption. A holiday is good and quite interesting, but don’t misuse the period.

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